CLARKSBURG, W.Va. — The City of Clarksburg hopes to have a study completed by mid-February that could lead toward the recruitment of a developer for a hotel/conference center in downtown Clarksburg.

City Manager Martin Howe said PHG Consulting, which is working for the city on a feasibility and market study, will begin meeting with community and business leaders later this month. He said the study results should be done by mid-February. If the report is positive, PHG would help Clarksburg recruit a developer.

City Manager Howe said there are currently only two locations in the Harrison County area where large gatherings can take place. He said there are many scheduling conflicts. He believes a hotel/conference center would work in Clarksburg as part of the city’s redevelopment plan.

“This is just another part of that puzzle that we feel that would help bring in other businesses, spinoff and be able to sustain our current businesses and keep the traffic level at a volume needed to continue any kind of growth in the future,” Howe said.

Downtown Clarksburg has lost some businesses to the development around Interstate 79 but a new state office complex should boost downtown activity.

Howe said the market study should provide key information including the proposed size of a hotel/convention center complex. He said the choosing of the developer would be the most important decision.

“They have to have resources to come in, the capital, and also the expertise and the experience within the industry to operate such a facility,” Howe said.

The city has an aggressive timeline. Howe said he hopes a groundbreaking ceremony could be held on a new complex in early 2014.


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  • Rich

    Just recently it was announced that Bridgeport will build a bigger conference center and new hotel. There's no way Clarksburg will be able to beat that time and they'll get left in the dust once again.
    Even their redevelopment efforts are a net sum zero game....for every new business that is built, another one in town closes. CVS and the new food store in Adamston are two examples.
    Then there is the fiasco on Chestnut Street. No progress in over a year! Unbelievable!
    Goodness...they can't even carry through with a rebranding program.
    No wonder this town is doomed!

  • Polly the Pundit

    "Downtown Clarksburg has lost some businesses to the development around Interstate 79 but a new state office complex should boost downtown activity."

    Well gee whiz...imagine that...losing business because of an interstate. Hmmm, maybe people want the convenience of being able to get in and get out of town quickly. I believe this concept has been around since the 1970's. Perhaps Clarksburg should have thought ahead and annexed out to the interstate as opposed to now whining about why no one wants to come into their inconvenient little town. Looks to me like Bridgeport will soon be bigger and better than Clarksburg.

    You snooze, you lose...

  • Independent View

    There is Charles Pointe and a Bridgeport Convention Center, both in Harrison County, just minutes from downtown Clarksburg. Can't two municipalities in the same county, minutes away share a facility? Obviously not. Each little kingdom wants every ammenity at taxpayers expense. After all, what is the use of being king if there is nothing to be king of?
    Typically, municipalities hire consultants to prepare a feasibility study that is favorable to the municipality. The unspoken response from the consultant is "what do you want the study the say?"
    Convention centers throughout North Central WV go begging, but somehow Clarksburg sees a need to up the vacancy rate? Sish!

  • Joe

    Unles table games gambling is made lawful in Harrison County, there is absolutely no way to justify this investment.

  • Low Rider

    Downtown Clarksburg? The town, like many in West Virginia is in shambles. It will take an investor with big chops to invest in a downtown Clarksburg hotel!