CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Charleston police detectives are hoping to get some help from the public as they continue their investigation into a New Year’s morning shooting.

Chief of Detectives Lt. Steve Cooper released a surveillance video Friday morning.

“We’re hoping there may be additional witnesses who saw some portion of what happened that night,” Lt. Cooper said. “We want to have all of the witnesses that saw this take place available to testify later.”

The video shows a fight breaking out near the back entrance of the Ramada hotel in downtown Charleston. Cooper said two groups of people got into a fight over a pizza delivery at 2 a.m. New Year’s morning.

Police have already charged Michael Underwood, 30, of Beckley with malicious wounding. Cooper said the video shows Underwood shooting Charlie Scott during the fight. Police charged Fayetteville attorney Jamison Conrad with being an accessory after the shooting. It’s alleged he removed evidence from the scene and refused to identify Underwood while being interviewed by police.

The criminal complaint also alleges Conrad told another witness not to go to police but wait for them to come to him first.

Lt. Cooper is urging anyone who knows anything about what happened to call police at 304-348-6480.

“We hoping that once they see this video they’ll realize we need to speak with them,” he said.

Police said the Recovery Sports Grill, which is near the shooting scene, was closed two hours prior to the incident.

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  • Ms.Hancock

    Yes the shooter needs to be punished, but all any of you are doing is bashing Jamison just because you know he's a lawyer. He is a kind hearted man. He has went out of his way to help me and my son without even getting payed for helping me. All he did was pick up a cell phone for no other reason then it belonged to his friend. Phones aren't cheap. Doctors and Lawyers or not they are still people. All the schooling in the world does not prepare you for real world problems.

  • Uncle SAM

    Jeff Jenkins, if you are the one that moderates this particular page and decides No Opinion other than those that fit your agenda will be heard, then you don't need to be in the NEWS business, you need to be in the business of trying to replace Jay Carney in the Obama Administration.

    Let me guess, you are for stricter gun control and think the 2nd Amendment is outdated, am I right? Pathetic group at Metro News.

  • Joe

    What you all are failing to understand is that a sidearm is used for protection. It doesn't matter if your 100lb or 400lb... The concept is the same. You don't have to be struck at all physically to draw a weapon for protection. Maybe he has a family, and he is unsure of what will happen if the fight continues. I don't fault him at all for pulling his weapon. After all, he was trying to leave until the victim pursued them to the door. Maybe you should all consider the entire situation in context. It would've all been over if Scott hadn't pursued Underwood at the door. This should be a lesson to the public... Don't try to be a tough guy because you never know who is carrying a weapon to protect themselves and their family.

    • College Ave

      Unholstering, that is.

  • Uncle SAM

    Sorry, the big oaf that got shot shouldn't have perused them once they were clearly retreating out the door--- the situation was defusing itself and all that was left was a few parting verbal jabs until the larger guy decided to take it to the next level.. He was the aggressor.
    If you beat on my head or body you deserve what I give you in return.

    There is a recent former WVU Student comatose right now because of a blow to the head as a result of an argument about a past World Series... When a 200lb man in the prime of his life hits another man about the head there is ALWAYS a chance of serious injury. I've seen ears bit partly off, eyes gauged out in bar room fights.. There's no Ref. in an alley to stop a beating..

    • Uncle SAM

      perused = Pursue

  • College Ave

    I support concealed carry. However, I suspect the chubby fellow who finally got his chance to use his weapon wishes he would've left the thing holstered in favor of watching his diet a little more, going for an occasional run, and studying a martial art or taking up boxing.

    Most of all, I'll bet he wishes he would've had the maturity and good sense to swallow his pride, gather up his tough guy-wannabe crew, and leave.

    And when it comes to the women… Absolute class. They'll be the moms who embarrass their children and everyone but themselves by getting into arguments and fights at their kids' ball games.

    Classy bunch all around.

    • Mountain Man

      Maximum penalty for the lawyer and his out of control buddy. Better not be a cover up for the wealthy on this one. WE are all watching.

    • Joe

      Absolutely agree. I'll let the princesses in on what most think....they are not that attractive.

  • lisa31

    Is that Dr. McClintick in the hat?

  • Jason412

    Is the sound you hear at 0:47-0:49 supposed to be the gun shot or the door slamming open?

    It doesn't really sound like a gun shot but I don't understand why everything else in the video is muted but that split second.

    But really at about 1:00 - 1:05 the guy in the black looks like he draws from the back of his jeans, fumbles with it, possibly dropping it, then when he falls and the guy goes to stomp him he shoots.

    I lost a very good friend when I was younger because he punched a guy in the face 1 time, guy pulled and shot him. There's a lot of people who carry pistols responsibly, and a lot of people who shouldn't be allowed to carry anything bigger then a pellet gun.

    • Oh Did Ya?

      If you watch close you can see the gun smoke on the left side of the screen toward the end while they out of view. The big guy pulls the gun out while he is still in view.

      • Jason412

        Oh ok, thanks I appreciate it, I noticed the guy draw but not the smoke.

        You can see the muzzle flash at the very bottom around 1:14 and the smoke right after.

        I wasn't sure when the shot was because nobody acted like someone just got shot at very close range, but now I notice the guy in blue that's slamming the pizza at the beginning grabs his girlfriend and runs out the left as soon as the shot is fired.

        Looks like the big guy took a few windmill punches and was falling back when he pulled the pistol. Then he took another hit and shot. Those weren't Joe Frazier punches, definitely no reason to shoot.

        I do find it laughable the obvious first thought through the lawyers mind after someone gets shot is to grab and run. It takes the him a few seconds altogether to see the evidence(phone) and run out. Almost like instinct.

  • blugldmn

    The attorney should be disbarred...

  • J. Perry

    Hard to tell the exact moment he was shot, but the smaller goof in the black coat and trousers appears to retrieve the pistol off the floor before he makes his get away through the door on the right.

    • wvu999

      cell phone i think
      the gun shot was on the other side of the room

  • Ron Jeremy

    Really? He pulled a gun out over a wrestling match? He is lucky someone didn't take the gun from him and shoot him with it. Totally did not warrant the need for a weapon of any kind to be pulled.

    Then again, I'm a lover not a fighter.

  • Gilbert Gnarley

    Auditioning for the Springer show?

  • Boookman

    I love to watch doctors and lawyers fight !!!

  • crazy nate

    Where is the mayor? Why no call to shut it down? No grand standing? Moose club shooting......no grand standing? Funny how he picks and chooses! Charleston's crown jewel, attracts the same pillbilly,drunks the the other places on capital st. Jones knows its easy to lean on buildings owner, to put the screws to the bar owner, but this outfit has the type of resources to defend itself, against things like this , that they have no control over. You can't fix a retarded, pillbilly drunk!

  • Ole Sasquatch

    Boy, when you feel like you have to pull out a gun and shoot a fellow human being in a situation like this - you never had the maturity to have a gun in the first place. 30 yrs. in prison seems to be about the right punishment for this crime and lucky no one was killed. To think someone of this maturity can carry around a gun and stick that attorney in with him for good while - he wants to be so good.

    • cutty77

      All this over some Pizza too. Shoot somebody over a Pizza. WTF

  • Larry

    What a fine collection of drunk idiots!