Target is reporting that additional data was stolen as part of a recent massive data breach.

Target confirmed Friday that encrypted debit card pin data was among the stolen items, however the third largest U.S. retailer is confident the information is safe and secure.

Company officials said the stolen PIN data was strongly encrypted when it was removed from Target’s systems, and the key necessary to decrypt the data is not within the company’s system and could not have been taken during the breach.

Even though Target claims the data is safe, some security experts advise customers to keep a close eye on their bank accounts and possibly get their bank cards reissued.

The attack lasted from Black Friday to December 15th. It is the second largest data breach in U.S. retail history.

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  • TheFungoKnows

    Target is not telling the whole truth.
    I know people who shoped Target website before the dates specified, and their credit cards were used to buy airline tickets twice.
    If you used any type of card at Target OR ITS WEBSITE sice Nov. 1, cancel that card and get a new one issued to you.

  • MaryL

    your bank cards are not safe people! Contact your bank and get a new card with a new PIN (and don't use 12345 or your birthday). I have Life Lock but I also do not shop at Target.