CHARLESTON, W.Va. —A Charleston man was arrested Monday evening just hours after he allegedly beat a woman on the city’s West Side and stabbed her with a screwdriver when she refused to give him money.


Charleston Police allege Jerry Smith beat a woman during a robbery attempt on the city’s West Side Monday afternoon.

Charleston Police took Jerry Smith, 39, into custody after an incident at Home Pro Realty on Virginia Street West on Monday afternoon.  He was charged with malicious wounding and robbery.

Investigators said Smith had been loitering around the business in recent days and the victim, identified as Elizabeth Whitley, had been trying to help him.

When he asked for money Monday and Whitley refused, police said Smith got angry and hit the woman several times.  After trying to take rings from her fingers and necklaces from around her neck, he allegedly attempted to choke the woman before grabbing a screwdriver and stabbing her under the chin and in the hand.

On Monday evening, the victim was in serious condition at CAMC General Hospital.




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    the only thing he is sorry about is getting caught. this guy is the reason they should bring back the death penalty, he will never be nothing but a burden on society and I bet he gets out and does the same thing again

  • Polly the Pundit

    Then this rocket scientist admitted to the crime to a TV reporter - which I am sure will be admitted into evidence at his trial - BUT he said he was sorry, and that he was a drug addict, which, in today's society means that he is just misunderstood and should be given a second chance - perhaps a stay in rehab. Because we all know that makes the world a better place as opposed to locking up human garbage like this guy and keeping them away from society.

  • Jim

    Where is George Zimmerman when you need him?

  • Mike

    Guns are not for everyone. A gun in the wrong hands will get you killed. If this woman had of had a pistol she would probably have been shot with it. If you are going to pack one you have to know when to reach for it and know that if you pull it there is a 99.9% chance you will have to pull the trigger. If you have no intentions of ever pulling the trigger on someone do yourself a favor and leave it at home so it doesn't get used on you.

    • wvtd

      I know that and that is why I mentioned a self defense class for those who do not want to carry a firearm. I only have the full use of one arm so my choices are limited.

  • Ray

    Another black does a crime. Any suprises here folks?

    • Kory

      Look at the 7-11 shooting, the stabbing at the mall, the fight at the transit mall where a brick was thrown at a guys head, the shooting in Rand. I only see one thing in common.

  • kory

    I think some people are afraid to protect themselves in fear that they will be the ones to get in trouble and not the person committing the actual crime. Sad cause they didn't even have to show a picture of this piece of trash that tried to rob that poor lady. It's very typical now a days. Why not Charleston, they do their best to ruin every other city in the nation. This bum will probably get minimal jail time and be back on the streets.

  • wvtd

    I advise everyone to get a handgun for protection as this type of crime is on the rise and you do not want to be a victim. you must be able to defend yourself and protect your family. if you do not like guns then take a self defense class of some kind.
    the police can not stop these crimes from happening and you do not want to wind up dead or worse a family member dead.

    • NeverShopNCharleston

      The problem with that is Mayor Danny Jones frowns on you bringing a gun to his city..

      It's no wonder his city is the most crime ridden city in the state.

      I'm sure one of his tax-paid lackey's will appear in short order to counter my crime statistics with "per capita ; per population blah,blah blah" nonsense