FORT WORTH, Texas — West Virginia became a one-man offense during the final five minutes of Saturday’s game at TCU, which suited Juwan Staten just fine.

The junior point guard, contained for most of the afternoon, scored the Mountaineers’ final nine points in a 74-69 victory that temporarily exorcised some road demons and gave West Virginia a positive start to the Big 12 schedule.

Boxscore: West Virginia 74, TCU 69

As is so often the case, Staten’s 15 points were only part of his value. He also was a force on the glass with seven rebounds, and in 38 minutes of action, his defense kept Kyan Anderson to 12 points—half of what TCU’s top scorer had averaged the past three games.

Eron Harris topped West Virginia (9-5, 1-0) with 22 points, playing 33 minutes off the bench after suffering flu symptoms all week. By game’s end, however, Harris seemed gassed and Terry Henderson wasn’t inspiring much confidence on a 3-for-10 shooting day. Neither was coach Bob Huggins keen on the plan of dumping the ball inside, where his low-post players weren’t producing.

That left it up to Staten, who was only 1-of-6 shooting himself as the Mountaineers clung to a 65-62 lead after TCU’s Michael Williams made a layup with 4:59 to play.

“We didn’t really have a better option,” Huggins said. “Eron got a little bit tired—he didn’t really shoot the ball well—and Terry was having a bad day. (Staten) was option 1 and probably 1A.”

That option proved reliable as twice Staten drew fouls driving to the rim, each time making 1-of-2 free throws. After a Brandon Parrish 3-pointer pulled TCU to within 67-65, Staten answered with a 17-foot jumper with 2:41 left. After Amric Fields’ layup drew TCU close again, Staten again penetrated for a layup—and a 71-67 edge at the 1:47 mark.

“When I looked at Coach, he gave me a head nod and told me to keep the ball in my hands,” Staten said. “After that I knew I had to make plays.”

TCU (9-4, 0-1) unraveled on its next possession, with Christian Gore’s off-balanced runner glancing off the side of the backboard. After a timeout, Parrish threw a crosscourt pass that skipped out of bounds for the Frogs’ 14th turnover.

Forced to foul, TCU grabbed Staten, who again made 1-of-2 with 33 seconds left. After the Frogs frantically missed three shots in the ensuing scurry, Staten chased down a long rebound that led to a breakaway layup.

Huggins has repeatedly harped on his team’s rebounding deficiencies, but WVU’s 38-30 edge on Saturday was crucial. That included a 17-8 margin on the offensive glass, which—in a fit of perfect symmetry—fueled a 17-8 lead in second-chance points.

“We have been horrible on the glass and we’ve spent a great deal of time trying to get better rebounding the ball, particularly at the offensive end,” Huggins said.

The view from the opposite bench was disappointing for Frogs coach Trent Johnson, whose team dropped to 297th in Division I rebounding percentage.

“Rebounding is just one of those things that people want to talk about, but really it’s just quickness and effort toward the ball,” Johnson said. “It doesn’t help that we are a little limited because of injuries. But it’s one of those things we just have to keep working on at practice each week.

“The game was probably decided on the glass. Every time you give a team of that caliber 17 offensive rebounds, that’s going to hurt you.”

On fire in the first half, TCU made its first seven 3-pointers and wound up matching its season high with nine. After entering the game shooting 33 percent from long range, the Frogs made 47 percent Saturday.

Freshman small forward Brandon Parrish scored a career-best 18 points, including 4-of-8 from 3-point range. The oft-injured Fields was even better, piling up 22 points on 8-of-13 shooting in his second game back from a broken hand.

“They’re greatly improved,” Huggins said. “Fields gives them such a different dimension with his abilit to step out and make shots … and he facilitates other players. He’s a really good player.”

Karviar Shepherd, the 6-foot-10 freshman who Rivals ranked as the No. 65 prospect nationally, finished with two points, four rebounds and two blocks.

For one day at least, West Virginia was tied for the league lead. The only surprise from around the Big 12 was No. 6 Oklahoma State losing at Kansas State 74-71.

Texas Tech (8-6, 0-1), whom the Mountaineers face Monday night in Lubbock, lost its home opener to Iowa State 73-62.

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  • Wvu forever

    Women's Basketball is not my favorite thing to watch, however the women work just as hard as any of the other teams so yes i agree they should get alot more coverage then they do! All in all it's a great day to be a mountaineer where ever you may be!

  • pghmountaineer

    Allan, Ay news on Macon? Will be play this year?

    • Wvu forever

      I think Macon is officially redshirting. As for Holton i read somewhere odds are he will get to play.

  • pghmountaineer

    I'll say this, so far this year Staten looks a lot better this year then had did last year. Maybe it had something to do witht he supporting cast.


    Good road win at TCU; keep it up ! Also,
    the WVU women are playing well, and in my opinion deserve to be ranked this week. GO MOUNTAINEERS !

  • justme

    Rock Solid you used the word fans if these people can't get excited about all the WVU sports teams I don't consider them fans. But your right about them being pathetic.

  • 5toldU1s

    Congratulations for the Big 12 road win. Don't want to get too excited, but it looks like Macon might play after all. We're gonna win some big games this year either way. And by the way Juwan loves the women's team, so even though this article is primarily about him, congratulations to the women hoopsters anyway! Hopefully they will now be nationally ranked!?!

  • JL

    You write the best game stories on WVU. Period.

  • J the C

    The most significant point of this win was that it was a conference victory, on the road, where we found a way to finish in a tight game while shooting horribly. The bad news is that the Big 12 comp is going to get a lot tougher. In Huggs I trust. Go 'eers!

  • justme

    If you can't appreciate how good B. Holmes is how well A. Bussie plays and how hard J. Harlee plays and how good a coach Mike Carey is you should just start watching a cooking network and stay away from sports. They also have many other good players but I really enjoy watching these three.

  • mark

    Good win guys. We need work on finishing around the basket--especially Devin.

  • Brent

    Nice reporting. For a young man, you appear to be a quality journalist which is a rarity these days. Keep up the good work.

  • squad

    One thing is that if he can take over like this.. shouldn't he thinking about taking it to the hoop a little more in the game running up to crunch-time. I mean he only had 6 pts before.. and if no-one can stop him in crunch time, you'd think we try to include a larger portion of that in our offense....esp with the new rules.... he's so good..we should have 20 from him most nites...

  • Billy

    The WVU women won at #11 Ok St this evening too and are riding a 13 game winning streak. They face #9 Baylor next. I think they have earned some serious press about it sports staff?

    • Master of One

      Please, no more comments about the women's team. This article was about the play of Juwan Staten, not about the women's basketball team.

      Yes, we hope they win all their games and all of that but 95% of the readers here could care less one way or the other.

      • Rock Solid

        Hey Master of none: The point was that the women should get some coverage too. Since they have not, the bloggers must use the men's space. If you don't like it TOUGH! God, some of you fans are pathetic.

        • wvufanatic

          thank you if you don't like he post quit readin t everyone on here wants to complain

    • sput

      I hope the women win but how many really want to read about it .it is so boring

      • Sharon

        No, it's not boring. Reading your comments? Now, that IS boring.

        • wvufanatic

          I have followed the womens team and think if you r a wvu fan its probably the most well rounded team we got right now and its good to see them winning I love a good win by any team we have carey is a helluva coach I wish huggs could coach 4 ever but carey might b a descent successor what do you think allan would that b possible?

    • Brandon

      They could go undefeated and I still wouldn't care.

      • Shawn

        You should cheer for the women just like the men. These ladies are pretty darn good this year and if they had more support they may even get better.

      • Joe

        Honestly, Brandon, former high school equipment managers should not comment on sports stories.

        I bet you are just the center of attention at your wife's high school reunions. Let me guess, her classmates think you were first team all-state.

        • Wvu forever

          HE was a first team all state equipment manager

      • Wow

        You could go away forever and i wouldn't care.

      • GF

        Posting a reply indicates you do care, otherwise why bother? Another closet Marshall fan I suspect.