ANNAPOLIS, MD—It was the exclamation point Marshall needed to end the 2013 season, a 31-20 win over Maryland in the Military Bowl.

“This is huge,” said an elated Doc Holliday following the win.   “Our offense played tremendous. Our defense played lights out and our special teams played good.  It’s just great to get that momentum headed into next season and send our seniors out the right way.”

Bowl MVP Rakeem Cato threw for 337 yards and three touchdowns as Tommy Shuler and Gator Hoskins combined for more than half of The Herd’s receptions.  Shuler had nine catches for 68 yards and touchdown while Hoskins caught six passers for 104 yards and two scores.

Defensively, tackle James Rouse registered a pair of sacks and Maryland quarterback CJ Brown could never quite find his rhythm.

Marshall led throughout the ball game giving up the lead just once in the second half before storming back to take control for good.

Leading 17-13 at halftime, Marshall’s offense sputtered in the third quarter.

The Herd had two drives stall out inside Maryland territory and both times elected to punt on fourth-and-short situations.  Both times punter Tyler Williams was able to pin the Terps in the shadow of their own goal post.

Trailing by four points, Maryland got the ball on its own one yard-line with 7:40 left in the third quarter and methodically moved down the field.  Quarterback C.J. Brown orchestrated a 17-play drive that ate up 7:40 of the second half culminating with a two-yard touchdown pass to Dave Stinebaugh, giving the Terrapins a 20-17 early in the fourth quarter.

“These kids didn’t flinch.  The one thing I like about this group is that it didn’t matter that they went down the field.  The one thing we talked about all week was to go out and play great and they did.  They were not concerned about the scoreboard, they were not concerned about anything else except playing extremely hard.  Being able to respond back from that drive was huge,” noted Holliday.

Maryland’s advantage would be short lived.

On the ensuing drive, Marshall converted a pair of third downs, including a 23-yard pass play from Cato to Craig Wilkins to move down to the Maryland seven yard-line.  Essary Taliaferro put The Herd back in front with a seven-yard touchdown run, giving The Herd a 24-20 advantage it would not relinquish.

The dagger came with 3:42 left to play when Cato found his tight end Gator Hoskins one more time in 2013 for an eight yard touchdown pass to stretch Marshall’s lead to 31-20.

Marshall’s defense took care of the rest.

Maryland’s last-ditch efforts to get back in to the ball game were stifled by a pumped defensive unit.  A.J. Leggett picked off C.J. Brown and with less than two minutes to play, Brown threw three incomplete passes, turning the ball over on downs back to The Herd.

“I told them in pregame, ‘What are you going to talk about when you come back to bowls down the road and talk to our team?’  This senior class is going to be known as the class that got us back to winning championships,” said Holliday.

Marshall got on the scoreboard first with a one-yard touchdown pass to Tommy Shuler in the first quarter.  Cato also found Gator Hoskins for an eight-yard scoring toss and Justin Haig tacked on a 27-yard field goal in the first half.  Meanwhile, Levern Jacobs reeled in a 29-yard touchdown and Brad Craddock connected on a 33-yard field goal.

Marshall finishes the season 10-4, its first 10-win seasons since it won 11 games in 2002.

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  • Art in Ohio

    1975 Grad WVU...Good job to Marshall and Doc.

    Great to see someone from our great state beat Maryland this year..

  • Outdoor Man

    Wuv fan as well, but Job Well Done Herd!!

  • pghmountaineer

    Congrats to Marshall. Nice win.
    You folks have a very exciting and promissing QB. He's fun to watch.

  • College Ave

    I couldn't be happier for MU. Way to go, Herd!!

    I actually graduated from WVU (twice) and I'm embarrassed by 75% of WVU fans and their condescending attitude toward MU. How many WVU fans have never taken a class at the university, and how many have ever visited Huntington or really know anything at all about Marshall?

    The saddest cases are the ones that go to AB, Fairmont, UC or some other college or university that has its own athletic programs but wear WVU gear three days a week and have never been to one of their own school's games.

    Get to know Marshall -- it's a good university in a nice city that, like EVERY city in WV, has its positives and negatives.

    And if you have one, support your own school's football and basketball programs. They will appreciate it.

    • E3

      We'll said, College Ave. I'm an MU grad and I know and work with many WVU grads. They are all upstanding folks who enjoy talking college football in a rational manner and support the Herd when we aren't playing their school. Those are the key words; "their school". Most of the WVU fans who behave poorly and bash other schools, have never stepped foot on the WVU campus. They do an injustice to a great school and great alumni when they behave that way. WVU deserves better.

      • Jason

        100% agree

  • Gilbert Gnarley

    Congratulations to our Herd. This one was for the university fans, all Sons and Daughters of Marshall near and far, and the Seventy-Five.

  • justme

    why this obsession with beating wvu just enjoy your win even if mu beat wvu they would be 1-10 all time and mu will not start out ranked they play in conference usa mu won 10 games this year watch they will not even end up in the top 35 in votes and you got to understand Maryland had 9 starters out and wont win more then 2 games in the big 10 next year if they win any

    • Tom

      Justme, I'm a WVU grad and fan too, but the word for the day is...scoreboard! Marshall was better than WVU this year--by far--and next year looks like more of the same. It's just our turn to take our lumps. Congratulations, Herd!

    • Heywood Dixon

      Justme attempts to make an "in your face" argument. But since his extended run-on diatribe lacks so much as a single comma or period to provide the reader some separation of ideas, something tells me that "a WVU alumni he ain't."

    • Big Larry

      2013 Football Season:

      Maryland 37, WVU 0
      Marshall 31, Maryland 20

      Get used to seeing this every time you make these stupid comments...

      • Hesa Duffuss

        All Time Record head to head

        WVU victories - 12
        Marshall Wins - 0

        Get used to seeing this every time you make these stupid comments...

        • Big Larry

          That was then...This is now...

          Maryland 37 WVU o

          Marshall 31 Maryland 21

          in a game that really meant something!

          • Big Larry is So Small

            Big Larry is Sooooo Small

            All Time Record head to head

            WVU victories - 12
            Marshall Wins - 0

            No wins, no chance, no class

            Get used to seeing this every time you make these stupid comments...

      • Richard is Big Larry?

        All time record

      • wvfreys

        That is equivalent to WVU saying "we beat the team that beat the team that beat the team" when an undefeated
        WVU team did not get to play for the championship. Neither statement holds any water.
        Congratulations to Marshall on a great win and for representing the state of West Virginia. I am WVU fan but like to root for Marshall when they play anyone else. Be proud of EVERY school in WV adn you won't sound so stupid

      • Bross

        Larry is a looser. I'm a wvu fan and happy for Marshall. Larry is a mirror image of the fans at wvu that the Marshall fans hate. We both have our pathetic fans. Congrats to Marshall on a great win and season.

        • E3

          Exactly! This MU guy appreciates all the WVU folks on here congratulating our team on a great season. And when the Mountaineers get back to their winning ways (and they will), I'll be the first on here congratulating them on a big victory.

      • klw

        That comment wasn't stupid. He gave facts and based his opinion on those facts. I'm happy for Marshall, but Maryland was missing almost all of their Off. and Def. studs that played against WVU. Those are the facts.

        • Big Larry

          Maryland 37, WVU 0

          Marshall 31, Maryland 20

          • Hesa Duffuss

            WVU Victories - 12
            Marshall Wins - 0

            Get used to seeing this every time you make these stupid comments...

          • Jason


  • Independent View

    Congrats to Marshall--great win!
    A cautionary note to those that would run Holgersen out of town on a rail and replace him with Doc Holiday.
    Holgs needs to stay where he is and Doc needs to stay where he is too. There is a ton of difference between Conference USA and the Big 12! Doc is a Conference USA type of coach, end of story, always will be.

    • Tom

      That's funny! A few years ago all of us Mountaineer fans were pretty happy having Holliday as Stewart's heir apparent. He's starting to turn the corner at Marshall, and I would trade Holgerson for him any day of the week. If Holliday is a Conference USA kind of guy, Holgerson must be a Pop Warner kind of guy. Seriously, WVU football is in deep crap. It's time to take out the trash and start over.

    • Wow

      Independent View, next time WVU or Marshall is looking for a coach, make sure to let them know what coaches are Conference USA and which are Big 12 , since you seem to know. Doc to an extent is going to be as good as his players and assistant coaches, just like Holgersen. Now go back to being a fan and
      let the AD's evaluate the coaches.

    • College Ave

      And there's a difference between being an offensive coordinator and a head coach. Just ask "Holgs." End of story.

      • Jason

        So true. Just like Snyder is a great DC, but just wasn't a good HC. Eventually you have to give good DCs and OCs a chance to prove themselves as a HC, some can make the transition and some can't.

  • Go WVU

    Great win!!!!!!!
    Way to go Marshall

    Enjoy the Win

    And next Year keep improving

  • Daniel Williams

    By comparing scores (which I know is not an accurate rating of how teams would actually play) Marshall would have handily beaten WVU this year.

    • Jason

      Probably, but who really cares about WVU, Marshall has about everybody coming back. This year ended great and they have a chance to take this momentum into next season. Also, this game on national tv gives doc some more ammo when he is on the recruiting trail.

    • I'm honest at least

      Enjoy your win.....don't be an idiot. WVU fan but way to go Marshall

  • jj

    next year we could start out in top 25 go undeated. then play in a new years day bowl. and it won`t be maryland. hope doc knows if we keep winning the bowl game will get harder.go herd.

  • D.P.

    GREAT VICTORY MARSHALL!!! I'm a WV fan, but I ALWAYS root for Marshall-unless they are playing the Mountaineers! The Herd did a WONDERFUL JOB in representing the Mountain State!!!

  • Jason

    Marshall punter may be playing on Sundays. That boy is good. Was great in the field position game today.

  • Jason

    It was a perfect day in annapolis. Great weather great fans and a good win. The herd left no doubt.

  • Cigarman

    Great win MU

  • Bill

    I bleed "Old Gold & Blue ", but today I was a Marshall fan, Congrats to the Herd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!