HUNTINGTON, W.Va. — Marshall University Athletic Director Mike Hamrick said the only complaints he’s hearing, following the Thundering Herd’s 31-20 win over Maryland in the 2013 Military Bowl, is that Marshall fans stood for the entire game.

With the Military Bowl win in Annapolis, Md. last Friday, Marshall finished the season 10-4 as the Conference USA East Division Champion and Hamrick said he’s happy with both the Herd’s performance and the potential for the future.

“The company line is ‘better days are ahead’ and I truly believe they are,” said Hamrick on Monday’s MetroNews “Talkline,” just days after the Thundering Herd beat a Maryland team that’s leaving the ACC for the Big Ten Conference.

“That says a lot about our coaches, about our university, about what we’re trying to do here at Marshall,” Hamrick said.  “I give all the credit in the world to Coach (Doc) Holliday and his outstanding coaching staff.”

Holliday, a Hurricane native, signed a five-year contract when he was hired as head football coach at Marshall University in 2009.  At the time, he was associate head coach and recruiting coordinator at West Virginia University.

Up until this year, Holliday’s best season with Marshall was the 7-6 season in 2011 that ended with a win in the Beef O’Brady’s Bowl.

At that time, Holliday’s contract was extended and Hamrick said the deal, which pays Holliday about $600,000 each year plus incentives, will be revisited in the coming weeks to make sure Holliday stays at Marshall “for a long time.”

Hamrick said he thinks the Marshall football program is in great shape for the coming years.

“We’ve got a great quarterback.  We’ve got great talent.  We’re a young team.  Coach Holliday has absolutely built this team from the bottom up, from scratch, and it’s loaded with talent,” he said.

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  • nate c

    WVU needs to Fire the drunk from Texas that thinks Texas is wvu's future in recruiting and hire Doc Holiday as are head football coach!!! just look at the players he has brought to Marshall just think what he could bring to WVU and he his a West Virginia boy

    • Troll

      He has brought players to WV that can finish second in C-USA wow what an accomplishment. Get over it, Marshall's so called success isn't anything to brag about, put them in the same conference as WVU and see what happens, heck put them in the AAC and see what happens, maybe next year after a couple more teams leave the conference they can actually win it.

  • sput

    I would love to see Marshall play the same schedule as West Virginia . they would be lucky to have any players left at the end of the season. When they played Maryland poor Maryland was missing half the players that played against WVU .. face it Marshall sucks now and always will.

  • zac

    Wvu hasn't been relevant in the National title hunt since the 80's. That was when they were in a weak conference and got a title shot because of their record. That was thirty years ago and they got killed by Notre Dame. The fans, in typical poor taste fashion rioted because they were butthurt! Good luck going 12-0 in your new conference troll. Apples to apples, Marshall was better this year and will be next year! Next year we will be in a bowl, maybe finish top 25 and you still won't crack the top 50 (84th this year). So I will say it again troll just to make your skin ctawl because deep down you know it's true, apples to apples, Wvu sucked comp ared to Marshall this year!

    • Troll

      If you could comprehend what you read you would know that I said WVU was bad last year, also I didn't say they would go 12-0 just said if they ever did what their reward would be. Think what you will but even if Marshall goes 12-0 it will mean nothing no chance at championship, no big bowl, no praise from the great Mark Mays and Lou Holtz, absolutely zero consideration for the 4 team playoff. Stand up and be loud all you want at the end of the day you will still be the other, lesser team in the state irrelevant in the landscape of college football you might as well drop back down to FCS level so you can actually have a chance to win something. Had your chances, WVU 12 Marshall 0, couldn't get it done. WVU has moved on time for you to.

      • zac

        You are no more relevant than Marshall! And you troll are just another arrogant WVU fan. Is WVU usually better than Marshall? Yes. But are they a superior school that we aren't worth playing them? No. WVU plays William and Mary, and then uses the excuse of they only play top notch teams that can draw a big crowd. Its garbage!

        • zac

          And you talk about dropping back to win. Who are you to say that after last season? You took a step up in competition and were an embarrasment. We took the step up and went straight to a bowl game and won our conference the first year.

          • zac

            And one last thing, this year you were the other lesser team, idiot!

          • Mac

            Lmao, Marshall is a awful school. This is your first year actually doing something; WVU has twice the Marshall has. The only position Marshall has on us is quarterback, that's going to chance after are new recruits come in.

    • mauldawg

      MU will not be in the top 40. If SOS has anything to do with it MU will not be in the top 50. Playing in C-USA is like kissing your sister. Sorry about that MU fans are made up of sister kissers. Who else would follow such a sorry team in a sorry city. Little Detroit will so follow the real Detroit. That would be such a blessing.

  • chuck carver

    I hear marshall has some great talent coming up from ga like from waynesboro ga. Cairo ga and sandy creek

  • mauldawg

    About as bright as a 10Watt bulb!! C-USA still a joke.

  • Troll

    To be honest WVU was a bad team in a good conference , Marshall was a decent team in an irrelevant bad conference. WVU will have the playoffs and national championships as a goal to play for, Marshall perhaps can win their conference when some more teams leave and play for what? Nothing is what. Don't care where they think they are headed but in this landscape of college football it's no where. Yes they beat a team that beat WVU blah blah blah big deal a lot if teams beat WVU this year, enjoy your bowl game win and congratulations you have reached your pinnacle.

    • Big Green

      Haha, troll is right. WVU sucks, deal with it.

      • Troll

        I'd rather have a bad year in a good conference than be good in a bad conference, let's compare: WVU goes 11-1 or 12-0 they can get a shot in the four team championship playoff, now if Marshall does the same in their conference what do they get? A mid level bowl game at best. Trying to compare the two schools is apples to oranges, even with all the so called progress Marshall is still not legitimate competition for WVU.

  • WVcoal

    Let's just say that the Herd does NOT fear the turtle, which is more than we can say for the state's flagship university.

    • JamieNitro

      Easy not to fear a team that has it's top two offensive threats on the sidelines with broken legs.
      This was a good win for Marshall. But to compare outcomes of this and the WVU game is ridiculous.

      • WVUDAD

        People, why can we not root for BOTH schools, there are only two schools playing 1A football in the state, they are in different leagues with different schedules. I will root for Marshall in each game until they play each other, THEN, I will be rooting strongly for the Mounties.