LYBURN, W.Va. — Residents of Madison Creek in Logan County who spent nearly two weeks landlocked in their homes won’t have to worry about that any more. Days after the Department of Highways reopened Madison Creek Road construction has started on a causeway across the Guyandotte River to the community.

“We’re not really anticipating closing Madison Creek Road now,” said Department of Transportation Spokesman Brent Walker. “We were, before, but we made some great progress in stabilizing that hillside.”

Over the next few weeks construction crews will be installing 12 foot culverts into the river and building the low level bridge across the river.  When the work is complete, residents of the community will actually have two access points.

The causeway is expected to remain in the river for a year or longer as a temporary access until adequate progress is made on the larger Route 10 improvement project.

“It will be a temporary project,” said Walker. “The Route 10 project will make progress over the next year and that does include access into that community in the form of on and off ramps.”


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  • Aaron

    What is this cost for installing this causeway and how many residents is it benefiting?

  • Guardian

    Earl Ray and the DOH figure if they wait long enough on paving roads and patching roads (I'm talking professional, permanent patches), then folks and communities will just get fed up and pave and patch the roads themselves. Just say'n . . .

  • Robert

    And my road hasn't been paved since the Underwood administration...think Earl Ray isn't a little partial to Southern West Virginia...just say'n!!