MOUNT GAY, W.Va. — Two men are in jail after robbing a Logan County restaurant Monday.

West Virginia State Police Troopers said Michael Ray Hughes, 31, of Mount Gay, walked into Janet’s Park and Eat Restaurant on Riverview Avenue in Mount Gay armed with a gun and demanded money.

He then jumped into a Chevy Cavalier being driven by Roy Belcher and fled the scene.

The the vehicle was pulled over just a short distance from the restaurant and both men were arrested.

Hughes is charged with armed robbery and Belcher with being an accessory after the fact.

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  • ScobyD

    How about public flogging before hard labor?

  • justme

    will never happen the 17-18-19-20 year old residents at Salem Industrial Home were being mistreated because they did not have bathrooms in each room or they were restrained and locked down when they beat up an officer so some idiot judge from the southern part of the state shut it down and the state let it happen and these criminals where murderers ,armed robbers and rapist

  • WV Redneck

    #1. Good jobs.
    #2. Bring back hard labor to jails and prisons so they will absolutely fear going there. Or going back.

    • old miner

      You are 100% right , they do not fear the law the judge or the jail , The jails are full to the max with low lives that check in to get to see a doctor a dentist teeth fixed , , 3 meal a day classes to get a ged , So they don't have a worry in the world , The same ones are 3 and 4 times offenders .

    • WV Redneck

      This was in reply to chasmo.

  • chasmo

    once again, no fear, no respect , no appreciation for man kind.. any ideal what just might make this senseless act to STOP !!!

    • Hailey

      Armed citizens could be the answer