CHARLESTON, W.Va. — A Charleston delegate is defending her request of the West Virginia Board of Medicine to investigate the claims of a Charleston gynecologist who said he frequently treats women for abortion complications.

Dr. Byron Calhoun, vice chairman of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department for WVU Physicians of Charleston, raised concerns about what he called a lack of regulations at West Virginia’s two abortion clinics. He did so in a letter sent to state Attorney General Patrick Morrisey earlier this year.

Morrisey has been reviewing the state’s abortion regulations.

“This lack of regulation allows abortion providers to abandon women with complications from their abortions to fend for themselves,” Calhoun told Morrisey.  He said, in other medical situations, such actions would be seen as malpractice.

Earlier this month, Kanawha County Nancy Guthrie (D-36) asked the West Virginia Board of Medicine to look into Calhoun’s claims. “If he’s going to make those kinds of allegations, he needs to prove it. Otherwise, what he’s doing is defaming a group of clinics that have been in business for years now,” said Guthrie.

She said the attorney general is not where Calhoun, who also serves on the National Medical Advisory Council for the National Institute of Family and Life Advocates, should have taken his complaints.

“If he felt there were an alarming number of complications arriving in the emergency room, as a physician he is duty-bound under state code to report the offending doctors to the Board of Medicine for investigation,” said Guthrie, a pro-choice delegate.

Guthrie made those comments on Friday’s MetroNews “Talkline.” Talkshow host Hoppy Kercheval requested a response from Calhoun, but had not received a reply as of last Friday.

In an earlier statement, Calhoun dismissed Guthrie’s request as “a poorly executed political stunt.”

He said he has taken his concerns to WVU’s administrators, but those concerns cannot be addressed because of the lack of abortion regulations in West Virginia.

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  • tomahawk74

    This is not about Hoppy's position on the issue. It is about Guthrie using her pull as a government official to limit the free speech of a concerned citizen. If Guthrie is really concerned about "women's reproductive health", she should welcome the scrutiny placed on these clinics. Instead, during the interview, she tried the sanitize the murder of innocent unborn children by calling abortion "termination".

    • Linda

      She is welcoming the scrutiny of his allegation. That should be EXACTLY what you want. It sounds like you are worried he's lying.

  • Independent View

    @ Steven--Me thinks I could not care less if I really tried what you think!

    • Steven

      Your bad sentence structure is showing.

  • angry white guy

    I wish guthrie was aborted.

    • Mark

      A more accurate name should read "stupid white guy."

  • BAC

    Guthrie should be most concerned that the abortionists are killing a living child. They think not perhaps, but the judges, legislators, governors, presidents, who support abortion will have to face The Judge someday. They share in the culpability of the abortion doctors and nurses who do this evil.

  • Steven

    Why would he be defensive about proving his allegations? He should be glad that she is showing interest in his claims...unless he's lying.

    • Hughesknight

      Why is Delegate Gutherie not supporting regulations of abortion clinics if there is nothing to hide at abortion clinics. Why are clinics that are in the business of abortion for profit not stepping up to defend their actions if they have nothing to hide. Planned parenthood gets our federal dollars to promote abortion where are they. Why is Delegate Gutherie carrying their water?

      • Mark

        What are you talking about? She is asking for the information on the abortion clinics. Isn't that what you want?

        Abortion clinics are under the same regulations as all health clinics. If this Doctor is worried about other doctors, he should have reported them to the proper authorities.

        • angry white guy

          Should be "stupid Mark". You are a complete idiot.

          • Linda

            @angry white guy

            Proverbs 29:11
            A fool gives full vent to his anger, but a wise man keeps himself under control.

  • C. F. T.

    Del. Guthrie, as we voters find your liberal views offensive, perhaps the majority of voters in your district may exercise there choice to abort you from the WV House of in 2014 election.

  • Independent View

    "Earlier this month, Kanawha County Nancy Guthrie (D-36) asked the West Virginia Board of Medicine to look into Calhoun’s claims. “If he’s going to make those kinds of allegations, he needs to prove it." Well Delegate Guthrie, maybe you need to back up your allegations before you call someone else out!
    But, that would strike at the very heart of LeftWingers philisophy, make wild accustaions then, accuse the opposing view of refusing to back up their counterpoint. Murdering millions of unborn children every year is not proper medicine and not what a truly resposible delegate would support. I'm not judging you Ms. Guthrie, I'll leave that to God and his judgement which unlike mine his will hold dire consequences!

    • Steven

      me thinks your Independent View is not so independent.......

  • Jethro

    Hoppy went to great lengths to try to support and defend the rightwing Doctor.

    Del Guthrie had to spell it out to Hoppy several times because Hoppy refused to accept the facts.

    Hoppy claims to be pro choice?