MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — West Virginia safety K.J. Dillon, after missing the final two games of the regular season with what the school called a dehydration issue, has been cleared to take part in winter workouts, according to assistant coach Tony Gibson.

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West Virginia safety K.J. Dillon was cleared to return for winter workouts, according to assistant coach Tony Gibson.

A promising sophomore who is diabetic, Dillon reportedly was hospitalized on Nov. 10, the day following West Virginia’s 47-40 overtime loss to Texas. He promptly was ruled out for the season—a curious status considering the Mountaineers were still bowl-eligible at that juncture—and some wondered whether the medical condition might limit Dillon during spring drills and beyond.

But Friday night, while visiting with the crew at MetroNews “Sportsline,” Gibson said Dillon appears healthy.

“He got cleared and he’s ready to go. Everything is good for him. He should be ready to roll when we get back in January,” Gibson said. “He was so valuable for our defense, he was in our nickel and he was a backup safety, so he did so many things for our football team and losing him for the last couple games was crucial.”

“We look for some really big things out of him. I think he’s one of the most productive guys we have, and his his last two years we’re going to be counting on him to do some really big things.”

With recruiting calls limited during the NCAA late-December dead period, Gibson said he has been reaching out to recruits via other allowable avenues, such as social media.

“They like Facebook cause it’s easy and convenient for them,” Gibson said. “They don’t like to open up 50 letters a day, but they always have their cell phone with them so either if you hit them with a Twitter or Facebook message, they usually get it right away and they respond to you.”

“The kids don’t like mass mail-ins that everyone is doing. If they open mail now, it has to be hand-written. That is what they like so we try to do that.”

After a 4-8 finish capped by a three-game losing streak, West Virginia is prepping for its offseason conditioning program.

“We have to grind these kids and get them ready,” Gibson said. “Too many times we gave up too many plays and we started making mistakes and it would run in cycles. We need to get our kids to finish.”

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  • ut oh

    Conditioning, Conditioning, Conditioning....
    We here used to be proud of how the Mountaineers would after three quarters of battle, the entire team that was on the field at the end of the third quarter would sprint to the other end and proudly proclaim that the fourth quarter was OURS! We need to be the best, most conditioned team on the field every week. Let's show the rest of the world what the men of WV are made of!

  • Hesa Dufuss

    It's good to know that stp12 thinks the Big 12 is a joke and that the old Big East was better than the SEC, what a clown.

    Yeah I would rather play South Florida, Cincinnati, Connecticut and Louisville than Baylor, Texas, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State

    Much, much easier schedule.....

  • Daniel Williams

    According to Football, Ron Crook has been offered the OL coaching position at Wake Forest.

    • Ole Sasquatch

      Then there's hope.

  • Just passing through

    Most of you armchair coaches have no idea what it takes to make a winning football team nowadays... most of you do not read the article or commentary or look and watch the video that you are posting about. You jump in and start making comments about somebody else's post... If you can't read just go and look at the interview with the coach on this report... Listen to what Coach Gibson has to say what the problem has been for the last two years you will understand a little bit more .( I doubt it though ) listen real carefully he's going to tell you what our problem is for the last two years... So you who do not understand cannot read very well at least you might understand what he has to say .... Stop being brainwashed with the likes of William and his gang and Big Larry and his great philosophy listen to the coaches listen to the reporters be smart about this... I have seen post after post after post on here trying to explain to you where the problem lies in our program and it's not I repeat it is not Oliver luck or Dana Holgersen... Listen to coach Gibson He's going to tell you on the video...

  • The Great Joe Bob

    The last two seasons have been a real buzz-kill. I've been a die-hard Mountaineer fan since the 60s, and for the first time I have no enthusiasm for the coming season. At the very least, DeForest should go; we can't afford to give Holgs the heave-ho. Could he be made OC, and bring in a proven HC, without violating the provisions of his contract? Neither Tricket nor Millard have a clue. I've never seen so many terrible throws to open receivers in my life. Congratulations to Marshall on their big win. Anyone have Doc's phone number? We screwed up when we dissed him and hired Rich. Doc would have walked thru Hell, carrying a gasoline can, for the Mountaineers.

    • A Mountaineer in Michigan

      Hang in their Joe Bob

      If you have been a die hard since the 60's you have seen many ups and downs including the 4 straight losing seasons under Frank Cignetti from 76-79 before Don Nehlan arrived.

      Of course Rich Rods first season was a 3-8 disaster and many of the Mountaineer faithfull felt he was the wrong choice but it worked out as he went 57-18 the rest of his time in Morgantown.

      It was pretty rough in Morgantown this season. I have been coming to mountaineer football games since old mountaineer field and have had season tickets for 6 years now making the 6 hour drive from michigan for every game.

      I used the word "brutal" on my Mountaineer website to describe this years football team way more than I wanted to, particulairily the last two contests. No excuse is good enough for losing back to back to Kansas and Iowa State

      However I do believe there is some reason for hope, at least on offense. There will be 6 quarterbacks in compitition at fall camp and hopefully one will emerge to lead the Mountaineer offense

      Pennsylvania high school legend and Pittsburgh transfer Rushel Shell could provide some magic in Morgantown at running back.

      Actually the running game appears to have the best depth in several years with Shell coming in and Dreamius Smith and Wendell Smallwood returning and the returning receivers also have shown degrees of explosive ability, particularly Mario Alford. Kevin White, Jordon Thompson.

      Daikel Shorts and even Ronald Carswell have shown to be legitimate division one talent. And though there are a couple of graduations on the offensive line there are enough players that have seen significant action to solidify the line.

      Defensively however it will still be a concern, despite all the injuries they need to step up and need immediate help from transfers and incoming freshmen such as cornerback Dravon Henry MUST be as good as advertised.

      Of course they wont beat Alabama but I do believe they will be a better football team by the end of the season than they were this year. I always try to stay positive about it, it's easy to be sarcastic and take cheap shots like so many I've noticed on this board but it really doesn't help the situation.

      Living here in Michigan for so long I have seen what the long suffering Detroit Lions fans have gone through with one playoff victory in 50 years, it adds some perspective.

      I totally agree with your commets about Doc Holiday I always describe him as an "Old School football coach" that just loves the game of college football and yes he still kinda bleeds Old gold and Blue.


      • Jim

        I wouldn't predict the certain loss to Alabama just yet. No, I'm not trying to sound like a "Homer", but WV has been prematurely thrown under the bus only to surprise the heck out of folks. Bama will be searching for an identity in '14 after losing AJ McCarron. Of course WV also needs to resolve its own identity crisis long before that opening date. Nick Saban's teams don't hold up well against faced paced offenses, but that doesn't mean that that won't still beat you. SEC teams, especailly the top tier teams, have depth and quality players. Bama is very discilplined as well and do not cause many penalties. WV needs to turn that around in addition to finishing a game. A good performance could do a lot for WV in '14. The schedule is brutal, but not impossible.

      • sfp12

        This program will be awful as long as DH and his drinking buddies are in charge of things. This team has no QB, a bad offensive line, zero pass rush, and a Swiss cheese secondary.

        With Alabama, OU, Towson, & UMD to start the year, they are looking at a 1-3 start at best. Towson is no gimme. That's where things are now.

        Thanks, Oliver!

        • It is what it is

          Would you take future Hall of Fame coach Gary Patterson from TCU to coach WVU.......Record since joining the Big 12 is the same as Holgorsen 7-6 last year with a bowl loss and 4-8 this season. Once again the Big 12 aint the Big Easy or the "American Conference" as it's known these days.

          Dana Holgorsens only season in Big Easy WVU was 10-3 with a record setting victory in the Orange Bowl with the same players that Bill Stewart could not even win a leauge championship with let alone a bowl game.

          It is a tough jump to a real conference and WVU will get there sooner rather than later despite those that want the team to fold because they have issues with Holgorsen.

          • sfp12

            We were incredibly fortunate to win the Big East in 2011. If not for a bonehead USF fumble that team goes 8-4. Holgs is a fraud. The league had 3 ranked teams at the end of the year. It also had 4 complete jokes and 3 more teams that were very average.

            Let's keep pretending the Big 12 is the NFC West. It's more fun to make up fun excuses.

      • MountieFan1948

        Excellent post. Thanks.

  • Tom

    I agree with Toadman. We will be very LUCKY to be 2-10 next season. The glory days, the "Beast of the East" days, are gone. Gone until Holgerson goes. Oliver, everyone makes a wrong choice every now and then. If Holgerson was a corporate CEO, he would have been replaced last year.

    • It is what it is!!

      The Big 12 is tough and they need more time to catch up.

      If this years Mountaineer Football team were still in the Big Easy, no wait they folded, I mean the "American Conference" the EErs would have been at least 8-4 or 9-3 going to a bowl but this is the Big 12, like it or not that's how it is.

      WVU cannot leave the Big 12 so all you can do is wait it out. It is a BIG step from the Big Easy to the Big 12.

      All this talk about Dana sucks, I wonder what the folks in Fort Worth think of their "Hall of Fame" coach Gary Patterson.....In the 11 years at TCU he produced 7 double digit victory seasons and several BCS wins and what is his record after two seasons in the Big 12....

      11-14 exactly the same as Dana Holgorsen, in fact the records are identical as TCU went 7-6 last season with a bowl loss and 4-8 this season.

      It should have been a much easier adjustment for TCU already being in Texas with limited travel issues and a "Hall of Fame" coach at the Helm but they are also struggling.

      However if you go to the TCU message boards you will not see the bitter disrespectfull comments about gary patterson or the TCU football team. Maybe they have more class in Fort Worth

  • Toadman

    You can argue about recruiting all you want but the results speak for themselves. Marshall beat Maryland in a Bowl Game yesterday by 10 points? ( Maryland beat us by 37 points. ) You don't have to have many brains to figure out that Doc is a much better recruiter than Holgerson will ever be at the Div.1 level. Next season will bear that out in a glaring way. Starting with Alabama, Towson State University (Plays on Jan. 4 for the FCS Championship) Don't under estimate Towson. They are returning most of their current players and they are coached very well. Then we go up against Maryland again. There is a very good chance we will be 0-3 next fall before we even get into the Big 12 schedule. The way things look we could find ourselves going 2-10 next year or worse. Not a pretty picture.
    We better start recruiting someone who can coach and recruit. Otherwise, it's going to take 5-7 years to rebuild our football program.

    • Big Larry

      Once you fall into the Abyss, it takes years to pull yourself back out.

      Sorry, but there is no cause for any optimism whatsoever. And that is not being negative nor does it make me any less of a fan. It’s just stating cold hard facts…

      The team will once again be starting all over. They couldn’t beat WV Tech right now. It is what it is. If you think otherwise you are just setting yourself up for a letdown later.

      This year, WVU’s defense was the football equivalent of not being able to walk and chew gum at the same time. It was incongruous against Big 12 competition and this year’s offense was even even worse. Wishing the team future success on my part will not make them a better team.

      Those Holgorsen & Luck sympathizers living in denial will never see the reality. They prefer to live in a make-believe world where they think everything is "Sunshine and Roses".

      Do you remember the feeling you had at the Kansas & Iowa State beat down? Well get ready for more of the same and welcome once again to the Big 12.

      And yes, “incongruous” is a word…

      • Big Larry is so Small

        We all wish you would do us a favor and "Fall into the Abyss" and NEVER pull you drunk Huntington behind back out of it.

        Just a thought that I know so many on this board would agree with.

      • madhatter

        no matter how bad it gets, we can always depend on an easy win over marsha

    • madhatter


  • tw eagle

    Glad to hear Dillon is doing well . . . I expect Dillon & Worley to be at the corners when
    fall football starts . . . learning to finish is more mental than physical . . . it is a "learned"
    condition that must be reprogrammed to succeed . . . too many years in a 2nd rate conference left too many bad mental habits that haven't yet been broken . . . you could still win in the big easy while "sleep walking" through games . . . it ain't gonna happen in the XII . . .

    these coaches can recruit , they are starting to get kids who can play right away ,
    not needing the year or two to acclimate physically and/or mentally to a faster , harder game of football . . . BUT , can they hone the desire to play and the mental toughness of these kids to see the plays/game through to the end ? hopefully a winning conclusion for WVU . . .

    Let's Gooo Mountaineeerrrsss ! ! !

  • madhatter

    right now wvu per rivals is ranked 41st in recruiting, scout has us 45 th,,,,

    this places sixth in the big 12, this isn't going to get us out of the cellar.

    one thing about Doc Holiday, he knows how to evaluate high school talent, and bill stewart listened,, wasn't a big stewart fan, but they out recruited dana hands down.
    we now have improved facilities, and we still aren't recruiting,,, something is bad wrong with our fb program,,, we have the best assistants that we have ever dana,, what's the problem...

    • JimJim

      Bad recruiting, then add bad coaching, wow, it's going to be ugly!

    • tw eagle

      if WVU , built a 75/100K enclosed stadium , lured Nick Saban to Morgantown to be head coach , WVU still wouldn't get recruiting classes ranked higher than 25th. . . we're a solid ,dyed in the wool backwoods school . . .
      the kids who get the big numbers out of HS aren't going to head to WVU , they'll jump at the chance at the "big time" and all the related glitz . . . they'll head for the larger, richer alumni base that will " help " them if fail to make a living in football . . . sorry madhatter , those living outside the great state of West " by God" Virginia aren't going to point to WVU for a destination for athletic successes . . .

    • Grant

      You are completely wrong. Bill's recruiting is why we are where we are. Yes, he got us Geno, Tavon, and Stedman, but it was pretty thin after that. We had under 70 scholarship players when Dana took over. You don't recover from two bad classes quickly.

      • madhatter

        yes, i will certainly agree with you on that, but Doc knew what he was doing, and knew talent when he saw it.
        Bill had a destorted way of looking at creating depth , in actuality , he didn't/
        But it was Doc's people who won that Orange Bowl, and it was RR's people who won the fiesta bowl...I never thought stew was much of a coach, but he knew to hire Doc, and that was smart.

        • Greg

          Actually word has always been that Doc was hired as a contingency plan for Stew. He was promised the HC position but obviously never got it. Why else would he have left the gig he had? That's why hes at Marshall today and I'm glad to see he's having success. Oops, sorry I brought facts and logic to this site....

  • madhatter

    HOPE Things work out for this young man,, Lord knows this team needs help in the worst way.
    recruiting seems to being going ok, certainly not a top 25 class , seems we're failing in almost every avenue.
    Dana is a misfit for WVU but we can't afford to buyout, i see him here for two more seasons regardless of how the team performs.
    he's setting the bar real low so he should be able to show some improvement; but it's like the def. what's the difference in finishing 119th and 102nd, we're still very terrible,, just about no improvement, and special teams continues to be a joke though we have holgie's $500,000 buddy steering the ship,, and i think we certainly need to look long and hard about the qb coach.

    • Joe

      Saw him out and about recently putting some back like didn't have a care in the world. Disgusting.

      • Greg

        So you were out and about doing the same? What gives you the right and not him? You're better than him? That hypocritical attitude is truly disgusting.

      • SamWvu304

        Who's that Joe?.. proof of this? or hear say it is. Anyone shld be able to kick back every now and then and not have a care in the world or at least act like they don't. EHHHH??Lets go Mountaineers get this thing rollin right over the Tide!!!!!

    • Ole Sasquatch

      I agree. However, so much starts with the offensive line and their coach, who is probably a good guy, but when he is interviewed he needs to come out and accept - at least part of the blame. Has anybody ever heard him accept any blame? If I hear him accept any blame - I am willing to lay off.
      Say what you will about Holgorsen but he does take blame - which means it will grind on him and it should - thanks to us he's a multi-millionaire but looks like he is willing to accept responsibility.
      I believe Skylar Howard will be the difference maker. Seeing his determination to win and his ability to move with such outstanding coordination will take pressure off the offensive line, which is so very inconsistent.

      • madhatter

        i must have missed it, i have almost never heard dana take the credit for our terrible inferior play but off. and def, and spec teams.

        maybe once, but he turned trickett lose way before he was ready, and trickett at times appeard brain dead ,, he simply had no idea how to change a play or recognize defenses... Trickettt was be ok in div 2 or 3 , but isn't physically or mentally equipped for big time fb.

  • Guardian

    Great news about Dillon - my family had been praying for him. Diabetes is serious and not to be taken lightly.

  • Big Larry is So Small

    Where is Big Larry?????????

    You would think the "Huntington Retard" would be taking cheap shots at this kids mdical issues??

    Maybe he didn't make bail again

    • Big Larry

      Where is Big Larry?

      He was watching Marshall defeat Maryland 31-20.

      Wait! Didn't WVU play Maryland? Why I believe they did...I remember them getting beat 37-0 in a game they were supposed to win.

      Oh, one more thing...I never take cheap shots at players...only AD's and coaches...

      • Greg

        Little Larry, just as a reminder WVU played and won its first bowl game around 100 years ago. Since then they've played in 3 Sugar Bowls, 2 Fiesta Bowls, 1 Orange Bowl, can't remember how many Gator and Peach Bowls among countless others. Three of these were BCS game wins. And don't forget WVU played for two DIVISION -1A National Championships in '88 and '93. Kinda hard to get excited about Pizza and Military bowls or 1-AA playoffs.

        Didn't Md have something like 9 starters out for the bowl game by the way? Come back on here and brag when Moo's actually won something. You guys are just a poor man's version of VPI. Never won a game that mattered but think you're among college football elite.

        • Big Larry

          No you are wrong...

          Maryland only had 2 starters who actually played...

          They ended up having to suit up 2 managers, a water boy and 1 cheerleader just to have enough players to compete...

          Marshall decided to forfeit the game as a result....

          • Hesa Duffuss

            Alice Lloyd College....Nothing more need be said

      • madhatter

        wvu needs to schedule marsha 3 times a yr in football and 10 times a yr in BB to pad our victories... once every 20 yrs they think they have a good time, and then they want to play us, and we as usual , destroy our little brothers... 12-0

        • JimJim

          WVU doesn't play Ohio State.. to bad, I'm sure they would win. Keep looking down.

      • Big Larry is So Small

        All Time Record head to head

        WVU victories - 12
        Marshall Wins - 0

        Get used to seeing this every time you make these stupid comments...

        • Big Larry

          That was then...

          This is now....

          Marshall 31 Maryland 20

          Maryland 37 WVU o

          • Big Larry is so Small

            Big Larry is sooooo small

            All Time Record head to head

            WVU victories - 12
            Marshall Wins - 0

            No wins. no hope, no class, no conference usa title even though it was gift wrapped for them

            Get used to seeing this every time you make these stupid comments...