CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The state Division of Highways is working with the state Division of Personnel to open up some DOH jobs to high school graduates.

Department of Transportation Human Resources Acting Director John McBrayer said right now the DOH cannot hire someone right out of high school. He said that needs to change with some entry-level positions.

“All of our jobs call for two years of experience or a degree of some type,” McBrayer said. “They’re (Division of Personnel) looking at a way to allow us to hire high school graduates, using their diploma as a credit to get on the register. They are going to allow us to alter some of our lower classifications that we can bring them in with no experience and just be a high school graduate.”

The DOH has a growing number of openings and the change would open up more possibilities to fill those jobs.

State Transportation Secretary Paul Mattox said the DOH is also always looking for good civil engineers. Mattox believes an emphasis on those hirings in recent years is beginning to pay off.

“It’s an issue we’ve had to deal with for a number of years but we’re making really good progress,” Mattox said.

The openings are coming rapidly with the older engineers retiring.

“We have a lot of seasoned engineers who are nearing retirement age. So there is a lot of opportunity for upward mobility for engineers who want to get into management and leadership positions in an agency as big as the Division of Highways,” Mattox said.


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  • Jim Garber

    If you like to work 100 hour weeks for minimum wage with no possibility of advancement, the DOH is the place to be. Also, the 12 hour snow shifts all winter are beyond grueling. We work 24/7 in winter, no exceptions, and very little overtime pay. We get ripped off badly.

  • sam

    why doesn't charleston wvdoh look at these comments? because they already know what the problems are!!!!

  • The truth

    Most of the jobs just barely pay above minimum wage and you have no hope for a raise. I would say they qualify as no education or experience jobs. I would say they cannot fill positions and are desperate. The engineering jobs are thousands under the private sector and DOH can only recruit straight out college. They get experience and leave.

    • Employee

      I agree with you! Even though the engineers are underpaid compared to private sector, they are the only ones that DOT Management care about. Let's put it this way...if they could have engineers do every job in DOT, they would. They get the special increases, they get the better promotions, even though many others have degrees as well, it doesn't matter unless you are political. They DO NOT promote the good ones. So if you want a career here, be prepared for the political hacks and the idiots to get raises and promotions.

    • sam

      Just a process for all the engineers to get another raise. most got 10 percent last year with no raises budgeted. how does that work? watch and see what happens.

  • WVU 74

    In the WV DOH, you need to understand:

    A person with a Mechanical Engineering degree asks, "How does that work?" A person with a Civil Engineering degree asks, "Why does that work?" A person with an Accounting degree asks, "How can I get that to work with less money?" The person with a Management degree asks, "Do you want fries with that?"

  • Roswell

    Wonderful. Eighteen-year-old, inexperienced, testosterone-poisoned truck drivers.

    • dodge

      I started driving a school bus at age 18 and have a great driving record at age 57!!!

  • Hillbilly

    Why does anyone need a degree to be a flagman or an equipment operator or truck driver or laborer? People with degrees usually do not want that type of work with the low pay.

  • Gilbert Gnarley

    That hiring with a "degree" or "experience" may be what Charleston requires, but at the county level that's not who I see getting hired. They're mostly ex-politicos and hacks who need the work.

  • Joe

    Do they teach leaning on a shovel and watching someone else work in high school?! Wow!!

    • stophating

      That is on the job learning..... lol

  • sam