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William & Mary guard Marcus Thornton leads the Tribe in scoring at 19.3 points per game.


MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Returning his team to the Charleston Civic Center for the second time in 15 days, West Virginia coach Bob Huggins said he anticipates a better crowd than the Mountaineers would otherwise draw on campus during the holiday recess.

“I don’t like playing in front of places when there’s nobody there,” Huggins said in preparation for WVU’s matchup against William & Mary on Sunday.

West Virginia has played before small crowds at the WVU Coliseum when hosting recent mid-major opponents Duquesne (6,038), Georgia Southern (4,814) Presbyterian (5,067) and Loyola (4,692). Even matchups against high-profile teams like Gonzaga (9,350) and Purdue (10,019) have failed to approach capacity.

Huggins expects a decent draw in Charleston even though the 12,337-seat civic center seats about 1,700 fewer than the WVU Coliseum.

“Historically they have shown up for the games there (in Charleston),” he said.

After facing William & Mary, WVU begins Big 12 play with a two-game swing through TCU (Jan. 4) and Texas Tech (Jan. 6). The Mountaineers won’t play in Morgantown again until Oklahoma State visits Jan. 11.

Tipoff: Sunday 3 p.m. at Charleston Civic Center (Root Sports TV)
Records: The Tribe (6-4) has won five of its last six games, including a 72-62 win at Rutgers.  They’re 0-2 against top-150 teams, having lost to Wichita State (79-62) and Richmond (71-60). … West Virginia (7-5) is seven days removed from a 73-70 loss to Purdue.
RPIs: William & Mary is No. 226 and WVU is No. 130.
Coach: Tony Shaver is 122-193 in 11 seasons at William & Mary. He previously spent 17 seasons at Division III Hampden-Sydney compiling a record of 358-121.
Top players: Junior guard Marcus Thornton (19.3 points per game) is a former Gatorade player of the year in Maryland. Forward Tim Rusthoven (13.1 ppg), a 6-foot-9 senior who led the Colonial Athletic Association in field-goal percentage last season (.560), is shooting .581 this season.
WVU roster notes: Eron Harris (19 ppg), Juwan Staten (16.4 ppg), Terry Henderson (10.2 ppg) and Devin Williams (10.1 ppg) lead the Mountaineers in scoring, while Williams (7.9 rpg) and Staten (5.9 rpg) are tops in rebounding. …  Remi Dibo made his first start of the season in the loss to Purdue only to go scoreless on 0-for-2 shooting.
Line: West Virginia favored by 9.
Prediction: West Virginia 79-71
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  • Woodchuck

    WVU women won today too if anyone is interested.

    • jwg66

      I am. Also thinking about starting to follow women's soccer. Need to root for a team that knows how to win.

  • madhatter

    don't know just how much we can learn by playing w and m, they certainly were over matched, but we've beaten nobodies like marsha and the like before and then play someone pretty fair, and we fall flat on our faces..
    we got 8 wins,, i think we get maybe 7 more wins, definitely won't to .500 but we may be a win or two better than last yr.
    huggins is laughing his rear off at wv and wvu and all the way to the bank

  • Big Larry


    • Hesa Dufuss

      Alice Lloyd College!!!!!!! Nothing more need be said

  • Jack

    I watched the bowl game between North Carolina and Cincinnati yesterday and NC had this Switzer kid that reminded me of Tavon Austin. He was super fast and fearless. The tv announcers kept saying he was from Charleston, WV and played for George Washington High. How did WVU and Marshall overlook this talented young man.

    • Aaron

      He chose the University of North Carolina for academic reasons.

    • Hesa Duffus

      Especially since Doc Holiday is of course the "greatest Recruiter in College Football History" according to Big Larry and the other Huntington slappies

      • Big Larry

        ZZZZzz....wait.....did somebody say something....zzzzzz

        • Hesa Dufuss

          Alice Lioyd College....Nothing more be said

  • Chuck Farley

    It takes some balls to call folks out for attendance when you have sucked for 2 years. He's either in denial about his own role in our decline or Ollie has told him he won't be able to feed him unless the situation improves.

  • madhatter

    the small crowds is a direct reflection of what huggins has and is doing to wvu bb... i am ashamed of how our athletic programs aka mens' bb, and fb, have tumbled so far
    the big east was no pushover, how did we fall from those beilein teams to huggin's teams who have a hard time just bringing the ball down court.
    Our best scorer acts like some 14 yr old sometimes and dibo has disappeared.
    I am just totally disappointed with Luck and these crazy contracts he has given to huggins and holgie,,Meaning , these two know they have it made , and show little interest in improving,,,, this ain't the american way,,,they have little incentive ,no motivation and they act as if they have no pride in wvu and wv...
    where is don nielen when you need him,,,

  • JHT

    Note to coach....Start finishing games and "they" will come.

    • jwg66

      I agree. It is past time to play focused for an entire game and beat some good teams. Especially on our home court.

      When Belein's first recruits became Soph's, they stopped turning the ball over, began hitting 3's and began winning. Also, his transfer players (Mike Gansey for example) came with out issues.

      It is frustrating to endure the recruiting failures, subsequent attrition and the L's that have resulted. Recruiting is their responsibility. Our coaches would most likely have been let go at most schools after last year's disaster. But with the contract extensions/buy out clauses, we really could not afford to do it. I think BB is possibly a year away from being a top team. FB is unfortunately suffering as well and who knows how long that will take to fix.

  • kim


    • Hesa Dufuss

      Let's guess how this will play out.

      If WVU beats William & Mary by 5-10 points the Huntington retards will come on and say.
      "Thats the best they could do against W&M"

      If the Mountaineers win by 55 they will say "What do you expect, anyone should bea W&M by 75-90 points"

      All the while the Mountaineer fans are supposed to be impressed by a Herd victory over Alice Lloyd college

    • Just passing through

      I guess maybe I missed a new rule, always in the past it only took one point to win a game not nine ..A win is a win the way I understand it ...One point or one hundred .

      • Hesa Duffus

        Just Passing Through

        You have to understand that kim is another of these Huntington retards who is still excited over the Herds big basketball victory over Alice Lloyd a week or so ago.

        Thats right, Alice Lloyd, the little college in Kentucky not the woman on "Real Housewives of Atlanta"!!

        These Huntington retards are ALWAYS worth a laugh

        • pc

          Yeah, just like a Neer retard to use an article on the WVU-William & Mary basketball game to rag on Doc Holliday and Marshall. Real bright, retard!!

        • WV Proud

          Retard or no retard at least one team from West Virginia could take care of Maryland. You know Maryland that D1 team that kicked the crap out of WVU.

          • Greg

            So instead of celebrating Moo's first ever win over a BCS conference team it's more important to celebrate the fact that it was over a team that beat big brother for the first time in 10 years this year? How sad it must be to be a Moo fan.

          • Pudge

            You realize you automatically lose the argument when you have to go off topic to try to win, right?

          • Joe

            Oh, snap!

  • Wirerowe

    "Historically they have shown up". Coach it is "we" who show up not they. The world does not begin and end in Morgantown. I have a couple of degrees from WVU but have no sense that WVU ever gets out of the Morgantown bubble except when they send their myriad of lobbyists to Charleston and Washington.