CHARLES TOWN, W.Va — 2012-2013 was a breakthrough season for Washington as the Patriots made it to the state tournament in Charleston. The Patriots beat Parkersburg South in the quarterfinals and bowed out admirably in the semifinals to the eventual state champs and eastern panhandle rival, Martinsburg.

“It gave us a lot of confidence, you never know how your team is going to respond in their first appearance in the state tournament,” Washington head coach Don Bullet said. “We felt like our kids did a nice job in getting their feet wet against a tough Parkersburg South team and getting that ‘W’ in Charlseton was big for our program.”

This season, Washington (5-0) returns with championship aspirations as all five starters back.

“We got Kendal Smith back, who did a real nice job for us as a rebounder and he can score under the basket, our leading scorer (Dominique) Newman has a lot of speed and quickness, Keldon Bell did an excellent job for us, the Jones twins are back for us,” Bullet noted. “We added an addition from Jefferson, their best point guard Dudley who plays the point.”

Christopher C. Davis/Clark’s Artistic Photography

Washington made it to the semifinals of the state tournament a year ago – expectations are even higher for this year’s team as all five starters returned.

“We feel really good about our depth as well, we have some JV guys from last year who will be able to help us as well,” Bullet said.

And overall, the Washington basketball program is still young (in its sixth season) — Bullett has been there for it all, watching his team earn number one rankings heading into this season.

“Our kids put in a lot of hard work in the offseason, in the weight room and in team camps,” Bullet said. “That made a big difference in what we’re trying to get our kids to understand that if we’re going to compete with the Martinsburg’s and Hedgesville’s, there’s a lot of time that has to be put in in the offseason.”

“We’re expecting great things out of the eastern panhandle, you have to get past Hedgesville and of course Martinsburg who just reloads every year,” Bullet said.

Washington has held serve with the preseason ranking as they have reeled off five straight victories against out of state teams to start off the year. They will open the new year with a home tilt against the defending state champions, Martinsburg who will test how much progress they have made.

2013-2014 Boys Basketball Schedule
12/12/13 07:00PM  A  OAKDALE, MD HS  69 - 66  W
12/19/13 07:30PM  H  JAMES WOOD,VA H.S.  94 - 40  W
12/20/13 07:30PM  H  ST. ALBANS DC H.S.  89 - 55  W
12/23/13 07:00PM  H  S. HAGERSTOWN, MD H.S.  100 - 40  W
12/28/13 06:00PM  A  OCTORORA/MISLIN CO. , PA  91 - 65  W
12/30/13 07:30PM  A  MILLBROOK, VA H.S.  -  
01/03/14 07:30PM  H  MARTINSBURG  -  
01/10/14 07:30PM  H  MUSSELMAN  -  
10  01/11/14 05:00PM  H  SHERANDO, VA H.S.  -  
11  01/14/14 07:30PM  H  MILLBROOK, VA H.S.  -  
12  01/17/14 07:30PM  A  HEDGESVILLE  -  
13  01/20/14 07:30PM  H  TUSCARORA, MD H.S.  -  
14  01/21/14 07:30PM  A  SPRING MILLS  -  
15  01/24/14 07:00PM  A  JEFFERSON  -  
16  01/31/14 07:30PM  A  MUSSELMAN  -  
17  02/07/14 07:30PM  H  SPRING MILLS  -  
18  02/10/14 07:30PM  A  SHERANDO, VA H.S.  -  
19  02/13/14 07:30PM  H  OAKDALE, MD HS  -  
20  02/14/14 07:30PM  H  JEFFERSON  -  
21  02/18/14 07:30PM  H  HEDGESVILLE  -  
22  02/21/14 07:30PM  A  MARTINSBURG  -  
 wins: 5   lost: 0   ties: 0
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  • 1Prouddog

    The year of the Patriots is an understatement! If there is a better team in the state I would love to see them! Beckley, Park, WHOEVER, don't matter....Hands down....just give these guys the trophy! They are the TOTAL PACKAGE!!!


    Make that 7-0 with the win against Martinsburg last night. Very athletic and quick groups of players. Looks like this could be the year for the Patriots.

  • EP Haters

    They should move the football AND basketball title games to Morgantown.....the Civic Center is an old trashcan. It's not at the geographical center of the state, but travel wise it's the most travel friendly of all places in the state. There's plenty of lodging and feeding holes for the teams/fans, and the Coliseum is a great venue. The only appeal, or benefit Charleston has to offer is the ability to walk from your hotel to the civic center or restaurants. Not a deal breaker, in my opinion.

  • Pizzaman91

    They will run the table and go undefeated no questions ask

  • The Rookie

    Don Bullett and Assistant coach Vic Holmes have done a great job with this program! While coaching at Martinsburg Vic won several baseball championships and coached football and basketball equally well. If Washington lays an egg it won't be because of these coaches! Best wishes to Washington in their quest for a title in only six years of the schools existence.

  • EP Haters

    As long as they don't end up on the same side of the bracket, we'll see a Washington/Woodrow Wilson final.

    Time for The Panhandle to bring home another crown.....

  • Crockett

    Folks, this could be the best b-ball team that Jefferson County has every produced.

    Charles Town High School, had some very good teams in the late 60's , early 70's. Jefferson had its share of talented teams when it first opened its doors in the 70's.

    None of them brought home the trophy.

    Even though I'm a Jefferson grad, hope the Patriots run the table and make this a memorable year in the county!!!

    • Mburgfan

      I agree - pound for pound one of the better teams coming out of the EP in recent years.

  • Cardinal

    What kind of a schedule is this? If you are going to compete for the West Virginia state championship, play teams from West Virginia or join another state and compete for their state championship. The best basketball is played in the Mountain State Athletic Conference.

    • sfp12

      Thanks. I needed a good laugh today.

    • wow

      do you even know where this High school is? It would cost way too much in travel expense to play only wv teams.

    • BH

      There is nothing wrong with this schedule. By the time any team makes it to the State Tournament, they deserve to be there. BTW, I live in the Kanawha Valley.

    • Mburgfan

      It is amazing to me that people keep talking about the greatness of the MSAC. A new conference was formed this year, The Eastern Panhandle Athletic Conference (EPAC) better get use to that name. This conference is made up of Martinsburg - 4 times football champion; Hedgesville - 2012 Basketball champion; Martinsburg (again - 2013 Basketball Champion; Jefferson - 4 times track and field champion, Musselman - Volleyball champion and the list goes on. Back to basketball - I am not a Washington High fan but critical thinking is important in any decision making process. Like Hedgesville, if Washington was able to get pas Martinsburg they might have won the whole thing last year - the best team prevailed (MHS). This year Washington returns all of their starters and all of them have improved over the Summer. They have an excellent basketball team and will be very very difficult to beat. They will win the championship if nothing strange happens - like putting them into a drug infested hotel. Logic escapes me at times and in those moment I can see Martinsburg with their very young team surprising Washington - expecting a very good game Friday. Go Bull Dogs - Go Eastern Panhandle (Washington High included).

    • Crockett

      It's time to face the facts, the Eastern Panhandle is now the dominant part of the state for athletics.

      Anytime the MSAC teams wanna play, have them come on down and pay us a visit.

      It seems like they won't come this way unless they are forced too ... playoffs.

      We'll be waiting.

      • The Wisetalker

        Huntington, Capital, George Washington and South Charleston will all be waiting on you...

        Oh, I almost forgot...There is one more little school you have to go through. They are called...


        • EP Haters

          Actually Wisetalker, that school is called Woodrow Wilson........but we get your point

          • The Wisetalker

            Thanks EP...

            They have "Beckley" written on the front of their uniforms...

            Just Sayin...

        • Crockett

          That's cool, should be interesting match ups.

          Let's make things really interesting ... let's move that little ol' bitty state tournament a little closer to the Eastern Panhandle and even things up a little bit.

          Nothing like almost/or playing in your backyard for neutral site games.

        • 1Prouddog

          Oh Wise one,
          Who did the Bulldogs beat last year in the finals? Maybe thats why you forgot the B team! lol

    • HemiBird


      So you think the Mountain State Athletic Conference is the best West Virginia has to offer in high school sports?

      Since you believe this then why don't these schools from your conference want to travel to the Eastern Panhandle and play any sports teams there?

      It appears teams from your conference are afraid to come to the Eastern Panhandle or have any Eastern Panhandle teams play on their home turf.

      The only time Eastern Panhandle teams play teams from your conference is during playoff games or for another state championship title game and we all know the outcome.

      The Eastern Panhandle has handled your conference with ease and will continue to do so for years.

      Good luck to all Eastern Panhandle teams in 2014!

  • Patrick

    Why doesn't WVMetroNews do a bball power rankings like with football??

    • Garrett Cullen

      Our weekly Power Index will start in January after the first of the year - will be released on each Wednesday through the rest of the season.

  • wvu1983

    Good luck coach.