FAYETTEVILLE, W.Va. — A Fayette County man charged with a number of crimes including kidnapping turned himself in┬áto police Tuesday.


Larry Nelson

Deputies charged Larry Junior Nelson, 36, of Springdale, after he allegedly beat and kidnapped his girlfriend before dumping her at a Fayette County strip mine on Christmas Day.

The woman was able to walk to get help.

Fayette County Steve Kessler said a good relationship between one of his deputies and a Fayette County community helped Nelson make his decision.

Sheriff Kessler said Nelson knew police were looking for him but wanted to wait until Sgt. J.R. McMullen would be on duty because he would treat him fairly.

“Sergeant McMullen has a very good reputation in the Danese area of Fayette County. He has been assigned to that patrol area for several years and the people in the area know, like and respect him. That level of rapport with the community is one of the most valuable assets a police officer can attain,” Sheriff Kessler said in a news release.

Nelson is being held in the Southern Regional Jail without bail.



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  • J the C

    Is that Phil Robertson?

    • wvtd

      I think junior has the IQ of a duck and will be right at home in prison if the ex-girlfriend will co-operate.