CHARLESTON, W.Va. – One member of the West Virginia House of Delegates will try for a fourth time to get the Legislature to legalize medical marijuana.

Taylor County Democrat Mike Manypenny was the sole sponsor of a bill legalizing the drug for medicinal purposes for two session. Last year he had a few lawmakers on his side. He said he’s heading into the 2014 Legislative session with 18-20 other delegates ready to sign on to the bill.

Manypenny wants to open the dialog.

“There’s been studies all over the world. One of the most recent ones came from the University of Madrid, in Spain, which actually shows there’s promise for using cannabis, which has the potential for killing cancer cells,” according to the delegate.

Twenty states and the District of Columbia already allow marijuana use for medicinal purposes. Manypenny said it’s time for West Virginia to follow suit.

“We do need to do a lot more research,” said Manypenny. “But in the meantime, there are a lot of people out there that are suffering with a lot of different diseases that I believe could be treated with this rather than using a pharmaceutical that has 20 different side effects.”

Opponents of the bill say legalizing medical marijuana will open the door to potentially deadly consequences including more addiction, overdoses and child endangerment. Law enforcement and several children’s advocacy groups across the state have already come out against the legalization of marijuana.

Manypenny stressed West Virginians have been using medicinal plants for hundreds of years to help those in pain.

“A lot of people still utilize roots and herbs for medicine across the state and a lot of them are very effective.”

Manypenny said golden seal, yellow root and gin sing are just a few examples.

However, even he isn’t convinced that the leadership of the House will give a legalized medical marijuana bill a chance this session.

“I’m hopeful but I don’t know, this being an election year,” he explained.

The 2014 Legislative session kicks off January 8.

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  • Joe

    I could care less either way.....what I would like to know is when any state delegate or senate member will propose right to work and/or prevailing wage reform legislation.

    • wvu999

      Right to work aka right to make min wage. Rich get richer.

      • Ray

        Right to work aka right to work without having to pay a union for that right. Union fatcats are rich on the backs of the working man.

      • Bondo

        Right to work aka 'keep your hard earned money and don't give it to organizations that do nothing for you.'

    • Magic Mike

      They tried right to work let the people vote on it and it failed. As far as dope legalize it all and tax the heck out of it. If they let people grow their own than make them buy a permit yearly.

      • JustinHale

        Why should I have to get permission from the government to grow that which god gives?? In my state I can brew up to 50 gallons of beer without any permit/license why should a non toxic herb be treated any differently??

        • Uncle SAM

          What GOD gave? You're funny. God has nothing to decide of what my people can have. I am Uncle SAM and I told God to "LET MY PEIOPLE GO" and my people rejected him and now they are mine. And my people will render unto Uncle SAM that which is Uncle SAMS.. Give me all your MONEY and I will let you live long and prosper.

          • Darick Smith

            No You're funny I do not belong to anyone person. And further more God has been around a lot longer than Uncle Sam. Uncle Sam is your claim do not put him off on me.

          • K C

            Dude your crazy.

      • Joe

        Mike....what year did the vote happen? Thanks.


        • Larry

          Yeah, I don't recall that vote either.

  • Aaron

    West Virginia does not need to follow the progress of 20 otger states in legalizing this product for medical purposes, we need to follow the lead of Washington and Colorado in legalizing marijuana.

    Study after study after study have proven time and again that the arguments against legalization, including those on this page are based on ignorance and largely incorrect.

    My favorite fallacy is the opposition by law enforcement. A significant percentage of prisoners incarcerated are for marijuana related activities.

    Despite what the law-enforcement community would have us believe, opposition to legalization is based solely on employment opportunities and nothing more.

    We can reduce spending and increase revenue, a double edged resolution to our budget woes simply by legalizing marijuana.

    If you remove money spent prisoners, prison guards and law enforcement officials who investigate what far too often are victimless crimes, the result is millions added to the states bottom-line.

    • John

      Legalize it! Not only does it help people in many ways it also can be taxed and make a great improvement in our economy! Studies have shown time and time again it has benefits! People that are against it need to do their research! By the way it is basically impossible to overdose on. If alcohol and tobacco is legal which millions die every year from why can marijuana which there has NEVER be a recorded death from! Please pass this bill!

    • The Artful Skeptic

      Please post the studies you reference to include in what peer reviewed journal they were published in. Thank you.

      • Conchop

        Do yourself a favor and go look it up for yourself. Don't rely on others to do your work for you. There's a lot of information out there.

      • Stephen Daniel

        We get tired of showing referenced studies that cannabis kills cancer cells and treats all disease symptoms. Cannabis is the most studied plant in the history of the world. Our government has been studying cannabis for 7 decades looking for a smoking gun in order to justify it being placed in schedule I. there is no smoking gun. Cannabis is safer than most FDA approved drugs because it has not caused a single death in 6,000 years. I have been showing studies referenced on the internet in comments for 5 years now. I am sick and tired of all the people that want me to educate them when they do not believe anyway. Go google it. If you don't like to use google go to the government website Gosh I am tired of lazy people!

        • Uncle SAM

          Radiation kills cancer cells as well, would you like a big dose of that as well?

          • Ronin

            According to history, we don't get to ask if we can have some radiation... you've been dropping it in the ocean and on civilian cities for quite a while.

            Your bible says a number of things, since it has been aditted from the beginning by a series of male-dominated political and religious tyrants and their followers to support whatever they needed at the moment, They disguised this behind the "Changing anything here is a sin and I will destroy you." line, when we all know KinF James did okay for himself after adding that whole "suffer a witch to live" bit. I suppose we need to get busy about stoning those women preachers like Kay Arthur and the talking heads like Nancy Grace, all the women who have left or been left by their husbands, as well as any of the husbands that remarried and their current wives.

            Skeptical Artist, YOUR Presidents have commissioned studies that have been suppressed since Nixon... go find them yourself. Anyone who truly cares ought to find out what they paid for and admit the results of those studies. Anyone else is just looking for a debate and or a dogfight.

            Congress needs to make this plant and its cousin hemp legal, or we need to vote them out along with that lame duck in the white House. We then need to stop electing good ol' boys from Texas or Arkansas who are really multi-millionaires in the pocket of Super PACs. Complete transparency of campaign donations would help, but that is yet another fight to distract us from the immediate need to enact legislation to help both our sick citizens and economy, to save small businesses, communities and our farms, and to remove non-violent cannabis users from prison and jail, commuting and expunging their sentences immediately. Medical users should have a permit to grow up to 12 plants and possess up to 5 pounds of product above 75% moisture levels and 1 pound below 15% (dried plant matter), an agreement that states that they will not distribute, while growers and distributors of recreational cannabis should be inspected pay permit fees and taxes commensurate with liquor and tobacco and submit to inspection for certification as organic, just like food farmers.

      • Aaron

        I couldn't resist Art. Even though I know you're mind is made up and I know you're trying to tripe me up, I wanted to post the one interview with a noted Harvard Economist who talks about the financial impact on the US so that others can see the truth. My favorite part from the interview.

        "If it legalized drugs, the United States could save $85 billion to $90 billion per year. Roughly half that is spent on the current drugs policy and half that is lost in taxes that the state could have levied on legal drugs."

        After reading that, google "peer reviewed marijuana study" and take your pick from the thousands of studies that are immediately available.

        After that, try researching Portugal and the effect of decriminalization has had on that country.

        For those willing to do just a little research, they will find that my initial comments are spot on.

        • Jason412

          Portugal is not a great example of marijuana decriminalization because every drug is decriminalized, not just marijuana.

          • Aaron

            Consider this in your reply Jason.


          • Aaron

            I'm not sure what your post is meant to prove Jason. Are you saying that we cannot save money in the US if we decriminalize drug use and possession as other countries have?

            Given that we spend $50 billion annually fighting the war on drugs and estimates put taxation on drugs were the legalized and taxed at another $50 billion, how could we not save money?

            The federal government has spent over $1 trillion since Richard Nixon declared the war on drugs in 1971. Since then, has drug use declined? Would you say we are winning the war on drugs?

            You claim that drugs would increase in purity thus becoming more addictive thus crimes would increase yet in every case where drugs have been legalized, drug use and crime are actually reduced. It seems the facts don't jive with what you're saying.

            I read your government (there not biased, are they) facts regarding drug use but it doesn't back your claims. If anything, that along with the article regarding Portugal counters your claims. According to the article you cited, the Portuguese drug commission found that decriminalization has not made the problem worse.

            Clearly, our war on drugs is a failure. Why continue it?

          • JustinHale

            Jason412,I don't know anyone desperate enough to buy Mexican weed but someone must be,always seems to be stories about the border patrol busting a load.
            California does not have legal MJ.
            The state of Colorado starts selling tomorrow,Washington supposed to be in June I think,I will wait and see what their price is,whatever it is the BM can undercut it.

          • Jason412


            http:/ /w w

            http:// w w

          • Jason412

            Aaron - Portugal is a completely different animal then America. The ENTIRE population of Portugal is barely bigger then NYC. We have the #1 Heroin, Cocaine, and Meth market in the world in America. Portugal never had that.

            The drug problem in Portugal didn't even start until 1974, after the military rule was over. Obviously that would make it far less embedded in their culture.

            Portugal: "100,000. This is the number of severely drug-addicted people in Portugal at the height of the epidemic, in the mid-1990s."

            America:" Illicit drug use in America has been increasing. In 2011, an estimated 22.5 million Americans aged 12 or older—or 8.7 percent of the population—had used an illicit drug"
            I can't find a number of actual addicts, but bets its in the millions.

            Portugal didn't have half, even a quarter, of the problems we currently have before they decriminalized it. It's a lot easier to make a change when it's not embedded in the fabric of a culture.

          • Jason412

            JustinHale - No one I've ever met in my life would buy brown Mexican marijuana over high grade sensimelia if given the option of both, regardless of the price.

            California's prices are on par with the blackmarket. So please explain what "overpriced, overtaxed" marijuana you're talking about.

            If you can pay $60 at a store, or $60 in the hood for the same amount of marijuana, most will go with the store.

          • JustinHale

            Jason,you don't know what the hell you're talking about. How is Overtaxed,overpriced "legal" MJ going to compete with the Black Market ??The state must underprice the BM if they want to eliminate them,and they have already said that they have to keep the price high to discourage "re-selling"..

          • Aaron

            We should note that you're expressing your opinion and the facts do not back that opinion up. In every instance, including Portugal, where users are no longer sentenced to jail time, both crime and drug use are actually lower over time.

            It seems the ONLY way to win the war on drugs is to stop the war.

            Who would have thunk it!!!

          • Jason412

            Man I'm all for people being able to put whatever they want into their body. But that is a terrible idea.

            I used to have the same outlook as you, then I moved to inner city where there's more crackheads in the street then pigeons.

            The war on drugs is a bad idea, a waste of money, and a waste of time(as in it hasn't stopped anyone from getting high). But legalizing all drugs is certainly not the answer. Not that more people would be using them, but the people who already are using would suddenly have drugs 5, 10, 20x the purity they are used to and the would be a detriment to society.

            For example, legalized coke would still be expensive, still be addictive, and people would still blow every penny they had on it.

            The difference being when they run out of drugs and money they will be coming down off extremely pure(read more addictive) drugs, and always know that as long as they can get the money the drugs are waiting at their local store. Burglaries would skyrocket.

            Gang violence, overdoses, stuff like that may go down. But you have to look at the big picture.

            Speaking of gang violence, going back to the marijuana, I'm surprised no one has mentioned that cheap low grade marijuana is the mexican cartels #1 cash crop. Legalized marijuana would completely crush that source of revenue for cartels, as there would be no need for low grade Marijuana in the American marketplace. Taking a huge source of their revenue will put a huge dent in their ability to buy firearms, pay off the Mexican Law Enforcement/Army, and many other things.

          • Aaron

            You are correct so perhaps we should look at enacting laws to decriminalize all drugs.

            Imagine what we could with all the money we waste on the failed war on drugs.

      • Aaron

        Why? You have your mind made up. The information is out there for anyone willing to search with an open mind.

      • Miles

        It is about losing their funding.

  • Don

    Pot cures cancer........hadn't heard that one before.

    • Jason412

      We give people Fentanyl to help with Cancer. Fentanyl, a synthetic drug, 80 TIMES stronger then heroin.

      Most of the time a rash of overdoses hit a city, it's because the heroin was cut with Fentanyl. Type Fentanyl 2006 overdose in google and see how hard it hit the whole east coast.

      So why are we giving our cancer patients something that kills seasoned heroin addicts, but telling them they can't smoke pot?

      Would you want your doctor to say
      "Here's Fentanyl, a medicine that can easily kill you, and if you stop taking it you'll be so sick you wish you were dead"
      "Here's a marijuana prescription, smoke all you want because there is no way it can kill you, and if you stop taking it you will have to deal with some slight cravings no vomiting, diarrhea, cold sweats or other withdrawal symptoms."

      Read a newspaper and look at all the stories of "I needed pain pills for my back, but I became tolerant and my doctor wouldn't prescribe me more pills, so I hit the streets and got hooked on smack"

      No one ever says "oh this weed isn't working anymore, maybe I'll go to Baltimore and shoot some heroin" But people certainly do it with pills.

      • Stephen Daniel

        It is not about smoking pot. There are many ways to ingest cannabis. one way is with a vaporizer another is in a pill or edible. Another child died in New Jersey because Governor Christie is worried people will smoke. What a horrible person. He is worried that people in his state will smoke a non-toxic herb when peole in his state are smoking tobacco which kill over 5 million people annually world wide. What a fat hypocrite. I would not vote for him because he clearly stands for the alcohol industry, private prison industry, police unions, and Big Pharma who with the help of the lack of action by the DEA has organize an epidemic of pill poppers. We have people dying across the United States daily that could have their life saved with cannabis. Even non-psychoactive cannabis that cannot get anyone high. Shame on the prohibitionists. Shame on the prohibitionists who blame to be against drugs but are actually for big alcohol and the ovoid epidemic. People need a safer alternative. In states and countries that have legal medicinal cannabis, alcohol related crime significantly goes down. That means less drunk drivers, less rapes, less beatings, less pill poppers. Do a little research before posting ignorant gobbledygook.

        • K C

          About time somebody make since of this forum. I don't even smoke , and I' ve seen the benefits of this, but I do have family that it has helped a lot. I'm 41 and I've seen it help my father in ways I can't explain. I'll Just put it this way it gave him his life back.

    • james

      Don have you tried reading rather than skimming. It did not say it cures cancer, it merely said it has the potential for killing cancer cells. That is a far cry from saying it cures cancer.

  • Mountain Man

    Go further, start selling it in controlled quantities at retail stores just like Colorado and Washington state are doing. Stop wasting taxpayer funds on possession and misdemeanor arrests. Just do it already.

  • Joey

    As a life long conservative I fully support this bill. Medical marijuana is desperately needed by many and there isn't a single logical reason to keep it illegal. The so called "stoners" who would abuse the bill are already smoking pot. It's more available than most legal substances. The fact that in 2013 we are still trying to pretend marijuana use is evil or a "criminal issue" is really laughable.

    • Conchop

      As a lifelong liberal, ending the Cannabis Prohibition is one thing we can agree on. Its uncommon common ground.

  • JTC

    Like always WV will lag behind in a changing nation, in ten years it will happen, not before.

  • mike dineen

    WV is a perfect state to grow this great herb. what with coal mines closing up and the southern part of the state going down the drain this will be a great source of revenue

    • Gilbert Gnarley

      We could convert the abandoned mines into year-round "cannabis caverns", complete with grow lights and supplemental heating systems.

      • Ronin

        Bad idea, and one that Monsanto and a lot of others will push. We don't need to get rid of their superfund sites by letting them make millions transferring all of the toxins into medical cannabis.

        If, however, they want to pay to grow cannabis for industrial uses on that land and begin to reclaim it, let them have at it, no gov't subsidies or tax breaks.

  • cb

    Come on man, addiction, overdose ruining kids....Watched reefer madness recently? Do you know the whole video was created by someone in the timber business who was afraid that hemp paper was going to overtake paper from trees. Look it up.

    Secondly, weed "addiction" is the least of our medical concerns. Lets look at all the cracked out pillbillies running around our old coal mine towns and see what legal drugs have done to our system....Those drugs kill people.

    Studying the economics of legalized pot is amazing to, look at the money Colorado is about to pull in from taxing legal weed sales.

  • GregG

    Overdose? On weed? Really?!! Yea, let's not worry about all the Rx drug abuse that's taking over this state. That's not and issue.............because all these rich doctors and Big Pharma are making billions off it! But them damn weeds that you grow in your back yard for free is DANGEROUS. And don't worry about all the meth labs, there not a problem either.............again big business and Big Pharma makes billions of the ingredients of that also.

    • Uncle SAM

      Of ALL my Children I have created, GregG, is one of my favorites. He keeps the ignorant masses confused, befuddled and agonized with his dribbling non-sense.

      Uncle SAM went forth the and said: BEHOLD the product of my Public Education System and GregG stood up and a then band of demons joined in and it went something like this: Госудáрственный гимн Росси́йской Федерáции.

      • K C

        Dude I was just kidding about you being crazy earlier , but seriously bud you are crazy you talk like your some sort of a God or something. I will pray for you.

      • JEN

        Seriously. There is something wrong with you "UncleSam". How boring is your life that you have nothing better to do besides returning repeatedly to the same article to argue with multiple strangers? You sound like a weird sociopath. Why are you talking as if you are god? You didn't create everyone in existence. You are not the physical embodiment of the United States government. As weird as you sound, I would be truly surprised to find out that you found ONE person to procreate with you, and absolutely astonished if you had any job at all, much less a government position allotting you any managerial responsibilities. Grow up and get life. Or at least read another article instead of haunting this one.

  • David Kennedy

    Make pot legal and 'tax it to H*ll and back.
    It's our # 1 Cash Crop now...make it legal and put the bootleggers out of business.
    Every night, I watch the thermo-rigged helicopters flying over Morgantown seeking out the 'hot attics.
    Osage, Jere and Scott's Run is their main route.
    Just make pot legal and cut down on crime...that will help to clean up many communities.

    • JustinHale

      If you tax the hell out of it how do you eliminate the current supply system ? I know that in my area MJ is easy to find.If the "legal" price is more than the Black Market price why would anyone switch ?

      • The bookman

        Do you really think the legal price plus tax would exceed the current illegal price? Use your brain, or just StopinHalin so much at once!

        • JustinHale

          Bookman, I can't speak for Colorado,but here in WA.state the state is putting a 25% tax at each level of production,growing,producing,retail sales Plus whatever the state/local taxes are. Also the state is going to limit production to what they Think is 40% of the market,I don't know who they think will provide the bulk of the market, I do, the black market. The state has also said that the price of Legal MJ must be high enough to discourage reselling of the product on the black market. The dispensaries in my area sell a gram for $5-15 ,the word is that the state stores will charge $10-17 per gram. The WSLCB has recommended to the legislature that the MedMJ program be gutted,no dispensaries,no HomeGrowing, if they do that and at the same time only allow 40% of the market to be produced they are insuring a healthy black market...

          • The bookman

            May be! It's so early for both of these states to make any realistic projection of success... There will be mistakes. I don't come from this topic on the side of MJ as much as against wasteful spending and righting the hypocrisy of alcohol and tobacco. We have taxed tobacco to a point at which it's use is falling, and alcohol should be next. MJ is mostly harmless save the impairment behind the wheel and long term respiratory risks. I'll take a revenue stream and the decriminalization of a drug so that law enforcement resources can be used more wisely. If others get a medicinal benefit or recreational users gain some happiness as a result then that's a bonus. Keeping the cost down will be key and I'm sure that governments collecting the revenue know that or will quickly figure it out!

          • JustinHale

            I think we agree....

          • The bookman

            The whole purpose of legalization centers around creating a new revenue stream and to make a black market for the drug unnecessary. Pricing the drug above current levels on the illegal market would negate both of those stated goals. Now I know this Washington State, and government is controlling the rollout of this initiative, but let's give em time to figure out what we in the private sector already know about supply and demand. It is a VERY cheap crop and easily cultivated. There is plenty of room for margin and taxes in pricing it below current illegal market levels.

    • Mountain Man

      Yes, agree 100%. Legalize small quantities already. Do it!

  • The bookman

    These are not issues that make one but of difference to society one way or another. As long as it is acceptable to drink to excess, or smoke cigarettes until your lungs give up, it should be legal to use marijuana for health reasons or otherwise. Stop trying to control the lives if people who are doing you no harm. The argument that marijuana is a gateway drug to more serious drugs is a only improved by its find yourself interacting with criminals in its acquisition because it is illegal, and as a result the user may come in contact with other illicit drugs. I've never met a pot head who wanted to be a coke head.

    Pass it, so we can move on to society's real problems instead of continuing to create societal problems where there should be none!

    Disclaimer: I don't smoke pot, did in college, and inhaled just before exhaling. Not that big a deal, and didn't move on to coke, heroin, crack, or meth.

  • Fed Up

    Isn't he the cousin of the idiot in the house who wanted to ban Barbie dolls...The people of this state don't have a prayer .

  • Robert

    From East to West, from every nation of the earth, the Plant of Peace is praised and glorified for healing the sick and bringing joy to those who suffer. The greatest military-economic superpower the world has ever known is at war against marijuana, a symbol of peace. War against Peace. We have lived an Apocalypse our whole life with eyes that did not see, ears that did not hear. Armageddon by stealth. Peace will prevail. Marijuana has won the hearts and minds of humanity. Everyone will be free to get high and to know the truth. Disease and illness, as we have known it, will be no more. The whole Earth will live in peace. Whether you like it or not.

    • Uncle SAM

      Do not MOCK what seeds I plant.

    • jerry

      That was beautiful !

  • Dale

    Good grief! Are there not more important and pressing issues facing our elected officials? Attracting new businesses? Figuring out what to do about repairing our secondary roads? We still have thousands of WV residents without water and sewage! Term limits?

    • Uncle SAM

      Yes, there are; However, I want you mired in this senseless debate while I fundamentally change what many of you are too stupid to appreciate in the first place.
      Americans aren't deserving of the Nation that was created by their father's father.

      • Ronin

        Uncle Sam, this freedom was enjoyed by the Founding Fathers. How does asking for it back not qualify as taking on one of the things changing this country from what it once was?

        And if this country was founded on Freedom of religion, shouldn't rastafarians be tolerated, instead of incarcerated. I missed the part where they listed the unacceptable forms by which one could worship God... must have been that same place where you all claim that Allah is not God, instead of seeing that the children of Allah have, like 99.99999% of the Christians, turned their backs on the true faith for political reasons and to endorse and perpetuate certain prejudices and forms of oppression.

    • cb

      Good grief is right! Look at the economic boom expected in Colorado. The taxes on legal Marijuana alone would pay for repairing every road in this state, and providing plumbing. Term limits is right, it is time for WV to make major changes if we want to improve.

      There are definitely more positives to marijuana than against it. I choose not to partake in it but lets be honest if I want it illegally I can get it. However that encourages illegal activities such as smuggling from other states and violence.

      It is seriously one of the craziest laws I know to exist. It was built upon nothing but public outrage created by one video that a man had made to scare people away from hemp so that he could secure his pulp business would not be threatened by hemp paper and rope etc. Do some research and look it up.

  • Larry

    A big thanks to the fine people of Taylor Co. for electing a pothead to the senate!

    • jimmy

      Hey larry that has got to bethe single most Iignorant comment ive read on this forum yet. Are you really that dense? Get over yourself and adapt to the change. Atleast that man sees the potential of this bill. But wait I almost forgot wv has so much more to offer huh? Seriously though get over yourself.

      • Larry

        *Larry, *be the, *ignorant, *I've, *At least, *WV. You really should consider cutting back.

        • Jason412

          Don't blame the lack of grammar on this site on marijuana. West Virginia Public Schools deserve all of that credit.

          • Uncle SAM

            Not WV public schools-- MINE!!! I have created all those you can hear.

        • The president

          Larry go in your garage shut your door and start your car. Do the country a favor please. You have 0 facts/knowledge. Your a follower and your brain washed by prohibition. If marina is illegal than so should cigarettes and alcohol.

          • Larry

            You're an idiot, and you can't spell or use your and you're correctly, and marinas are perfectly legal. By the way I would never commit suicide and to quote Charlie Daniels in Uneasy Rider "I don't have even have a garage, you can call home and ask my wife".

        • David

          Larry...I think that you get his point!!! No need to point out the typos!!! Maybe you should burn one, it might calm you down, and loosen ya up some!!!

          • Larry

            No thanks, I don't do drugs. There are plenty of burnt out, zombified, mouth breathing losers out there as it is!

    • Mountain Man

      Great bill. Pass it already!

    • Jim

      Not to mention he owns a nursery.
      Somebody has to grow the Mary Jane don't ya know.

    • Oh Did Ya?

      He is in the House.

      • Larry

        Sorry, to the "house".

        • jerry

          Don't attack the messenger.

          • Larry

            hailey should be stoned.

          • hailey

            Larry is stoned ( or maybe should be)...House , Senate... why do facts matter