VIVIAN, W.Va. — Norfolk Southern has reopened both rail lines near Kimball. One was cleared for rail traffic early Saturday afternoon. The other reopened around 10:30 Saturday night following Friday morning’s derailment of 16 cars. The derailment destroyed several hundred feet of track.

Chapman added Norfolk Southern environmental crews working with local HazMat teams were able to contain the liquid asphalt that spilled into Elkhorn Creek. He said all of the spill was contained in the boons placed in the creek. Experts were still trying to decide how best to remove the material from the water.

All of the wrecked cars had been removed from the track area by Saturday afternoon. An investigation into what caused the derailment continues.


VIVIAN, W.Va. — Norfolk Southern Railroad hopes to have a damaged section of track in McDowell County repaired and re-opened by Saturday afternoon following a Friday morning derailment.

Norfolk Southern spokesman Robin Chapman told MetroNews the target for re-opening is 3 p.m. Saturday.

“Some of the track was damaged by the derailment itself, so that will have to be repaired,” Chapman said.

Sixteen of the 111-car train jumped the tracks at about 8:29 a.m. a few miles from Kimball. An investigation was underway into what caused the derailment.

“It’s what we call a mixed-freight (train), a variety of commodities,” said Chapman, noting the train was headed from Bellevue, Ohio, to Linwood, N.C.

There were no injuries reported.

Some of the cars were chemical tankers. One of the tankers ruptured and spilled liquid asphalt into Elkhorn Creek. Boons were used Friday to contain the spill. A state haz-mat team and volunteer fire crews from Kimball and Welch were on the scene Friday.

Chapman said Norfolk Southern also had several teams there.

“We have two environmental companies on site helping us deal with any environmental issues that we have to deal with and we have contractors on site to help us with the cleanup,” Chapman said.

The derailment blocked two crossings heading into the communities of Bullpen and Vivian Bottom. U.S. Route 52 was not blocked.

Chapman said a 700-foot section of the track would have to be repaired before the line could re-open.

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    Aren't the devices that control spills in waterways called "booms?" Not quibbling. Good article overall.

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    Wow..... Had this been a coal train then the environuts would be out in full force on here!

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      Because liquid asphalt is so much better in the water supply....