SUNDIAL, W.Va. — The state Division of Highways is hiring a contractor to remove two large boulders that fell onto state Route 3 in Raleigh County Friday. The agency said Saturday the highway near the community of Sundial could be closed for up to a week.

The rockslide happened at Hatcher’s Bottom. The large rocks have been measured at 30 feet in diameter.

The rockslide is the latest in a string of rock and mudslides that have taken place over the last few weeks.

A large mudslide on Madison Creek Road in Logan County earlier this month forced the temporary reconstruction of the road so families could get in and out of the area. The DOH also had to hire a contractor to blast a section of hillside away above Interstate 77 north in Mercer County.

Heavy rain is forecasted for Sunday into Monday in some parts of the state which could cause more road slips and slides.


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  • Carl Clay

    I'm very familiar with this area. For many years I traveled RT. 3 to school. Also remember 1973 slide at Horsecreek. So glad no one was injured.

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  • clearanceman

    What do you use to move a rock like that or do you blow it into smaller pieces and then move it?

    • Jerry D

      Gotta blow it up into smaller pieces and move it.... These pics don't do this rock justice!

      • Dennis

        Or, use a hydraulic hammer on a large excavator to break the rocks into more manageable pieces.

        • Wowbagger

          Nope, drill it, shoot it. Then load out the pieces. This is more common in the spring, but freezing groundwater followed by a thaw will do it during the winter!

  • clearanceman

    Well, they got the sign right. Some seriously big rocks, if you were under that when it came down, you'd have very little chance.

  • Serena

    Whew! Hate to run into that in the dark.

  • MT

    Obama did it :)

    • TooMuch


  • Magic Mike

    Glad no one was driving when that fell.