ANNAPOLIS, Md. — Thousands of Marshall University fans were out in Annapolis, Md. in their green and white on Friday chanting “We Are Marshall” for the 2013 Military Bowl.

Officials estimated upwards of 6,000 Thundering Herd fans were making the trip to see Marshall (9-4) take on the University of Maryland (7-5).

Steve Cotton, Marshall’s play-by-play announcer, said a win Friday would be huge for the Herd.

“You want to get that tenth win,” he said on Friday’s “Morning News.”  “It’s something that just doesn’t happen all that often and hasn’t happened at Marshall since 2002.  You’d like to get that in the bag and just keep the momentum going for all the good things that have happened this year.”

The 2:30 p.m. game was scheduled to be televised on ESPN.

The Thundering Herd was making its first appearance in the Military Bowl.  The game, now in its sixth year, benefits the USO.  Up to now, the game has not been played at Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium.

At 11 a.m. Friday morning, the Military Bowl Parade was scheduled to step off in Annapolis and follow a route leading to the stadium for a pre-game tailgate party.  Marshall’s Big Green Foundation was also sponsoring a fan tailgate event.

Cotton said the Herd spent the week leading up to the game preparing for a Maryland team that, he said, can do a lot of things offensively.

“Maryland puts a lot on its quarterback,” he said.  “The thing about their offense is that they do a little of everything.”

On Friday morning, Cotton said he believed the Herd was ready for the Terrapins, playing in their final ACC game.  “You play 13 games, this is number 14, you’ve seen pretty much everything at this point in the year,” he said.

MetroNews will bring you more from the 2013 Military Bowl throughout the day Friday and into the weekend.

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  • Joe

    Marshall wins. Congratulations Doc and Herd!

  • Magic Mike

    Enjoy Doc Holliday one more season because he will be WVUs next coach.

    • Dave

      Nope. Rich rod will be back in Motown.


      I don't think Doc would really see any benefit of going to WVU as head coach; mainly because of getting top-notch recruits there to play in the BIG12. Just my opinion.

  • Magic Mike

    If Marshal beats Maryland they will be the premier team in WV.

    • Aaron

      Horse hockey

  • Jerry D

    I bleed the 'ol gold 'n blue also, but today i reckon I can root for the herd!

  • D.P.

    polarbear-WHAT A F------ JERK!!! I'm a hardcore WV fan, but I'm a 100% Marshall fan today. Go Herd!!!!!

  • mauldawg

    6,000 MU fans to see game. Sounds just like the same number of fans that go to the "Joan". More fans on a road trip than at home!!

    • Charlie

      What bowl game is wvu in

  • Rick

    Great day to play football, wherever you may be. Marshall 33-28. Go Herd!!!!!!!

  • Greg

    Well now at least those Moo fans who come on WVU sites lamenting how poorly they get treated in Motown will find out what a truly unruly and obnoxious fan base is in Md. They are on for a rude awakening, no pun intended.

  • Polly the Pundit

    From the comments below it is little wonder why there is so much loathing of WVU fans. Even when the team the support is sitting at home because of a, "rebuilding year", they don't support the other team from the state that is playing in a Bowl.

    Its this little thing called "sportsmanship" - something that seems lost on so many these days. I am not a WVU fan but have travelled and supported them when they have had success. Whether it be 40, 400, 4000 or 6000 - the fans went and supported their team in a Bowl that supports the USO which supports our troops. I wish both teams success today but do hope that West Virginia is well represented and receives recognition for its accomplishments.

    • Magic Mike

      I am a WVU fan and I support Marshal when they are not playing WVU.

  • polarbear

    Hopefully a black hole will open up and swallow both programs.

    • Tinch

      Polar bear, just go back to your dorm room at Podunk State and play your dungeons and dragons game.

  • Tinch

    I can honestly say I've tried to root for Marshall because they are from WV. But their fans make it impossible to. They have some form of Napoleon complex and if they could just grasp and be thankful for being who they are and what they are it would be fine. A second rate institution in a second rate town. Go Eeers!

  • Ken Hackworth

    I bleed Old Gold & Blue but, c'mon people, this is a team from the Great State of West Virginia! GO HERD!!!

  • Mike

    "Officials estimated upwards of 4,000 Thundering Herd fans were making the trip"... if those are the same officials who count attendance at Herd home games, the real number is closer to 400, not 4000. Go Terps!

    • GregG

      400? Did your finger get heavy? More like 40.

  • Steve

    Go Terps!

  • Interesting123

    Go Herd!