MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Running back Andrew Buie has re-enrolled at West Virginia University after leaving the program prior to last season, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Mountaineer Head Football Coach Dana Holgorsen said, back in August, Buie would redshirt for the season and spend the semester back home in Florida.

Buie had been WVU’s leading rusher with 851 yards in 2012.  He had fallen behind senior Charles Simms, freshman Wendell Smallwood and juco transfer Dreamius Smith on the depth chart.

The 5-9, 190 pound Buie will be a junior in 2014.  He will compete for playing time this spring with Smallwood, Smith, Dustin Garrison and Pitt transfer Rushel Shell.

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  • Darwin-Cooked

    West Virginia just got scored on, again!

  • Boomgrounder

    Glad to see Buie is coming back. We can use his quickness out of the backfield or in the slot for 2 more seasons. Go Mountaineers!


    DUSTY EVANS is probably close, 4 and 8 is probably generous for next year, if Dana is still around. Good to have Buie back but, for him to be good he needs a coach. Does not have that with Dana. Buie should come back when Dana is gone, hopefully very soon.

  • Pa Pete

    Could have used u against Texas again last season! Welcome back!

  • Dusty R. Evans

    WVU 2014 season = 4 wins and 8 losses

    • Mac

      Too soon to tell what next year holds. We will actually have some experience. Recruiting is looking good too. The simple truth is that WVU will only go as far as the QB position allows. Two new QBs coming in, one a 4 star recruit... If he pans out this is easily a 7 win team.

    • Woody

      Obviously not a Mountaineer fan!

      • J the C

        Agreed Woody! A new year and out come the "glass is half empty" detractors.

  • TCeer

    Welcome home Andrew.....

  • John weaver

    Great new year news. I wish him the best.

  • tw eagle

    glad to see that Mr Buie has returned . . .he should get a lot of work at RB . . . watched the A&M game , maybe WVU should have kept Spavital and let Holgerson hit the road . . . DH with the ideas & paranoia , and Spavital with the smarts to put the ideas into usable form for a football game plan . . .


    man of his word,Iam glad to see him return. I can hardly wait to see how he has developed with the extra time... Let's gooooooooo! Mountaineeeeeeers!!

  • Mister Man

    Happy to have you back!!

  • Phil M.

    Kyle Wiggs, tell me , how did we miss Ryan Switzer from GW in Charleston, WV. When you are in a state as small as WV and you are the flag ship university you can't miss top recruits from your own state.

    Even worse if you were Marshall and Doc Holiday. He's right in your back yard playing high school ball. At least WVU is 3 hours away but still no excuse.

    UNC, really !!

    • Bruce

      Because he wanted to play ACC ball, plus the babes are phenomenal in Chapel Hill, not to mention the education.

      • NC Resident

        After the greatest academic scandal in the history of college sports, a degree from UNC-Chapel Hill is hardly worth the paper it's written on for an athlete. He better make it in the NFL or he may end up flipping burgers with William at McDonalds. Sad to say.

    • scott

      maybe he wanted to go to UNC.....

    • Eddy


    • Aaron

      Seriously? Ryan Switzer? If you want to know why he's at UNC, do the research yourself. Go back to his senior year, research articles that discuss his recruiting decisions and learn the truth as to why he is at UNC. If you do, you might be surprised by what you find and then perhaps you can stop crying about how WVU let one get away.


      • GoEers

        very good post

    • Hailey

      It is called Ryan's choice, he chose it that hard to figure out? I guess WVU and Marshall should have made him stay. Welcome back Andrew this team sorely needs your toughness

      • Palmetto State of Mind

        Much like the folks at Penn State, who can't seem to let go of the Paterno days, some people are smart enough to get out of dodge. The old guard at Penn State are wrecking the FB program, which is why O'Brien wanted out. He recently spoke his mind recently in an interview and stated that Paterno is gone and it's time to move-on. However, the old guard wanted his head for speaking the truth. The want to hear only what they want to hear....much like Jack Nicholson (Col. Jessup) stated: "you can't handle the truth." The so called fans of WV get on this website and bash the athletic department, coaches, and the school's administration to no end. So ask yourself, why wouldn't a young talented athlete not go elsewhere. Sure, UNC has had recent problems, but the fan base is not divided like the one in my home state. It's a darn shame that folks can't see the forest for the trees. I love WV, my alma mater, and miss going to the games, but what I don't miss is the constant bickering and bashing of the sporting programs and coaches.

        It is a kids right to choose a school they feel best fits their needs, no matter if it's academics, band, football, baseball,......

        No one missed Ryan Switzer for everyone half-way across the US wanted this young man to be part of their team. It's simple, he made a choice and it's not the one folks hoped for (i.e., WV/Marshall). There has been many others who have made this same choice and I feel was the best for them. Curt Warner fo Pineville, ? Snyder from Clarksburg, who went to play BB for Princeton, etc.

        • JM

          I don't think bashing athletics departments is unique to WV. I'm pretty sure if you went to a forum in your "home state" you would see bashing.

        • J the C

          well said, Palmetto!

  • Jim Moltzer

    Thanks for coming back, Buie! I think that the running back's positions is very good. Also, I was also surprised that Garrison didn't get much time on the field this year. I also agree that both Buie and Garrison can play the slot receiver and running back. We could have a very loaded back field. Now, we need to have a quarterback to step up and take control! The receiver group looks good. The only issue that I have with the offense is the offense line! We need to block and maintain it. So, what about the defense? Thanks for asking ... It will be better ... a lot better!
    To WVU teams and fans ... Happy New Year ... and GO MOUNTAINEERS!

    • Tami

      Garrison was injured most of the year.

    • shawn

      Should've beat OK, TTech, Iowa St and Texas. That wouldn't put me right at 8-4. If the QB situation would've been right in line with what we all hoped then you're looking at that record or better.

      • Jeff

        Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda, Didn't. Period. We DID finish 4-8.

        • mybestname

          @ "shoulda coulda woulda but didnt" - this guy has been waiting his whole life to say this to someone. his insight and know how really has taught me how to be humble and not speak incorrectly. well since we went 4-8 i guess we should all just give up. it was a good run. oh no i said the word 'should'. better get me!

  • JAS

    Maybe he thought we had a real quarterback when he made that prediction?

  • MoMoney

    There was also NO DOUBT in your mind that WVU would finish the season at 8-4. How did that work out for you Mr. Football??

  • shawn

    He should help if he keeps his head on straight. It really does surprise me how Garrison never saw the field this season. I guess when Sims came in he saw the writing on the wall. There's no doubt in my mind that Garrison and Buie could become slot receivers.

    • Allen

      I see the same thing for the both of them. With shell being on the field at the same time makes this a dangerous offense. If they find a QB.

      • JamieNitro

        I see Garrison as moving entirely to the slot receiver position. He seems to fit the mold of Tavon more than most of the players on the field. I was surprised that move wasn't attempted this year.