LOGAN, W.Va. — The Logan County Board of Education meets Monday night and is expected to take up the controversy involving Logan High basketball coach Mark Hatcher.

Hatcher was charged with battery on a police officer and assault on a police officer after going on the floor at Chapmanville High School when a fight broke out between players from Logan and Scott.

The Chapmanville officer alleges Hatcher forcibly pushed him away. Hatcher has said he was following national rules which allow him to go onto the floor to defuse a situation.

The Logan County Board of Education has called the situation an unfortunate incident that needs a quick resolution. Hatcher has continued to coach and teach since the incident.

The Logan County school superintendent has pointed out Hatcher was neither penalized nor ejected from the game.


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  • shawn

    The officer in question wasn't even an officer he was a student at Chapmanville high school dressed in the same color clothes as the office the story is in the logan banner along with a picture.

  • steve

    Elaborate more Tim about the violence

  • EP Haters

    If the officer was in street clothes, meaning he was off duty unless he was working undercover, how can they charge this coach with battery and assault on a police officer? My understanding is that this was a situation that escalated quickly, and the officer being out of uniform with no badge visible I can understand the coach treating him as a fan running onto the floor.

    This sounds to me like an abuse of power. There was no need to arrest the coach. It sounds as if the officer had his feelings hurt and is using his power to screw the coach.

  • Vic

    This will be resolved the "ole Logan County way". It's who you know

    • Tim

      I agree with Vic 100 % . I just hope the U.S. Justice Department keeps a close eye on this to make sure it is handled correctly .

  • Aaron

    The officer was wrong for boys want to court. The only time anyone other than an official or coach should ever enter the court is during an all-out brawl that cannot be stopped by officials.

    Additionally, this officer was in plainclothes and as such should have been escorted from the building.

    As a parent, were I in the stands with my child on the court and I witnessed an individual in plainclothes coming from the stands and entering the playing surface, my first reaction would be to protect my child. I am greatly surprised that given the circumstances, this situation was not much worse.

    I have heard much said about Coach Hatcher, and while I am certainly not apologizing he is past actions, his conduct on the floor in this instance were acceptable.

    Charges should be dropped against the coach. The police officer should be reprimanded for his actions and prevented from working or attending future games.

    • Aaron

      The first sentence should say for going on to the court. That's what I get for using an iPhone with auto correct.

  • bob

    Watch the video. He didn't do anything warranting an arrest!

  • Tim

    This man is an idiot . He does not need to be around young kids, To teach or coach. He has a history of violence in the past , that has been covered up by back room politics .

    • BH

      But, does that excuse someone in street clothes running onto the court ?