CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Live updates from West Virginia’s nonconference matchup against William & Mary on Sunday, which drew 8,885 to the Charleston Civic Center:

Thanks to four players in double figures, the Mountaineers (8-5) wrap up the nonleague play with a cakewalk. Terry Henderson’s 19 points led the way, followed by Nathan Adrian’s 16 and Eron Harris’ 10. Juwan Staten grabs a late board to clinch a 15-point, 10-rebound double-double. … The Tribe (6-5) gets 13 points from Tim Rusthoven and shoots just 25 percent. … West Virginia owned the boards 47-31 and went 14-of-15 from the foul line—a perfect game foiled only by a Kevin Noreen miss with 11:19 left in the game.
WEST VIRGINIA 80, WILLIAM & MARY 43 — 2:29 second half
WVU has two walk-ons in participation, with guards Chase Connor and Tyrone Hughes entering the game. Once Richard Romeo joins the fray, the Mountaineers should run some sets to get these guys looks. #BelatedChristmasGift
WEST VIRGINIA 72, WILLIAM & MARY 36 — 7:34 second half
Nathan Adrian is detonating before our very eyes, scoring 14 second-half points in the span of 10 minutes. He buried a desperation 3 on a broken set after the ball found his hands with one second left on the shot clock. (The expression on William & Mary coach Tony Shaver’s face was priceless.) Then Adrian buried a contested 3 on the next possession and the Civic Center crowd went bonkers.
WEST VIRGINIA 49, WILLIAM & MARY 27 — 15:32 second half
Thanks to Omar Prewitt’s 3, the Tribe snaps a stretch of 5:18 without a field goal (dating back to the first half). William & Mary had missed its first six shots of the second half.
WEST VIRGINIA 47, WILLIAM & MARY 24 — 16:36 second half
No letdown coming out of halftime as WVU uses a 6-0 run to extend its lead. Harris lost the ball leading the break but made amends on the next trip with a thunderous dunk off a behind-the-back assist from Staten.
Holy net swish, Batman! WVU closes the half 9-of-9 from the foul line! Other stats of note include the Mountaineers shooting 50 percent from the floor, compared to only 25 percent by the Tribe. WVU also leads 22-15 on the boards. Individually, Staten is officially on triple-double watch with nine points, five rebounds and four assists.
WEST VIRGINIA 37, WILLIAM & MARY 16 — 2:40 first half
Dibo hits another 3, this time from the left corner, and Terry Henderson buries one from the top of the key, part of West Virginia’s 10-2 run. This one has become a laugher as WVU continues its trend of trouncing mid-majors.
WEST VIRGINIA 23, WILLIAM & MARY 8 — 10:11 first half
The Mountaineers have reeled off 15 unanswered points to take control. West Virginia has put the screws to William & Mary’s Princeton-style offense.
WEST VIRGINIA 16, WILLIAM & MARY 8 — 12:13 first half
Remi Dibo, back in his sixth-man role after an ignominious one-game stint as a starter, hits his second 3-pointer to generate some emotion. As he bounded downcourt whooffing to no one in particular, Huggins screamed at the Frenchman, “Now GUARD!”
WEST VIRGINIA 13, WILLIAM & MARY 8 — 13:05 first half
Remember Juwan Staten’s where-in-the-hell-did-that-come-from dunk against Virginia Tech? Well, he just topped it—leading the break and posterizing William & Mary’s Terry Tarpey.
WILLIAM & MARY 6, WEST VIRGINIA 4 — 16:51 first half
Tribe big man Tim Rusthoven opens the game by scoring over Brandon Watkins, backing down (or over) Eron Harris and beating a low-post double-team when Devin Williams misses a steal trying to overplay.
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  • Big Larry

    I am sorry everyone but I have been ignorant for so long it bleeds through onto these posts

    Please accept my apology for this ignorance and I will try to be less ignorant in the future

  • tw eagle

    was a nice physical bash to help get warmed up for the XII schedule . . . you do realize that at least 4 Mountaineers would have fouled out in games played in Waco , Lubbock , and DFW . . .

  • Fairport

    Face it sport fans, not one player on William and Mary's team could make the third string at WVU. I am sure Huggins learned some stuff out of this game but let's not go bragging about this win!

  • Big Larry

    A good win for WVU...not a great win, but a good win...

    Hopefully it carries over into the Big 12!

    • The bookman

      Thanks the optimism...looking forward to following this team into conference play as well! Happy New Year!

  • Greg

    Good thing we had that warmup game there a couple of weeks ago to get used to the floor heh?

  • Aaron

    The problem I see in the Mountaineers is that when they play loose and with confidence, they're fine.

    When they play uptight, don't run their sets and play porous defense, they aren't a very good team.

    Today, they played with confidence and it showed. I was particularly impressed with Nathan Adrian, who shot the ball well.

    If this team continues to grow, they will be fine. Perhaps they will not do much damage this year but next year, they will be a force.

  • Hesa Dufuss

    Let's get ready for the Huntington retards

    "Is that all you could beat William & Mary by? WVU should have won by 70 points"

    By the way did you hear we beat Alice Lloyd college !!!!!

    • Big Larry

      How many times are you going to post this comment? Why would anyone from Huntington care about this game? I would guess they are still celebrating their Bowl Victory over Maryland....

      • Joe

        You are the last person who should be complaining that someone posted the same comment more than once.

        Btw-love your work.


        • Hesa Dufuss

          Well Joe, after all it is "Big Larry" and he gets offended when someone brings up something about his Herd scheduling clowns teams.

          But your right was he not the one with all these posts about the scores of the Marshall and WVU contests against the Turtles. The same crap over and over

          • JimJim

            Look, he did it again!

          • Big Larry

            Maryland 37 WVU o

            Marshall 31 Maryland 20

            Wait...did I post that already?