INSTITUTE, W.Va. — A crash involving two tractor trailers in Kanawha County leaves one driver dead, a second injured, and holiday traffic backed up for miles.

Deputies say a semi of Dolin Trucking of Dunbar was merging onto the I-64 just after 6 a.m. Tuesday.  He was struck in the rear by a second semi from Roadway pulling a tandem trailer.

“It struck that truck in the rear end at a pretty good speed,” said Lt. Sean Crosier of the Kanawha County Sheriff’s Department. “We know from the damage to the cab it was definitely not a slow speed.”

The driver of the Roadway truck, identified as John Charles Miller, 65, of Indianapolis, In. was killed.  The driver of the Dolin truck was Michael Powell of Winfield. He was taken to a local hospital after he suffered minor injuries.

The Sheriff’s Department reconstruction team spent several hours taking measurements of the crash scene and several more clearing away the wreckage on I-64.  Traffic was detoured off the interstate onto Route 25 west bound.

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  • Richard Chambers

    the egress lanes in the city of Charleston WV, on I 64 and I 77 and I 79 are the worst set up for a major highway system I have ever seen. There may be three lanes you see but the reality is only one is unusable. Several of the entrance lanes should simply be shut down. Who ever was the engineer that designed the interstate system in Charleston was nuts. A better design and a good man would still be with us.

  • Dirtywhiteboy

    I knew and met J.C. at the truck rodeo's and I'm not going to speculate on the wreck but I will say that I'm going to miss his smiling face at the rodeo this year. R.I.P Brother...........

  • Tbone

    My heart is broken! I have known JC Miller since 2004 and can't imagine him not being around anymore, however I,m sure a piece of his spirit will live in each and everyone that came in contact with him. This man was contagious with his smile, personality, caring, loving thoughts for people and the truck driving families. We as FedEx drivers and family will morn his loss tremendously for but most of all celebrate his life. A loving father, grand father and A True CHAMPION in so many ways! JC,,, I will miss you my friend. My prayers continue to go out to your family. "YOU DID IT RIGHT MY FRIEND". God loves you and so do I....

  • Steve Redman

    I also knew JC, and like everyone else on here who knew him has said, he was DEDICATED to safety. Over 3 million accident-free miles. Multiple wins at the state and national truck driving championships. Charity work. Wrote the Roadway/YRC hazmat re-certification manual. YRC trucks are governed at 63 mph...the road where he died has a 70 mph posted limit. I can only imagine what happened...but I am convinced that JC was blocked in (there was someone in the next lane, maybe a family going somewhere to celebrate Christmas) and he could not change lanes to avoid the crash. While my friend JC is gone, my hope now is for Mr Powell to be able to find peace in what certainly was an accident.

  • Laura

    My prayers go to JC's family.

  • Clifton Pyle

    If the merging vehicle was travelling at a slow speed, then the truck that crashed into the merging truck would certainly have damage that would give the appearance of a high speed crash. It's a shame and a pity that our highway systems has never been updated as trucks and traffic has increased over the years.

  • Mrs. Don Hall

    My heart has been burdened since first hearing of Mr. Miller's tragic death on Christmas Eve. He and my husband, (whom I'm sure welcomed John at heaven's gate) use to work together at the WS terminal, aka Kernesville, NC. My deepest sympathy to John's family, friends, fellow Teamsters, and all who had the pleasure of knowing such an honorable, sincere, highly respected man. He would first be concerned about the other driver. I am glad he suffered only minor physical injuries. I pray for his emotional stability. I do not know him or the company he drives for. I did know Mr. Miller, know the company he works for, know all about his training, accomplishments, awards, education, driving, values, exceptional work ethics, dedicated employee, and his commitment to his fellow Teamsters. He loved his family and was loved. He served each one of us through "trucking", hauling enormous tons of various freight that all of us have purchased at a local store of some sort, It is a hard job, made more difficult by a whole lot of conditions. But the single most factor that impacts the "truck driver" is that car or pickup driver. The general public does not hold theirselves accountable for their actions when driving. They forget everything they were taught or read in a manual about driving in traffic and with "big rigs". If they used their brain to help them drive they would know that truck driver can't stop on a dime with the load he has, do the math, make that turn like a regular vehicle-his is way longer, do the math, back up like a regular vehicle, most people don't back in anyway, let alone with a trailer or two hooked on, - requires skill, precision, and math. Let me also say the "truck driver" is also driving a machine that requires maintenance and constant safety checks and does break down like all those vehicles you see on the side of the road. And yes there are some "truck drivers" who aren't as consciousness as others and the average driver just labels the truckers all bad, when in fact it is the common driver who lacks in skills, safety, and knowledge endangering lives daily-do the math and check the statistics. Knowing Mr. Miller and his high safety standards and training my opinion is he assessed the immediate danger that was presented, and without panic or hesitation looked for the SAFEST out and one that would cause the least harm for anyone else. That decision was made by a highly trained, safe, professional Teamster truck driver in less than 4 seconds no doubt-do the math. No doubt he faced his death with honor and dignity, God called JC home and flew him there breaking some speed with no limitations set. I pray we all are safer in our own driving and those who lack understanding seek it, before they cause harm or are harmed.

  • Mary Davis

    I work for roadway and I'm going to keep the family in my prayers. God will be with the family.

  • Jeffrey

    YRC Freight is not safety oriented. They tear off red tag trailers and outbound them.

  • mike d

    My heart goes out to Tony and Shawn You dad was a personal friend of mine for miny years. He talked a lot about how PROUD he was of his boys and his grandchildren. JC was a very proud but humble man. I had a special needs son that pasted last sept. The minute John heard he and the YRC family came with love and support. True friends are very hard to find these days but JC was one person that was always there with kind words and a great love for his friends.I don't know what happened that morning but knowing JC he put EVERYONE safety before his own.He was a great person and I feel very lucky to have had him as my friend. His high standard for safety and putting everyone else before himself will be greatly missed.

  • jim lawless

    I only have known J C for about 5 years. He has always been extremely active in trucking safety. Both with excellent safe driving record of over 3 million miles and his active participation in National and State Truck Driving Championships. There was never a question I could ask him he did not know the answer to.The trucking industry has lost a great man. I have lost a great friend. My sympathy goes out to the Miller family.

  • Jimmy

    My thoughts and prayers to the family.

  • Craig Atkins

    Pray for this mans family. He was simply out there working trying to get home for Christmas. Like him I am a LTL guy, and like most today we just want to work hard, take care of our families, and get home. All issues regarding this accident should be put aside. We just need to remember this man. And his family as we share this holiday with ours. Pray for this mans family and all of us out there chasing that dollar down.

  • Christina

    My Dad is a truck a driver and has been one my whole life. This is a truckers family biggest fear. My Thoughts and Prayers are with this man's family. So Close to Retirement, It's so sad this man won't be with his family for Christmas.

  • Christina

    Thoughts and Prayers to his family.
    My father has been a truck driver my whole life, and this is our biggest fear every time he hit's the road. I'm Crying my eyes out this morning reading that he wont be home with his family this morning for Christmas. Shame on anyone who has Negativity to comments regarding this story. He was 65 probably due to retire, it's a shame.