MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Juwan Staten missed a chunk of the opening half with foul trouble but finished with 14 points and four assists Sunday in West Virginia’s 73-70 loss to Purdue.

Watch the point guard’s postgame reaction to another close loss for the Mountaineers, who are 0-5 against opponents with a winning records against Division I competition.

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  • The dude who made comment

    @tw eagle: Staten is our team MVP. Your ignorant rant would be funny if it weren't so sad. He is a national leader for pg in ppg, ast, ast-turn ratio, and rebounds. And that is against one of the toughest non conference schedules in the country.

  • Grant

    This team is just one more good player away. Let this group grow and mature this season. By next season, Huggins will have the 1-2 guys.

  • Graywv

    I really like this team, great bunch of kids with alot of talent, BUT, they seem to be in a fog at times, NOT READY to play, and sundays game they showed no energy or excitement in the game, and a good crowd just set on their hands, they were never given a chance to to be a part of the game-this is NOW a pattern, its happened so many games-team starts flat and with an occasional spurt stays flat! They just looked spent/tired before game started!

  • tw eagle

    your play is careless, thoughtless , and essentially devoid of character , excepting to try and score . . . at least harris tries to play defense . . . of course the other team will sag off when leading , not wanting to foul . . . letting you and harris pile up points in garbage time . . . basketball only works well when played as a TEAM . . . having two guys split 40-45 points a game ain't gonna win many games . . . with todays game , I see the Mountaineers wholly capable of losing 20 this season. . . no sweat , which in all probability is something you didn't manage to acquire in the game against purdue . . .

    • Stan

      I think Staten has the potential to be a fantastic point guard. Staten plays average defense. But his ball handling skills and speed are impressive. He reminds me of a more skilled Craft (OSU point guard). Staten just needs to learn to manage the game better. He does a good job of managing the game at first, but then he starts to look at the scoreboard and he gets out of control. If he would just stay calm and not try to do too much he could be excellent.

      • tw eagle

        he's not paying attention to the score . . .
        he 's doing HIGHER MATH ! !

        " if I'm shooting 45% , how many shots do I need to take to score 12 more points , gotta keep my average up. . ."

    • Allen

      The bandwagon is getting lighter. I have more elbow room. Hope the Herd enjoys the new haters it is getting as fans. Beware they have a losing record against Huggins.

      Merry Christmas.

      PS - Don't overturn the wagon jumping on so fast when the team makes the NIT this year and then makes the NCAA next season.

      • Bondo

        Agree Allen.

    • Michael

      Why don't you go back to the Marshall board with the rest of the losers. A young team that will be even more fun to watch next year and the next after that.

      • tw eagle

        you're saying Marshall will be a better team next year & more fun to watch ?
        you might be right , I don't follow Marshall , but I do keep tabs on the WVU sports programs , and unless coach Huggins finds Superman and signs him to a scholarship , I see WVU basketball winning 5/6 games a year in XII play and as many games with high school level teams as they can fit in their schedule . . .

        Huggins is unable to recruit . . . he signed two academically deficient kids so it looked like he had a "full" class . . . the same "trick" Bill Stewart pulled his last season - short of bodies he signed five kids who had no "chance in hell" of ever qualifying academically . . . shorthanded , huggins is making excuses . . . if our hall of fame homeboy needs the money , pass the hat around the Mountaineer Athletic Club and pay off his bills so he can retire in dignity . . .
        if you want to get something for your money , put him on the bandwagon circuit drumming for the WVU . . .

      • Barry

        No no, next year will be a rebuilding year, and the year after that will be a rebuilding year, and the year after that, and............