CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The first winter blast of 2014 forced the closure of most county school systems in West Virginia Friday.

Snow amounts ranging from half-inch to a half-foot covered the state Friday morning with temperatures in the teens.

National Weather Service Meteorologist Ray Young said on Friday’s MetroNews Morning News, following moderating temperatures on Saturday and Sunday the state could expect a repeat performance of Friday morning’s weather Sunday night.

“A cold front is going to come through, we may get a little bit of rain on the front end, then we’re going to flash freeze Sunday night as cold air comes in and then get an inch or two of snow on top of it,” Young said.

Temperatures will fall through the day Monday and end up in the single-digits by Monday afternoon.

Young said the jet stream is diving over the eastern half of the U.S. providing a path for the cold arctic air to dive straight down over the continental U.S. without being modified.

Young said there’s not much major snow accumulation totals with these storm systems because there’s not much moisture coming from the south.

The cold temperatures will be the story going forward beginning Monday into Tuesday with the lowlands reaching the single digits and the higher elevations going below zero. Young said there could be record lows reached.

“It’s certainly possible. These are historic levels of cold air,” he said.


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  • David

    I hope everyone stays safe and as warm as possible. If you know of animals kept outdoors, and can help find or provide shelter for them, please do.
    Oh, and climate change is resulting in a higher aggregate temperatures globally, commonly called "global warming". It doesn't mean that it doesn't get cold in winter. ;-)

    • David

      *"... resulting in higher aggregate temperatures..."*

  • Bill Spears

    I recall very clearly the Polar Vortex. On January 19, 1994 the temperature here in Bridgeport was minus 27F. On or about January 4, 1994 we had about 18 inches of snow then another snowfall of about 18 inches fell on or about January 17th.

    In early February that year there was so very serious flooding in this area. Does anyone recall that the Christmas of 1983 saw the temp. here in Harrison County at minus 23F ?

    What about the Thanksgiving 1950 snow storm ? Clarksburg had just over 36" of snow. Pickens, WV had 57" in that same event.

    • dolphin3111

      Yes, that was a wild January, Bill, with those all time record temps sandwiched in between the two huge snowfalls. By the end of the month there was a big thaw with a lot of high water.

  • dolphin3111

    On Monday and Tuesday the Polar Vortex will sink south all the way to the Great Lakes. This will be a historic, once in a generation occurrence and will result in widespread record breaking temperatures all across the midwest and east.

    The last time the polar vortex came this far south was January 19, 1994 when the ALL TIME record low temperature was set for the Ohio Valley. The official temperature in Parkersburg was minus 24F. I had minus 26F on my back porch.

    Today, up in Wisconsin they are singing to the tune of Van Morrison from 1971......

    “The high today was two below honey

    I’ve got frostbite in the third degree

    The high today was two below honey

    Don’t be talkin climate change to me!”

    .......... Enjoy the weather and STAY SAFE.


  • mark

    It's amazing how predictable the national media is in regards to weather-related stories. Any record heat is explained by global warming. At first, there were no comments during record cold snaps, but now they are explaining them as "climate change related". That global warming is responsible for "drastic swings" in weather patterns. If you express doubts, they react as if you have attacked their religion.

  • TCeer

    I don't know but......I would think we should spend money on blankets instead on global warming research.

  • bulldog95

    Imagine how cold it would be if it were not for global warming.

    • Ole Sasquatch

      Good point. I would need even more hair.

    • WVU 74

      Marvelous !

      (FYI -- 25°F currently in where I live in Georgia)

    • Gilbert Gnarley