CROSS LANES, W.Va. — One person was hurt and now the Kanawha County Sheriff’s Department is looking for answers after an early Thursday morning shooting at a private Christmas party in Cross Lanes.

The owner of Appetizer’s Restaurant and Shep’s Lounge on Goff Mountain Road said in a release that they had rented a room out to a private party.

During the party, two guests reportedly got into an altercation and according to the release were escorted out of the bar. Once outside business owner Michael Shepherd said the “groups restarted their altercation with the use of firearms.”

Deputies said those at the party was scattering after gunshots rang out. Deputies found as many as 30 shell casings from as many as four handguns fired at the scene.

The fight and ensuing gunfight took place in the parking lot of the bar. There were a lot of shots fired but apparently only one person injured.

Nitro police pulled over a minivan near the Interstate 64 entrance ramp and found Carlo Gray inside. The 22-year-old St. Albans resident had been shot in the leg.

Due to the incident, the business will temporarily close its doors.

“It is with great sadness that Shep’s Lounge will suspend operations for a limited time so that an investigation may fully determine what transpired and take all necessary precautions to insure that this type of action does not occur again,” stated Shepherd in the release.

In addition, the ABCA said they’ve suspended the license of Appetizer’s Bar and Lounge during the criminal and administrative investigation.

“We are saddened and alarmed by these intrusive and irresponsible actions as our neighbors surely are, and will work with law enforcement to make certain all parties are held accountable for their actions,” said Shepherd.

Deputies are trying to find additional witnesses. They are asked to call the Kanawha County Sheriff’s Department at 304-357-0169.



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  • DH

    WOW Jeff, folks are a bit harsh on you arent they??? Only thing missing from the comment section is WILLIAM and BIG LARRY claiming you wear sweatsuits to work!

  • Larry

    When will people learn that these bars and nightclubs are bad news, especially in Kanawha Co. The world would be a better place with a lot less of them. Also, nothing good ever happens after midnight.

  • Joe

    Headline Modification ends in Title Change

  • john

    Ah heck, Jeff You ruined the fun by changing the headlines, but good reporting job, never the less .Happy New Year!

  • justme

    Changed the Headlines that's no fun.

  • john

    A "shooting" and "gunfire" goes together real well. DUH The headlines sure does not do the article justice. Reads as if someone was sampling the holiday spirits, but anyway we get the message. With 30 shell casings found, there must have been a lot of shooting straight up, maybe an early New Years celebration, or maybe trying out four new guns that was received for Christmas......Sounds more like a bunch of drunken idiots to me.....

  • jfk

    lol shooting ends with,,,,,,scrambled eggs!

  • justme

    Christmas night shooting ends in gunfire ??? Guess it could have been Christmas night shooting ends with rocks being tossed.

  • 2XLPatriot

    30 shell casings, 50 people involved, 1 person shot in the leg? Dang! Talk about poor marksmanship! Sad that someone got injured but........

    • Dennis

      I suspect that those shooters never won a prize for their girlfriend at a carnival shooting gallery.

  • donj

    Great editing.

  • Southern WV

    The first sentence says it was "a by-invitation-only Christmas party" and then the last sentence says "it was believed to be a private Christmas party." A bit redundant aren't we? I assume when you interview for Metro News writer, you do not have to submit a writing example.

    • Don

      Remember, most reporters are not taught how to report a story, but how to create a story. Thus, most reporters have no idea what they're doing. (LOL)

  • Brandon

    Shooting ends in gunfire? Somebody is still sipping the 'nog.

    • WhgFeeling

      +3 Thought the same thing.

    • Joe


      Four scotch, and seven beers ago....!!!!

    • Lowlander was thinking the same thing.

      • Polly the Pundit

        +2..."no child left behind" obviously skipped the Metro News writer on this one...

        • Joy

          did you get lots of coal in your stocking to be so mean after Christmas?