CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA –Former George Washington High football standout and two-time Kennedy winner Ryan Switzer put the final touches on his freshman season with North Carolina by tying the NCAA record for punt return touchdowns in a season.

Switzer, who entered the Belk Bowl against Cincinnati with four punts returned for scores on the year, took a punt back 86 yards for a touchdown to give him five overall on the season. That mark ties the NCAA record for a single-season, which was first set by Chad Owens of Hawaii in 2004.

The FBS career mark for punt return touchdowns overall is eight.

Switzer was named the Belk Bowl MVP as North Carolina defeated Cincinnati 39-17.

You can watch a MetroNews interview with Switzer prior to the bowl game here.

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  • Aaron

    Hopefully someone at Metro News will mention in their next story that young Mr. Switzer graduated with highest honors from George Washington High School and the reason he chose UNC over other schools recruiting him had more to do with academics than it did athletic.

    Perhaps then the ignorance about how WVU and/or Marshall will at the very least die down the the lowest common denominator.

    • Aaron

      The last paragraph should say "how WVU and/or Marshall missed out...

  • richard

    stop crying wow?? people can say what they want because it's true. he made a choice because wvu forced his hand by not recruiting him hard enough or early enough. it's things like this that has WVU in low gear right now and a losing program. guess it makes you feel big to tell people to stop crying.....lmao

    • wow

      my comment was for people taking shots at Ryan. I don't care where he went as long as it was where he wanted to go. Did you ever think he went to UNC for reasons other than just football (ACADEMICS). What I say doesn't make me feel big but what some people say makes them seem pretty small minded. Now if you would like I can mail you a box tissues for your eyes.

  • Freddy Jones

    Time to call in the mystery machine for a ride to Morgantown to see where all of the millions of dollars are going because thus far the investments are producing negative returns for both major men's sports.

  • Wow

    All you people stop your crying and why didn't WVU or MU GET him. He made a choice to go to UNC, get over it, he is still a great football player from Wv. Great year Ryan and I hope you have many more.

    • justin

      thanks for the info wow.. your name is so wow

  • WV man

    Chapel Hill vs. Morgantown or Huntington.

    • justin

      charleston is worse than huntington and morgantown

  • kim

    dana blew it with this player. i also heard they got in later than they should and then only gave a half way effort. they think if the player is from west virginia-they can't win with them. wellman is the exception.

    • Mburgfan

      I agree with you Kim. WVU is considered the flagship university in the state - not Marshall even thought it is a good school with and excellent program, The basketball recruiters did the same thing with Dante Grantham.

    • Hesa Duffus


      Why is Switzer not at Marshall???? Charleston is around the corner from Huntington and to here the Hers slappies talk Doc Holiday is the "Greatest recruiter in the history of College Football"

      I guess Doc Holiday BLEW IT with Ryan Switzer as well. that is unles the Herd thinks he's not good enough for them

  • blackorange

    Im a Martinsburg fan , and thats why we NEVER kicked it to Ryan. Because he could take it to the house every time he touch it. Well done Mr. Switzer , and congrats on your continued success.

  • Matt

    I am sure Dana was watching, and scratching that empty head of his. Way to represent your state kid.

    • Jason

      He will break the NCAA touchdown record before he graduates, he probably will by mid season next year. Don't want to get ahead here, but if he continues to play like this, he will be playing on Sundays. Teams will not want to punt to him next year, which has a huge impact on a game with field position, etc. when you have one player effecting how the other team game plans, that is special.

      • DH

        he will not break the record next year, teams will NOT kick it to him

  • richard

    ps......congratulations Ryan. West Virginians are proud of you!!!

  • richard

    and to think WV didn't deem him worthy enough. yea, I know they offered---after it was made clear they were doing it because the people in the state were mumbling "why". they waited way too late in the process to get involved. they should have been on him from the beginning and not let up. that's what you do to players you really want. WVU didn't do this. wtg mountaineers!

    • Charles

      He held a commitable offer. What more do you want??? More butt kissing? Some kids just want to leave. He was one. He didn't bleed gold and blue. So what. Our whole team is made up of kids that made the choice to leave their home state. He wanted out of wv. Good for him. The fact that he said he would never play college ball in wv holds no value??? He wanted out. Wvu had no chance realistically with him

      • Greg

        And the good thing about being a "student" athlete at UNC is that he'll never have to attend a class and still receive a Magna Cum Laude degree! Oh wait a minute. They got caught at that didn't they? Maybe he will have to show up for class occasionally now and then. Anyone seen Jennifer Wiley lately?

        • Jason

          You mean Heather Bresch?

    • Hesa Duffus

      I wonder where all the Huntington stooges are on this article. It's easy to say WVU missed the boat on a kid from Charleston by not offering him until too late but what about Marshall?????

      If indeed coach Holiday is a legendary recruiter that only has to talk to a kid one time to get him to go to Marshall.....Why isn't Switzer playing for the Herd right now.....Huntington is just around the corner from Charleston

      I guess coach Holiday is not quite the "Legendary recruiter" the the Herd Slappy's claim he is.

      • EMS

        He is only Legendary in south Florida!

  • Mark

    Congratulations, Ryan! You were a joy to reach at GW. ALL of us are proud of you.

  • donutfiend77

    As good of a young man as he is a football player! Congratulation Young Switzer!!!!!!!

  • Wow

    Awsome game Ryan.

  • Jason

    The kid is money.

  • BH

    This article is about a Division I college athlete. So, why is it in the high school section?

    • Jason

      Because the sports sections is divided into WVU, MU, and high school. His tie to wv sports was in high school. Where would you suggest the article be placed? I don see a general college section.

      • Mickey

        Its right where it needs to be so everybody in the state can see it.If North Carolina could see the talent why couldn't we ??? Reminds me of the Curt Warner debacle.