CHARLESTON, W.Va. — A political forecaster says he thinks 2014 will be a tougher year for President Barack Obama than 2013.

“It was bad, but not nearly as bad as next year’s going to be,” said Larry Sabato with the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics of the past 12 months for the White House.  Sabato puts together political predictions through “Sabato’s Crystal Ball.”

Next year will be a mid-term election year.  “Election years are even less productive, if that’s possible, than the year we’ve just seen and, as you move farther into a second term, you become more of a lame duck,” said Sabato of the 2014 possibilities for the presidency.

The year 2013 for President Obama was the year of falling approval ratings, a problem-plagued roll out of health insurance enrollment through the Affordable Care Act, revelations of wide-reaching government surveillance on Americans from the National Security Agency and little progress on a whole list of White House domestic priorities, including immigration reform, that have yet to be addressed.

The Obama Administration is now heading into its sixth year.

“Something strange could happen or, God forbid, a terrorist attack.  You can conjure up all kinds of possibilities, but if we stay on the track we’re on, we’re on the longest lame duck presidency in American history,” said Sabato.  “It’s going to last for three and a half years.”

Republicans are eyeing a possible takeover of the U.S. Senate in 2014.  The GOP already controls the U.S. House.  “I can tell you they’re going to gain seats (in the U.S. Senate), but I can’t tell you exactly how many seats they’re going to gain.  It’s too early,” said Sabato.  “They need a little bit of a wave to get six seats.”

Sabato was a guest on a recent edition of MetroNews “Talkline.”

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  • Gary Karstens

    It would help if the redneck portion of the population in WV would see the benefits of moving to socialism that our President is trying to lead us to. One would think WV people would be tired of answering to the almighty slave corporations.

  • TheFungoKnows

    I see Jesse Jackson is weighing in on the Duck Dynasty made up controversy. Shouldn't Jesse be visiting his son and daughter-in-law in the federal pockey at Christams time, instead of expousing his racist hatred?

  • CaptainQ

    Really don't think 2014 will be as rough for the President as Larry says. After all, with his allies in the Main Stream Media still protecting him from direct blame and political fallout, the 'Legend of Obama' will remain strong. Even all of the problems with ObamaCare won't completely destroy the President's 'media generated' image.

    As for the Senate, can't see a GOP takeover there. Never underestimate the power of the Democratic Party propoganda machine in America. The Republicans need to keep their guard up so they don't lose their slim majority in the U.S. House too. It's not that the Democrats are 'better' than the GOP, they just know how to work the news media better.

  • RB

    The Democrat's new theme is help the worthless become more worthless and destroy the middle class. I'm a registered independent before all you brain dead Democrats start trashing me. I'm not saying the Republicans are much better but at least their not trying to raise our taxes or destroying jobs for hard working Americans. Also the elderly is getting hurt by this administration as well. So how Democrats can look at their self in a mirror is beyond me.

  • C. F. T.

    2014 should also be an bad year where politicians Gainer and Tennant, loose and loose BIG, as they did (still do?) support Obama. They may try to deny or minimize having done so, but voters we will not forgive.

  • NotRepublican

    Ummmmm, this article is BS! Please do not read any truth into it. There are still educated West Virginians here who would never vote for a Republican even if the owner of this particular news media tries his damnedest to shutter the liberal voice in WV. If the GOP gains control of the senate we will have government shutdowns left and right. Meanwhile, the economy tanks and eventually the wealthy and their corporations eventually falter, but at least they had a good run screwing over the middle class. They at least can live large on their earnings once America falls...thanks to all ignorants out there afraid of gay marriage and women's reproductive rights for voting for these idiots.

    • KennaEer

      When did Joe Biden start posting on Metro News?!? Don't worry Joe, your great world of autonomy is coming soon!!!!

    • Jonny D

      Just because some doesnt agree with gay marriage doesnt mean that they are afraid of it. The left will almost always call someone a homophobe or a hate monger just because that person doesnt agree with it. Sounds to me as if you suppory the party of hate.

    • Tom wv

      NotRepublican... This is hog wash.. Your party is destroying the middle class. Start asking yourself question. Which party wants people on welfare? Why? Don't use your programmed mind on this. Go to the internet and do your own research. Use some conservative sites to get a better prospective. Keep asking more question... Why did the democrats push thru Obama care with out reading it.? Ask yourself... If the website roll out is such a disaster how will the aca law really work.? More questions to ask yourself.. Why is the school system failing in this state. Which party has had control over it?. Why do we dumb down our kids with the standards they are supposed to meet? Why are you so afraid to try some conservatives approaches? Your a liberal and aren't you supposed to be opened minded to different ideas.? We'll if that is true then get serious and do your own research and act like you do have an education. People in this country need to stand up to the bullies on the left and start pushing back.

    • JL

      Is it warm enough for you in your mother's basement?