CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The tragic death of a 10-year-old girl Monday in Kanawha County points toward the importance of gun safety according to Kanawha County Prosecutor Mark Plants.

“Anytime there’s a firearm involved there needs to be direct adult supervision,” Plants said. “This is a tragedy.”

The girl was shot in the arm and chest with a 4-10 shotgun Sunday evening that her 9-year-old friend was carrying. She died Monday morning at Charleston Area Medical Center.

Plants said the boy was staying with his grandfather and the girl was visiting.

“There’s an ongoing criminal investigation to determine the level of supervision these children had. Just like any shooting, even if it’s an accidental death, there is a criminal investigation to determine whether there’s any criminal conduct at all and this case is no different.”

Plants said there are no good answers in this kind of tragedy.

“Unfortunately this is a lose-lose situation. You’ve already lost a child,” the prosecutor said.

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    Why was the gun loaded? Who loaded it?

  • Jason412

    How long could it possibly take to "investigate" and find out if these kids had supervision?

    No supervision = Crime committed
    Supervised = No crime committed

    A few people Ive debated gun rights about on here always point to cases where guns used in self defense save more lives then accidental shootings take lives. Can anybody show me a single example of a 10 year old proficient in shooting using a gun in self defense to save a life? The only thing I can find on google is what seems to be hundreds of very similiar stories of kids accidentally being killed by guns they had no business handling.

    @Kim I dont think anyone is disputing the shooting was an accident. But accident or not, if this grandfather handed his grandson and his friend a 4-10 and told him go have some fun then the grandfather should be in prison. If he was supervising and it was a stray or whatever, it will be labeled an accident.

    • WhgFeeling!

      Pretty quick search for you.

      • WVMom

        I looked this up and it said that he shot back at the intruder several times and missed. He could have shot his own family members too but he got very lucky and didn't. Teaching gun safety to children is not a bad thing. Trusting children to do the right thing with firearms can de deadly. Some adults cannot even make wise decisions with their guns either. I was raised shooting guns and learning about them so I am not against them. I own guns and keep them in my home. However, I went to school with a guy who took his father's issued weapon (he was a police officer) and killed himself because his girlfriend broke up with him. My husband's friend's daughter killed herself with her father's gun. My daughter's friend went into a closet and shot and killed himself with a gun. A guy I went to school with shot himself under the chin and lived. The school shootings that happened were from kids trained with weapons. With all these situations that I know about you would think I would be against guns. I am against trusting children with guns trained or untrained.

  • Kim

    Once it was determined that this truly was an accident; further investigation in this particular matter, seems to be a waste of resources, as well as prolonging the healing process for these families involved. It's tragic enough... Just a thought..