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WVU quarterback Clint Trickett recently learned he played the final six games of 2013 with a torn labrum.


MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — West Virginia quarterback Clint Trickett played with a torn labrum for the second half of the season, according to report.

The article recaps many facets of Trickett’s first seven months in Morgantown—from the awkward pressures he felt with his father on the staff at Florida State to the travails he experienced as a transfer while learning Dana Holgorsen’s offense. It also gauged Trickett’s reaction to the school he left behind (FSU) facing the school to which he considered transferring (Auburn) in the BCS national championship.

The one new revelation was that Trickett sustained a worse-than-thought injury during West Virginia’s 30-21 upset of Oklahoma State on Sept. 28. The rising senior said he visited with Dr. James Andrews recently to see whether surgery is an option.

“I just found that out like a couple weeks ago that I’ve been playing with torn labrum in my throwing shoulder along with a Grade 2 AC sprain,” Trickett told CBS Sports columnist Bruce Feldman. “It was a rough year, but we’ll get that fixed, and be ready for next year.”

Trickett was 2-5 as a starter and said after the season-ending loss to Iowa State that he planned on entering spring practice in 2014 as the starter.

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  • madhatter

    being realistic, we just have a very bad football team in all areas. Defense continues to reduce expectations of any winning seasons.. They simply are terrible, just terrible,, ,not sure if it's personal or coaching or both.But until we get the D fixed we'll continue to be a bottom feeder.
    Truthfully, we don't have a div 1 qb on our rooster. really injury or not, trickett was pitiful as well as the other two.
    I see no bright spots on our team and dana will not be offered his jackpot HC job after his performance at WVU.
    Hopefully i'm wrong, and it's sad we don't play marsha, we need the easy win, but there's always towson st.
    Trickett might fit in as a backup or third string, but he isn't div 1 material.

    • Caleb

      I'm interested in seeing Ford Childress have a fair shake. I don't think we've seen the last of him. Coach Dana said Ford is the most accurate of his qb's. He needs more reps though.

    • leroy j gibbs

      Marsha would have beaten us tbis year

      • WVA-1

        I am pretty happy we didn't have to play Marshall as well.

      • Troll

        WVU vs Marshall
        WVU 12 wins
        Marshall 0 wins
        This is fact, not speculation!

        • Caleb

          Did you notice Marshal beat Maryland in bowl game. Maryland absolutely thrashed WVU.

          • JAS

            Did you notice that at least 5 i believe it was Maryland starters didnt play against mooshall including their two best wideouts, all american tight end, and quarterback? Not even close to the same team we played (without a quarterback) Aa for Childress, sometimes HS talent doesnt transfer to D-1 talent. He will transfer as will Mallard if Crest signs on the dotted line next month.

          • Caleb

            This is fact, not speculation.

  • Master of One

    I really like Clint Trickett and admire his grit, but the real truth is that he just doesn't have the physical frame to play QB in this league (Big 12).

    To make matters worse, WVU has not had an offensive line who could protect the Quarterback since Dana Holgorsen got here.

    Whoever plays QB at WVU will continue to take a physical beating until Holgorsen and the Brew Crew are sent packing...

    The WVU coaching staff focuses primarily on recruiting receivers, QB's and running backs...not offensive lineman.

    • Whatamoroon

      You don't have any clue about recruiting or football. The offensive linemen we need are already in Morgantown. They are all very young and inexperienced.

  • Josh

    I'm a Marshall fan but out of the few wvu games I caught this year, I was impressed with his desire to play - you can't knock this kid for his toughness.

    • mineralcounty

      I agree Josh. Unfortunately toughness doesn't win games when there's no talent behind it. I hope he steps up and shows us something we haven't seen yet. If not hopefully one of the 5 other qbs we have (assuming crest signs) steps up and clearly grabs the starting spot. The flip flopping we endured this year obviously doesn't work

  • Gandyman

    Clint Trickett isn't any good and Paul Millard doesn't belong on a DI team. Furthermore, Ford Childress can't be very good if he couldn't beat those two jokers out.... THIS IS ALL HOLGORSON'S DOING.

    • Troll

      If I'm not mistaken Childress did beat them out then got hurt. Quit bashing the kids who come to play that's real classy. Hope that rock you live under doesn't fall and crush you.

  • pghmountaineer

    Wow! Congrats to our ladies in B Ball.
    Thanks Woodchuck.

  • Woodchuck

    WVU women's basketball team defeated Kansas last 65-55 if anyone is interested.

  • richard

    i'll give him the benefit of the doubt. you could tell something was wrong. maybe he is better than people think. still needs to gain some weight and muscle or he will get hurt again. I think it will come down to him or childress as the starter next year. skylar howard needs to redshirt and learn the system. millard is a goner---lower division is my bet. crest (if he signs) will redshirt too.

  • MountainMover

    I admire his toughness but I wonder why the medical staff didn't get this checked out sooner. He was obviously in pain in several of those games, sometimes he was literally carrying his right arm with his left. He looked like a pitcher who blew out his arm, and when that happens a pitcher gets checked out for just this kind of injury. If he they had found this two months ago he could've had surgery and be on a quicker comeback timetable. Someone really blew it here and it could hurt his opportunity to play.

  • pghmountaineer

    One more point. I admire Trickett's grit to play through the injury. He never used it as an excuse.

  • pghmountaineer

    This just goes to show the dilema that Dana was in. He didn't have a quarterback that could play better than an injured one who was probably at best ,60% healthy. It's just sad that we didn't have any depth at that position.
    When Pat White was injured, Jared Brown stepped in and we didn't miss a beat. That's the difference in good and bad coaching.

    • dan

      are you kidding did you read what you just said

      • Kenny

        That's funny!

    • madhatter

      you have to be kidding,, brown wasn't in the same light year as White

  • tw eagle

    had this surgery done myself . . . the damage , if not repaired , will affect his mindset more than his play . . . thinking about the possible loss of accuracy due to the
    "loosened" capsule . . . it's an outpatient procedure that'll take about 1 1/2 hours to fix & months of rehab (after rest) to regain full mobility . . .

    are all our recruiting 'chicks' still in the coop ?

    would the ncaa allow solid state electronics be used to signal plays from the sideline to the QB ? just that DH seems preoccupied with the security of his hand signals . . .so intricate that it takes the QB's years to learn to interpret them - sounds a little paranoid to me . . . this trait seems to run deep in intelligent people . . .
    most QB's wear a wrist band with formations and plays on them . . . why not add a "dick tracy" element to this and let the wrist band highlight the play the OC wants called . . . say the main play is highlighted in Gold , and the alternate plays (audibles) highlighted in Blue . . . the technology is already available . . . it can even be in the helmet and projected onto the clear face shield ( it's called a heads up display) used by military pilots and elite bicyclists . . .just another thought to help eliminate the idiotic
    ( and useless) problem of communication . . .

  • cutty77

    Please let the Clint Trickett QB coming to WVU go away.This move by Dana may in the end cost him his job. 2 an 5 as a Starter.Enough said.

    • shawn

      Did you read the article? The dude was hurt. So was Childress. That leave Millard...enough said.

      • cutty77

        Yes i read the article,and don't believe it for a minute. Yes he got hurt sometime during the year,because he is to small to play QB at WVU. Quit blaming poor QB play on a Injury. Thats a Big Cop Out. I have never seen press on a guy that has never done anything anywhere.

        • Troll

          Guess you can tell all about injuries setting on your couch doing nothing.

          • Aaron

            If you knew that an individual who lettered at Florida State couldn't play QB at WV, what are you doing commenting on stories on a web site. Why aren't you out there making money off of that vast knowledge you allegedly possess?

          • cutty77

            @ Troll,and Shawn,
            Go back and read the april 17th 2013 article on Trickett thinking about coming to WVU. I said then that Trickett couldn't play at WVU. I think i was pretty much right on that statement. I'm not a Hater of the kid,he just can't play QB. Those are The Hard Cold Facts.

          • It is what it is

            Hey Troll

            Didn't you know that cutty77 was a 3-time all american quarterback at assclown university.

            if a person is a hater, they are a hater and FACTS will NEVER get in the way of that hate

  • WV Grad

    It's called guts.

  • Bondo

    Looks like a freshman starting at WVU next season. Might just be for the best. Good luck with sugury Clint.

    • WVU4EVER

      Is Trickett going to have surgury or not?
      It was never said if he was or not.

  • shawn

    Well that explains a little bit about the end of the season. It would've been nice to know that down the stretch though.