CHARLESTON, W.Va. — It’s likely the state Division of Highways won’t be able to use a lot of salt to treat roads in this latest round of wintry weather.

DOH spokesman Brent Walker said it’s difficult for salt to work with temperatures in the teens and 20s.

“Our crews are going to be out there plowing but if the temperatures get really cold (motorists) still need to be extremely careful,” Walker said. “We’re not necessarily going to be throwing salt there because there’s just nothing to react.”

DOH crews are using other materials.

“We at least have some cinders and sand to help with traction,” Walker said.

There’s another snowstorm in the forecast for early next week. Walker said the DOH is ready.

“This is what our crews do during snow removal and ice control season,” he said.

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  • John Rausch

    On a drive from Maryland to Ohio in December, my car was severely damaged in I-68 and I-79. The cost to replace moldings, windshield, headlight lenses, wheels and repair is $9,600!

    Rocker moldings were loaded with gravel and not tiny stuff. Sand is okay, gravel -- what are you thinking?

  • Mountain Man

    Please, please, please stop dropping gravel on the roads!! Do you realize how many broken and cracked windshields this causes? Not to mention damage to vehicles paint. Attention Mr. Mattox and Gov Tomblin, please stop this archaic method now!!! Get your heads out of the 19th century and use salt or brine. Stop it!!!!

    • Sliding Away

      The DOH needs to visit the WV Turnpike and learn how to pre-treat a road. Try being proactive rather than reactive.

  • sam

    Thanks guys, even though your underpaid you are appreciated.