MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Running back Andrew Buie has re-enrolled at West Virginia University after leaving the program prior to last season, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Mountaineer Head Football Coach Dana Holgorsen said, back in August, Buie would redshirt for the season and spend the semester back home in Florida.

Buie had been WVU’s leading rusher with 851 yards in 2012.  He had fallen behind senior Charles Simms, freshman Wendell Smallwood and juco transfer Dreamius Smith on the depth chart.

The 5-9, 190 pound Buie will be a junior in 2014.  He will compete for playing time this spring with Smallwood, Smith, Dustin Garrison and Pitt transfer Rushel Shell.

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  • WVU fan stuck in Texas

    So Buie is coming back? Does this mean when he is 4th or 5th in the death chart he walks away for WVU again? Seems it to me.

  • DubVkid

    This is great news. We can use Buie in the slot and start Rushel... Defenitley a good mix... Lets Go!..

  • Mountain ninja

    Welcome back! Work hard, stay focused and you'll be great. Best of luck!

  • Caleb

    So Andrew was beat out by 3 running backs on the depth chart. Then decided to pout his way home. So much for player development. I wonder how he spent his time away from the program. Does he really think he will beat out other backs this spring? I remember coach Dana referencing 'will' issues with Andrew not doing what it takes to progress satisfactorily, thus the reasoning for the redshirt tag. Hopefully Andrew will be inspired to play with the practice squad.

  • Greg

    Could someone tell me how O. Luck ended up AD at West Virginia hadn't even heard of him since the 80's

  • FUAllWVUHaters

    Skylar howard is a good qb I think next year will be interesting. Would really love to see the mountaineers tuen it around n shut all you hatin ass mofos up

  • 76 Alumni!

    Big 12 is a WVU bust!

    • J the C

      76, jump into your wayback machine and go back to the early 70s. You were probably one of those loudly denouncing that bum, Bowden! lol!

  • Jerry Mountaineer

    With Smith, Smallwood, and Shell as running backs Buie has a tough group to compete against. The wide receiver who came back in 2013 after leaving the team got into a few games and made a few plays but wasn't a consistent contributor. Buie has to prove himself.

  • MountieFan1948

    Welcome back Andrew!

  • Darwin-Cooked

    West Virginia just got scored on, again!

  • Boomgrounder

    Glad to see Buie is coming back. We can use his quickness out of the backfield or in the slot for 2 more seasons. Go Mountaineers!


    DUSTY EVANS is probably close, 4 and 8 is probably generous for next year, if Dana is still around. Good to have Buie back but, for him to be good he needs a coach. Does not have that with Dana. Buie should come back when Dana is gone, hopefully very soon.

  • Pa Pete

    Could have used u against Texas again last season! Welcome back!

  • Dusty R. Evans

    WVU 2014 season = 4 wins and 8 losses

    • Mac

      Too soon to tell what next year holds. We will actually have some experience. Recruiting is looking good too. The simple truth is that WVU will only go as far as the QB position allows. Two new QBs coming in, one a 4 star recruit... If he pans out this is easily a 7 win team.

    • Woody

      Obviously not a Mountaineer fan!

      • J the C

        Agreed Woody! A new year and out come the "glass is half empty" detractors.

  • TCeer

    Welcome home Andrew.....