HUNTINGTON, W.Va.– Just days after Marshall’s 31-20 win over Maryland in the Military Bowl, Athletics Director Mike Hamrick is looking to the future and wants to make certain Head Coach Doc Holliday is a part of it. During an appearance on Metronews Talkline on Monday, Hamrick revealed he has already talked to Holliday about extending his contract.

“Our people feel, I know I do, our president does, that our football program is in great shape and we want to keep Doc Holliday here at Marshall University for a long, long time,” Hamrick said on Metronews Talkline.

Holliday signed a five-year contract when he was initially hired in 2009 worth $600,000 a year with incentives built in that could push compensation up to $700,000 a year. The incentives included $10,000 for a Conference USA East Division Championship, $20,000 for a C-USA Title and $20,000 for a bowl berth.

Holliday received a one-year contract extension following the 2011 season when The Herd finished the year 7-6 and won the Beef ‘O’ Brady’s Bowl.

“I think he’s going to be here a long time,” asserted Hamrick.

Holliday’s record at Marshall is 27-24 in four years as Marshall’s head coach, including two bowl wins and an appearance in the Conference USA Championship Game.

Hamrick would be wise to lock in Holliday for several more years as the future appears extremely bright for the Marshall football program. The Herd notched ten wins in 2013 for the first time since 2002. The offense averaged 42.1 points per game this year. That is second all-time to only the 1996 team that averaged 43.9 points per game. And that 1996 team featured Chad Pennington and Randy Moss.

The defense progressed dramatically from 2012 to 2013 thanks in large part to Holliday hiring new defensive coordinator Chuck Heater. The Herd’s scoring defense improved by 20 points per game over last year and of the top 12 tacklers on the team only defensive end Alex Bazzie has used up his eligibility.

Additionally, construction continues on the brand new indoor practice facility next door to Joan C. Edwards Stadium.

“I think Doc and I are more interested in extending it then building in the compensation after that,” said Hamrick. “I think he’s happy. He’s told me he’s happy here. I’m happy with him. Our president is happy with him.”

Holliday will address the media for a final time on Jan. 13 to wrap up the 2013 season.

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  • BleedsGreen33

    Man I laugh so hard and the idiots that tack jabs at Doc because of who we play. Those MAC teams we beat up on and the OOC schedules we had under Pruett weren't all that great either.

    I guess we need to sell ourselves out for paychecks in the OOC and have 1-4 records in the OOC schedule so you geniuses can sleep better at night.

    And saying that Doc gets outcoached more often than not is beyond stupid when the man went 10-4.

    We have the best QB we have had in 11 years. We just had the best season we have had in 11 years. We won our division for the first time since being in CUSA and since 2002. We just had one of the biggest bowl wins in the history of our program. Sure Maryland wasn't the greatest team but it was Marshall's first bowl win over a power conference school.

    • Jason


  • Rick

    Doc is doing a great job at Marshall. The team played well in most games. The defense struggled for consistancy all season. They won ten games which is good in any situation you find yourself in. Conference USA is not the SEC and never will be. Marshall is no Alabama and never will be but they represented the State well this year with the win against Maryland. I have been with them since I was a freshman at MU in 1970. Win or lose I will always be a MU fan. I hope Doc remains there for many years and continues his successful rebuilding.

  • Steve

    Seriously??? Everybody is on the 10 win season bandwagon??? Who did we beat worth a crap? Look at who we lost too and tje close games and come from behind games of cake teams...Doc is not a strategist that continually gets out coached, it shouldnt have beenbthat hard to get ten wins with a cake schedule....quit the chest pumping about beating such low tiered teams..Doc is not a head coach!! But tjen again Hamrick is not an AD!!! Why dont we give Herrion an extension for his expertise on the BB court too

    • Jason

      They beat teams on their schedule.

  • Steve

    Seriously??? Everybody is on the 10 win season bandwagon??? Who did we beat worth a crap? Look at who we lost too and tje close games and come from behind games of cake teams...Doc is not a strategist that continually gets out coached,

  • jj

    january 2000 mu #10 coaches poll

    Ranking Team
    1 Florida St.
    2 Nebraska
    3 Virginia Tech
    4 Wisconsin
    5 Michigan
    6 Kansas St
    7 Michigan St
    8 Alabama
    9 Tennessee
    10 Marshall
    11 Penn St
    12 Mississippi St
    13 Southern Miss
    14 Florida
    15 Miami (FL)
    16 Georgia
    17 Minnesota
    18 Oregon
    19 Arkansas
    20 Texas A&M
    21 Georgia Tech
    22 Mississippi
    23 Texas
    24 Stanford

    • Hailey

      13 yrs ago I was in my 20's those days were long ago , but atleast we have our distant memories

  • justme

    Playing in Conf. USA the Herd could be 12 - 0 and would not be ranked in the top 8 or so. Again not trying to disrespect if you dont play in one of the top 3 or 4 conferences you get no respect. Also I beleve Doc is a good coach, but think back a few weeks ago MU was manhandled by Rice.

    • Magic Mike

      Give them time. If they continually do well in CUSA another conference will pick them up.

  • Larry

    With all the players they have coming back, Marshall should win the national championship next year.

    • wvfreys

      are you as dumb as you sound on this site?
      Really ? Marshall will never in in the top 10 -ever!!!!
      They are in a weak conference that gets zero respect.

      • Larry

        Sarcasm, ever heard of it, and no I'm not that dumb, in fact I'm much smarter than you could ever hope to be!

        • Jason

          You two should get a room and not waste time in this site.

        • I'm honest at least

          Uhhhh no.....

  • Independent View

    Doc Holliday getting an NFL coaching job is about as likely as the WV Legislature converting to a Republican majority!
    And, to those that are having Doc's baby, please keep things in the proper perspective. 1st he's a decent C-USA coach and a good recruiter. End of story! Doc as a D-I Coach at a major football power school, nooo. Even WVU is out of the question. 2nd, Even with WVU football down, Doc could not beat WVU and as a matter of fact Marshall has NEVER beaten WVU. 3rd, Doc needs to stay at Marshall because it's a good fit for him and Marshall because he wins some games and he's a local boy. Boosters love that aspect.
    So, congrats to Marshall and Doc. Get all of the $$$ you can Doc and stay at Marshall.

    • Marcus

      Yeah, I just know Doc wouldn't succeed at a D1 school by the likes of say Florida! By the way Florida is probably going to come calling very soon!! I'm not a Marshall fan, but I commend you Doc on a very productive season. The way you recruit the South East especially Florida you would by no means be able to succeed at a D1 school. I mean look at the players you have put in the Pro's !! You are a West Virginia guy and have proven yourself!!

      • Magic Mike

        Isn't Marshall a D 1 school? Yes yes they are.

        • Marcus

          It's sarcasm read between the lines. If you can?

    • Interesting123

      Comparing the results of his first few years while he was building the team to this years is ridiculous. Both WVU and Marshall are entirely different teams today than they were last year or the year before that. For that matter, much of the coaching staffs are different. Taking a team from a decade low and rebuilding it is a process that takes time. Something WVU will learn after the current staff is fired.

  • Aaron

    Chump change. If another program wants Doc, he's gone like a freight train...

    • wvfreys

      Assistant coaches make more than Doc at major programs

      • Jason

        FYI. It isn't always about the money.

  • justin

    doc will probably get a NFL job after this amazing season

    • wvfreys

      ha! Ha! Good one - maybe he can coach the Detroit Lions after his fantastic season!

  • cutty77

    Read between the lines here from Marshall's AD Hayseed Hambrick. Last year Doc Got a one year deal,that showed how much faith Hayseed had in Doc. Now Hayseed is on Doc's bandwagon. Doc has earned his money,unlike Hayseed Hambrick.

    • 4WVU

      Oh maybe Hamrick should have given a five year contract with an 11 million dollar buyout! Seems like to me Hamrick is better than some other ad I have heard of! Doc earned the extension I think! Good for Doc!

      • cutty77

        Mike Hamrick has had 3 AD's Job in the last 6 or 7 years. You can have Hayseed Hambrick, I'll take Oliver.

        • BleedsGreen33

          Yea and Luck has done such a great job up there hasn't he. Last I checked you have an alcoholic "coach" (using that term loosley) and your football team has gotten worse each year since both Luck and Holgorson took over.


    • The E-Man!

      I thought Marshall wasn't relevent? Shouldn't you be more worried about Hogs and why the errdiots are sinking deeper in quick sand. You guys are finished for a long time to come. Enjoy the misery! lmao..:):):):)

      • cutty77

        @ The E-Man,
        This story is about Doc. A WVU guy,and don't ever forget that. Doc is more relevent than Marshall. Mark Snyder took over a Mess at Marshall after Boss Hog left The Herd High and Dry, and in trouble i might add. Marshall is Very Lucky to have gotten him. They better make sure to keep him.

        • The E-Man!

          If you guys were so worried about Doc, you would have hired him as a head coach. Oh, your eerdiots was to good for Doc. Pleazzzzz! You need to worry about your druken head coaches, plural! What type of alcohol cost 11 million dollars anyway? lmao:):);) Get use to being miserable for years to come. Sounds like you're suffering from "apathy" already and you have only been in the Big 12 for two years, wow!

          • Greg

            LMAO:):):) at how stupid your posts are. I don't think any WVU fan who posts on here is worried about Doc. Only thing I ever see is fans congratulating him on his success and wishing him even more. After all, he is one of us you know. Cut him and he'll bleed Old Gold and Blue as will some others on his coaching staff too.

            Come to think about it, I guess it turns out Moo can thank all of their success on the field this year on their big brother WVU. How's that for a twist of fate? LMAO :):):)

          • Cigarman

            Careful you'll bruise your self with all that chest thumping. Not the tone that was heard last year!

        • Interesting123

          Very lucky to have gotten him? This is almost as funny as the people who said he would never leave WVU for MU in the first place.

          • Bondo

            And we still don't. Move on.

          • Interesting123

            How can you turn down a job you were never offered? Yes, he took himself out of the running after getting a raise at Fl. However, his friend Mike Hamrick also wasnt AD at the time. I would have turned down working for Marcum too. He was probably the least proactive AD ever. All of this wasnt the case when we hired him so no, during that period, we were not lucky to get him.

          • Marcus

            I bet when Doc is offered the Florida job bye bye Coach Seider! Again not a Marshall fan but just stating the obvious! They would own the state of Florida!

          • cutty77

            Yes lucky to get him. If you remember Doc turned down Marshall the first time because it was such a Mess,after Boss Hog left,then Mark Snyder took the job. You Marshall so called fans should remember your past,as much as your present. You can't help it,you haven't won anything in such along time. I forgot we play for Championships. Famous Boss Hog quote too. We cheat for Championships too.

          • shawn

            He didnt leave for MU. WVU didnt want him.