MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Though Eron Harris scored 15 of his 24 points in the second half, he couldn’t carry West Virginia past Purdue, his father’s alma mater.

Watch Harris’ postgame reaction to Sunday’s 73-70 loss to Purdue, which left WVU at 7-5 heading into the Christmas break.

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  • Capt Obvious

    Williams - good player, good head
    Adrian- ok, soft
    Watkins - a long way to go, could be good
    Debo - fail
    Holton- fail
    Macon -fail 2x

    3 outa 6 ain't bad.

    This just in.....VCU has a much better basketball program than WV over the past three years as does Gonzaga, Butler and several other mid majors.

    At this point, I can't see what is so special about Huggs. Our guys are soft, can't shoot, can't play defense and can't rebound.

    He recruited them and he coaches them yet he sits up there and deflects blame back on 20 year old kids......after setting them up to fail.

    What a fine representation of our beloved State and University.

    Figure it out Ollie!

  • editerguy

    Once upon a time we hired a beloved Mountaineer to coach the team, a former WVU player and native of the state. He had an immediate impact, and put together a couple of nice seasons early in his career. Then his inability to recruit (one marginal NBA player during his entire time here) made it harder and harder to beat any good teams. Also, he started jerking his players around, pulling them out of games when they made mistakes, criticizing them in the media, and flat-out dismissing some of them from the team. It was very seldom, then never, that a player progressed and improved for four years and had his best season as a senior. By this time the crowds at the Coliseum had fallen to a couple thousand, nobody paid attention to basketball, and the coach was able to hang on for many years putting in this sorry excuse for an effort. He finally quit the team in the middle of a season, and when they had to throw a retirement reception for him, not one of his players went. All this happened once. How far along in the story have we come a second time?

  • jj

    i think the media is scared the death of huggins they only ask softball questions because they don`t want to be the one that huggins bullies .everyone including hoppy and tony are scared to death of this guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Barry

      Totally agree.

  • JimJim

    Won't anyone defend him???

  • Master of One

    "It's my fault and I'll fix it," coach Bob Huggins said. "I'm the one that's supposed to coach 'em. I'm the one that recruited 'em."
    Bob Huggins December 11, 2012

    “In the end, that’s what’s wrong. But I understand; I recruited them; I’ll fix it.”
    Bob Huggins January 3, 2013

    So I asked the coach. I asked how concerned he is for the program's immediate future considering what he's seen this season.

    "I'll fix it, Mitch," he replied. "I'll fix it."
    Bob Huggins February 23, 2013

  • Jack

    The offense was ice cold today except for Harris. The defense had too many mental lapses which allowed Purdue many uncontested layups. Purdue is not a good rebounding team, but they looked outstanding today. Most of the team looked sluggish as if they would rather have been somewhere else than on a basketball court.

  • editerguy

    Was Kevin Noreen hurt? He played only two minutes, got two fouls, left the game, and never came back. Two fouls in two minutes is silly, but surely Huggins didn't bench his most basketball-savvy, hard-working, experienced player over that. That would be a Catlett-esque move, throwing away a game and trying to cripple a player's future confidence. Kevin must have tweaked his ankle or something. Has anyone heard?

    • Capt Obvious

      Anybody who can not see that Noreen is not a d1 player should be banned from commenting on sports for one year.

      • Bondo

        You're right Capt Obvious, Noreen belongs at Marshall.

  • William

    How bad does it need to get, till the Head Basketball Coach at WVU gets FIRED?

    • Capt Obvious

      Well, he's signed thru 2023 which means he either stays until 2023 or we negotiate a buyout from a position sans leverage.

  • Big Larry

    There was actually one bright spot that I observed today...

    Assistant coach Billy Hahn actually got up off the bench a time or two. Most of time when you see him on the bench, he looks like he is seeping into a coma or something...

    What does he really do anyway???

    • Capt Obvious

      Perhaps thinking of his wife and how she's doing in her fight against cancer.

      Walk a mile Lawrence.

    • Teddy

      I have been wondering the same thing. How would you feel if as a player your coach put all the blame on you for all these losses over the last two years? Not like giving 110% and I do not blame the players. they are what they are--decent but not great. this falls back on the coaching staff for not coaching them up and the very poor recruiting of the last 4 years. Hugs keeps say he will fix it. Remember that was his "mantra" all last year and now he is back to the same thing. Yes, he has won hundreds of games but I believe he is still reliving the glory days as coach of the bearcats. He is smart, no doubt about this, so what is the problem and does he still have the fire in his belly to fix this train wreck. If not then Luck needs to bring in a coach who can.

      • Barry

        I agree Teddy. Huggins blaming the players is getting old and so is his crappy attitude. I can't imagine how any of these players could enjoy playing for him. I mean you can't be Debbie Downer all the time and expect to get/keep good players.
        That must be why he recruits felons. They have nowhere else to go and are forced to put up with the harsh Bob Huggins. I guess we as WVU fans are destined for the same.

  • William

    Look at the average Home Coliseum Attendance under "Sweatsuit Huggins" -

    2010 -12,377
    2011 -11,469
    2012 - 9,930
    2013 - 8,752
    2014 - 5,989

    I guess all the players that LEFT the team aren't the only ones leaving!
    Huggins has done a terrible job at WVU!
    Some of the WVU fans are still drinking the Kool-Aid.

    • Greg

      The average number of girls who agreed to go on a date with WILLIAM:

      2010 - 0
      2011 - 0
      2012 - 0
      2013 - 0

      Even though 2014 is not even here yet I'm willing to bet the trend continues. If ever there was a boy who needed to discover girls ....

  • Wvu4evr

    4 comments and 4 ppl bashing wvu. Non of you guys are true fans.

    • Teddy

      We are all TRUE fans. This is why losing upsets us so much. If you like losing then look up what General George Patton had to say about losers.

    • William

      I guess the TRUTH hurts!

  • William

    WVU fans tell me why "Sweatsuit" Huggins is a great coach?
    Is it because of any of these things?
    1. He yells & scream at his players all the time.
    2. He yanks his players out of the game for one mistake.
    3. He whines & cries to the refs all game long.
    4. His language he uses on court.
    5. He puts on a show on the court, because he loves the attention.
    6. He recruits some players that have a lot of baggage, and some of these guys should NEVER wear a WVU jersey.
    7. He throw his players under the bus all the time, just listen to his after game radio show.
    8. He has over 700 wins, and 450 are against cupcake terrible teams!
    9. Is it because of what he said to the referee last year that he should have been FIRED for
    10. Is it because he make an OUTRAGOUS salary of $10,000.00 dollars a day, 7 days a week for a part time job!
    11. Is it because of why he did at the Nike Clinic last year at Robert Morris.
    12. Is it because of how many players had to leave the team or he got rid of


    • Teddy

      For crying out loud can the man not afford to at least wear decent clothing while representing WVU during games. I understand he feel more "comfortable" in sweats but as the leader of the team he must set an example for his players that a game is NOT practice. Leadership begins at the top and works down.

    • William

      Maybe because he is a GREAT RECRUITER!
      The more Huggins recruits, the more I dislike WVU basketball!

  • Toadman

    No talls and 3 point shooters were terrible. Live by the 3 ... die by the three. Nobody could rebound either. Purdue created all the open shots and we didn't and I think 7 days since our last game didn't help. Too much rust to to rub off since last weeks game.
    The next 3 months are going to be a loooong three months in the cellar of the Big 12. Look to March and the baseball season. Can we be a player in baseball?

  • William

    WVU can only beat cup-cake non conf. teams
    Its so sad to be Mountaineer fan no matter were you may be.
    When you have to schedule terrible teams just so you can pad the win column
    When will WVU beat a good team?
    Its been over 2 years
    "Sweatsuit" Huggins is washed up!

    • swebb

      Huggins and Holgersen are a disgrace to the fans and supporters of this once proud program. If these clowns are still in town in two years WVU will take ten years to recover from this damage.

  • Bob

    Huggin's assistants have done such a poor job adding talent to the team only 5 of the 10 players who spent time on the floor scored today. Very disappointing he doesn't have but 9 scholarship players rather than the 13 he has scholarships available.

    • tw eagle

      coach Huggins is carrying more "baggage" than most of the "bad actors" he has been able to sign up . . . Huggins wasn't chased out of cincy because Xavier was scared of his recruiting . . . having had a prior suspension for drink related behavior , I have to assume his departure from cincy had a lot to do with drinking . . . every school he tries to recruit against will use his "personal problems" to turn prospective kids parents away from WVU . . . is WVU paying Huggins a kings ransom because they are helping a homeboy payoff an out-of-court settlement from his days in cincy ?