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WVU quarterback Clint Trickett recently learned he played the final six games of 2013 with a torn labrum.


MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — West Virginia quarterback Clint Trickett played with a torn labrum for the second half of the season, according to report.

The article recaps many facets of Trickett’s first seven months in Morgantown—from the awkward pressures he felt with his father on the staff at Florida State to the travails he experienced as a transfer while learning Dana Holgorsen’s offense. It also gauged Trickett’s reaction to the school he left behind (FSU) facing the school to which he considered transferring (Auburn) in the BCS national championship.

The one new revelation was that Trickett sustained a worse-than-thought injury during West Virginia’s 30-21 upset of Oklahoma State on Sept. 28. The rising senior said he visited with Dr. James Andrews recently to see whether surgery is an option.

“I just found that out like a couple weeks ago that I’ve been playing with torn labrum in my throwing shoulder along with a Grade 2 AC sprain,” Trickett told CBS Sports columnist Bruce Feldman. “It was a rough year, but we’ll get that fixed, and be ready for next year.”

Trickett was 2-5 as a starter and said after the season-ending loss to Iowa State that he planned on entering spring practice in 2014 as the starter.

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  • bw

    The defense is not as bad as people think. You cannot have a defense on the field as long as we have and not give up a lot of yards and points. Who knows how good or bad the qb's are when the offensive line is getting them killed. We need a good o-line coach.

  • WVA-1

    Is everyone forgetting we are in this mess because of Bill Stewarts recruits. If you look back at the last several recruiting classes including all of Bill Stewarts you will see why we are in this state. Plus the recruiting class in the transisition year was a nightmare. He needs to win more but hard to do that when you are decimated by injuries. Hard to beat Iowa State when your two deep in the secondary has true freshmen walk ons. I remember last year we had a starting cornerback whom played at WVU Tech, can't win with those kind of players.

  • richard

    graywv, we must start "their" what?

  • JimBob

    A friend of mine (college baseball pitcher) had shoulder surgery four months ago. He still isn't throwing yet and may never pitch again. Don't count on Clint next year.

  • Daniel

    Hindsight may be 20/20 but I still think the best coach for the 'Eers was Doc Holliday. He gave his all for the university and was shat upon by the BOG and Ollie. He's showing his football mentality for the "other guys" now. A wasted opportunity that will probably never come this way again. What a pity!

  • Graywv

    Everybody is so critical, I see no one thats positive, have any of you been watching any of these bowl games-doesn't seem many of them have a great defense, alot of skilled players, but one big thing I have noticed most of the winning teams have very-very big mobile lineman, both on offense & defense. One of our greatest coachs(Don Nehlen) always said the path to a good team is through the line(offense or defense). Thats why all great quarterbacks want to take their lineman out to dinner and defensive backs want to take their lineman to! If we are ever to improve we must start their!

  • Kenny

    C'mon guys I like Trickett 1. he has a disease that prevents him from bulking up this is a fact! 2. He has a tone of heart and guts. 3. I was at the ok st. Game an seen him injure his shoulder he really was hurt. I believe he is much better than Millard and more mobile than Childress but really Childress is the better of the 3 and all that being said I think a freshman or a transfer will be your Qb next year and trickett is a back up in this league and our recruiting has improved a ton in the last few years we have more 4star recruits than I have seen ever in all positions!

  • William

    He will have plenty of time to rest, SINCE HE WILL BE SITTING ON THE BENCH NEXT YEAR!

  • Jim N Charleston

    What a shock, no one from WVU called Glen Close, I m

  • Jim N Charleston


  • Ole Sasquatch

    Gee' surely some of you has seen the tape of Skylar Howard. Why should there be any question about the QB position next year. Don't any of you, even know an athlete when you see him? Ole Sasquatch should'nt have to tell you rookies - everything.

  • Leon

    You have got to be kidding me. You mean that with all the trainers , medical staff, team of top orthopedic surgeons that he just found out he has a torn labrium. Not a question of toughness, sounds like we need to replace medical people as well as coaches. The curse of IMG , we should have never changed.

    • madhatter

      i thought the same thing,,, what in the world is the wvu medical center graduating

  • David

    Excuse me, but don't we have medical doctors in that big building across the parking lot from Mountaineer Field? Who the hell evaluated this kid that he is just now finding out?

  • Phil M.

    I agree get rid of the flat colored helmets and get some sparkle back in them.

    I did like the throw back uniform we wore in the Texas game.

  • Phil M.

    I like the kid but we better be putting a better QB on the field with a much improved offensive line if we plan on being any better next year.

    I hope one of these 2 new kids are the real deal. Oh and I don't want to hear from the coach that they don't have time to learn his offense. Plenty of freshman QB's playing on other teams.

    • David

      Go back to this very publication, heck any publication in the state for that matter. DH stated his offense was simple, could be installed in three days, just repetition after that.

      All of a sudden last year it was complicated.

      • madhatter

        same question i am asking