CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The National Weather Service in Charleston has issued a winter weather advisory for much of West Virginia today. The advisory for higher elevations is a winter storm warning.

Forecasters say we’ll see temperatures dropping all day today. We’ll see rain for western parts of the state this morning which will move eastward.

Toward early afternoon the forecast calls for the rain to change over to snow. The snow will deliver roughly 2-4 inches of snow for the western lowlands and southern West Virginia counties and 3-6 inches across the higher elevations of the state. The storm is expected to end about 7 a.m. Friday.

The accumulation totals could vary depending on how quickly temperatures drop and whether the system stalls over the state as it moves east.

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  • leroy j gibbs

    The bad weather alert increases readership and viewers. It's a marketing trick to keep you pretty good. NBC uses it a lot they also own the weather channel

  • richard

    lol, they never get the weather right. even a day in advance. they were calling for 2 to 4 inches in charleston this morning and now they are saying 1 to 2 inches and it is doing nothing outside. do we as taxpayers pay the NWS salaries? because they sure don't earn it.

  • Abbagoochie

    Anymore it doesnt have to snow to close schools a heavy frost will cause that one. As for snowcast the nws guys are ALWAYS wrong as they will be today and not even close. Less than an inch. Tony on news 3 weather is the biggest of the big on hype. His predictions are never right. Gloom and doom draw ratings. The thing that scares me most is with an inch of snow if that will daylight even be possible tomorrow?

    • Larry

      Especially in KY, I am always amazed at all the school closings there for the most miniscule snowfalls, never understood that.

      • Aaron

        Perhaps you should try traveling the back roads that make up most of Eastern Kentucky and then you might understand.

        • Larry

          Many parts of WV have just as many treacherous back roads, and as a rule WV gets more snow, and KY cancels school for far less snow than WV, just watch the news during a minor snow and I think you'll agree.

  • leroy j gibbs

    Remember when it had to be 6+ inches to close schools? You can thank the lawyers for that

    • Candy

      Yeah, well, and mothers....

    • Jermane

      Want to show me some law suits? Yeah, you won't find any.

      The teachers and ex-teachers all control when schools are closed. It's no coincidence that as teachers whine and cry more and more, the less time they are in school.

      It has very little, if anything to do with lawyers. It's all about appeasing the teachers and making sure they get plenty of time off.

      • TiredInTucker

        I am sorry but your comment that teachers control decisions about closing school is just B.S. Decisions on school closings are made by the county administrative staff. I have been a teacher for over 30 years and have NEVER been consulted to close schools. I know the teacher bashers get their thrills venting against teachers but at least get your facts straight.

        • Jermane

          And who is at the county administrative offices who make those decisions? Teachers who have been kicked out of the class (and who will soon be circulated back to the classroom) and ex-teachers such as the superintendent.

          Try again, junior.

      • zero tolerance

        It's the "threat" of litigation from people in search of a free ride and lawyers willing to facilitate lawsuits as such.

        Your teacher reference is quite laughable.

        • Jermane

          My proof lies in the fact that ex-teachers are at Elizabeth Street and they make the calls on when schools are closed for snow.


          Now go get your proof over the "threat" of litigation as the reason for closing schools.

          Can't find it? Of course you can't. I'll tell you what you're struggling to find.

          The ex-teachers look and see 1/4 of snow on the ground. They say, "Hey, if we go to school, I mean, if we send the kids to school today, an accident MIGHT happen and we MIGHT get sued. So . . . let's give everyone a day off. And get paid for it!!"

          It's nothing more than a scam to give the teachers a day off. The schools are not closed under any litigation or threat of litigation. Everyone knows it. Even the honest teachers will admit that calling school off on most of the days they do is absoulutely ridiculous.

          Class dismissed.

          • stophating

            You sir are a certifiable idiot. The decision on closing schools in each county is made by the superintendent, or his/her designee. Most will officially site concern for student safety, but I'm going to side with those saying threat of litigation is the true reason.

            Would you like a second reason why schools are closed more frequently now than in the past? The DOH cannot effectively clear the roads due to the cost saving computerized controls for dispersing salt. The state has saved many dollars on salt since these were installed during Joe Manchin's reign of terror.

        • Jermane

          Really? Then show me the proof that the "threat" of litigation is the reason.

          Teachers and ex-teachers make the call on when schools are closed for snow. That is a fact.

          Now go do your homework and disprove what I said.

          Good luck with that.

          • leroy j gibbs

            Why would x teachers care? That makes no sense

          • JoJo

            It ain't a fact in Webster County.

          • zero tolerance

            And your proof lies where? All you have to do is what the commercial for attorneys begging for accidents so they can represent perspective clients. You really think that excludes BOE transportation systems?

            Your implication that teachers have a say in closing school systems continues to be laughable.

  • Gilbert Gnarley

    Slow news day, I guess.

  • Howard

    Look at the radar. We aren't going to get much of anything. It's all to the north of Charleston.

    • Jermane

      Exactly. It looks like all precipitation will be out of the area by 7 pm or so.

      I'm saying the Charleston area gets not even a dusting of snow.

  • zero tolerance

    Good to see WV Metro News joining in on the ratings grab for first snowflake to last snowflake coverage of the latest "snowpocalypse" forecast. Nice to see responsible reporting and without this report I am unsure how I would have been able to prepare for 3"-6" of snowfall. Thanks! .

  • Larry

    Quick, everyone run out and buy up all of the bread and milk!

    • Rob

      It's the first of the month, those items are already sold out

    • Abbagoochie

      Not in wv. Its beer,smokes and lotto tickets.

      • Larry

        And "energy drink" of choice.

    • Jephre

      Anyone else remember the famous "Rockefeller Blizzard" from the late 1970's? He got on the Emergency Radio network in mid-morning and told everyone to go home, resulting in a panic. There wasn't a loaf of bread or gallon of milk anywhere in the state - shelves were picked clean by noon. The storm hit that afternoon, lasted about 30 minutes with maybe an inch of snow and it was over.

      • Jermane

        hahaaa, I remember that so well. Rockefeller was on the readio and tv telling people to get to the store and then home. He was saying power was going to be out for weeks and roads closed for who knew how long.

        My mom freaked out. The stores were jam packed. Some locked their doors and wouldn't let anyone else in. We had to go to 3 different stores before we found one that would let anyone in. Then, there was nothing to buy.

        We picked up what we could, went home and hunkered down. It barely rained as I recall.

      • David

        I remember it well!
        Closed school at WVU!

      • leroy j gibbs

        Yup I was in middle school then.the blizzard sirens went off but nothing happened

    • Marco

      An why do they always show people buying show shovels?? New shovel for each storm??

    • Mom

      You forgot about toilet paper :)

    • Crazy People

      So true Larry. It really does not make sense anymore. 2"! With how fast DOH has roads cleared after a storm it's not like you will be stuck in your home for a week.

      I wonder if thats how people survive for those 5 hours we are snowed in is by only eating bread and milk??? Maybe they dip their bread in their milk. ewwww lol

      • Larry

        Could be, a delicious "milk sandwich".