HUNTINGTON, W.Va. — Marshall football coach Doc Holliday said Thursday he and his staff will be heading into West Virginia high schools later this month.

“We’re going to hit every school in West Virginia,” Holliday said on MetroNews Talkline. “We’re going to get around and see all  of these high school coaches. Because if there is a player in West Virginia that’s good enough to help us win then we’re going to make sure we know where he is and make sure we’re not missing anybody.”

Holliday said he plans the West Virginia visits to take place Jan. 16-17.

“One thing I know about those West Virginia players they’ve got big hearts, so if they’re out there we want to find them,” Holliday said.

Holliday and the Herd are coming off a Military Bowl victory versus Maryland and a 10-win season.

The coach said his 2014 recruiting class is nearly full. He said he needs a few more defensive backs and some linemen.

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  • Mighty Mighty Devil

    I think Jalen Jones (when healthy) could be a major contributor at Marshall.

  • Aaron

    It appears someone has been putting a plug into Doc's ear regarding the attention Ryan Switzer is garnering at UNC and why Marshall and/or WVU let this kid slip through their hands.

    The truth is, if there's a kid that plays at a level that would allow him to compete at either Marshall or WVU, both coaches know about him already through one of the many camps.

    The days of recruiting off film from games are long gone. Players who show potential are invited to camps and evaluated there over the course of 2-3 years and improvements in skills given by administrators from one year to the next carry more weight than the 'heart' a players displays on the field on any given Friday night.

    Anyone who thinks both WVU and Marshall doesn’t already know what talent is out there or that both were not acutely aware of Ryan Switzer and his potential 4 or 5 years ago is dense.

    Doc can talk about going to the local schools in an effort to uncover some lost gem but the truth is, it's something someone from his staff has already done and his comments were given only as a rebuff to those not smart enough to comprehend how an instate school lost out on instate talent.

    Unless of course you somehow think that Doc is Santa’s secret twin and can somehow magically get to 140+ high schools in 2 days.

  • WV Gal

    Brandon Riggleman - Moorefield High School..Great Athlete and the kid has a Big Heart for Marshall and Football..check him out!!Graduates May 2014..

  • Don

    Kentre Grier and Tyree Pratt are both amazing sophmore qbs and will both play D1 ball. Kashaun Haley is the next big time 3 or 4 star caliber recruit to come the Kanawha Valley and is already drawing major interest from WVU. AD Cunningham is a D1 LB from South Charleston and has a 3.8gpa. His dad played at Marshall and so did his uncle. There is probably 10 players every that can contribute at the D1 level of those 10 a few have major potential. Look at Dobson and Switzer in recent years. Cody Clay is also a great example. I played with Darrion Scott and Rick Sherrod while at Capital.

  • WV Grad

    Go Doc!

  • Independent View

    While this is a nice jesture on Doc's part, anybody that follows WV high school football knows that this state is not a hotbed of football talent.
    A couple of above-average players are recurited each year, but that's it. And, how many big-time D-1 football programs have WV on their radar for 3, 4 or 5 star recruits?

  • Independent View

    @richard-- Jeez, you certain let the accusations fly in your rant. Now, can back up just one of your allegations other than the Tri-State incident 3 yrs ago?
    And, what coach would want to be at WVU when posters like you make unfounded, baseless and wild accusations about them.
    Maybe you're the very guy that parked the U-Haul truck in front of Bobby Bowden's Morgatntown residence?


      Pulling a moving van in front of Bobby Bowden's Morgantown residence was nothing compared to our illustrious WVU fans hanging Bobby Bowden in effigy ! So WVU's wild and wonderful fans fail to realize our reputation is far from sterling. We love to put up billboards with 70 points on it; and then get our rears beat by Maryland 37-0, and we don't want to talk about it. We as WVU fans have a real problem; every school and state outside of WV, perceives us as a bunch of hooligans and idiots who act and behave like we have never been there before ! I say kudos to MARSHALL and Doc, at least they act like they are civilized and been to a bowl before ! I don't care who from WVU likes or don't like my comments; because the truth hurts and we need to clean up our act; rather than always turning a blind side to it, and throwing stones at other schools who do well !

      • Aaron

        I would suggest you go to and read what some Texas fans say about WVU.

        Or research what some of the other Big 12 fans say about their experience at WVU.

        I think if you remove the green glasses and look at it in an unbiased manner, you might find your comments are inaccurate.

      • WV Gal


      • Curious


  • richard

    As a WVU fan, I say great job, Doc. Our great coach at WVU can't get out of the bars long enough to visit anything in WV, which is just as well considering what a pathetic example he is to the young people of WV. I'm sure Dana and Oliver will make some pathetic attempt to visit a few schools, but I'm sure they will not make it past the Regatta Bar in Morgantown. Another big difference in Dana and Doc is the fact that Dana knows nothing ,nor does he care, about anything in WV. WVU was his stepping stone, and now there isn't a college team out there who would want his pathetic coaching ass.


      One thing you forgot to mention; is Ollie Luck hired him, or he would have never been here !

      • richard

        I would be thrilled to death if they both moved out TODAY!!

  • rick

    Great idea at last. We have great prospects in our State that will alway play harder in front of family and friends in the stands.

    • richard

      I do not mean this as a slam toward Marshall but...we do have a few prospects in WV, but Dana doesn't even know where they are or how to find them because he cares nothing about WV. And as far as Marshall trying to get them, most want to go somewhere bigger than Marshall.

  • David

    Good Luck to Doc and the Herd!
    Keep up the great job.
    However it will be impossible to visit every high school in WV in two days.

  • Joe

    So Dana.....any word on anything? Getting out in the community and interacting? Care one bit at all about WV or its people and communities?

    As the highest paid employee on the state payroll, I would think you could at least pretend to care.

  • Jonathan

    How did Marshall (and WVU) miss Ryan Switzer?

    • Aaron

      He went to UNC for academic reasons.

      • Greg

        Anybody follow college sports here? I've said it before and I'll say it again, as a native WVian but a longtime North Carolinian. The degree an athlete receives from UNC isn't worth the paper it's written on. I'm sure he and his family watch TV and listen to the radio so they knew that going in. UNC-Chapel Hill just went through the greatest academic scandal in the history of college athletics and round 2 of sanctions is on its way. So lets take that off the table why don't we? I'm sure he could have gone to any number of schools just for the academics.

    • Interestin123

      I believe he held a scholarship offer from both. However, the story I have heard is that he chose UNC due to academics.

  • 1Prouddog

    This is good news Doc! Hopefully you will make it to the eastern panhandle where the 4 time high school STATE CHAMPIONS reign!!!

    • MUalumni#39

      Martinsburg High School....2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 AAA (big schools) WEST VIRGINIA STATE FOOTBALL CHAMPIONS!
      LETS GO HERD!!!!