FORT WORTH, Texas — Though far from a perfect performance, West Virginia’s 74-69 victory over TCU was noteworthy for what didn’t happen in the second half.

Namely, the Mountaineers didn’t suffer through an extended offensive drought or fall into the trap of repeated defensive lapses. And even though the game shrank to a one-possession margin on 10 occasions in the second half, WVU never relinquished the lead.

Listen to Bob Huggins’ postgame reaction above.

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  • Jim Moltzer

    It was a good and tough game and we won! Now, all the Big 12 games will be tough. We have to be ready to play for all games ... better defense, more rebounding, less turnovers, and less fouls. Any Big 12 teams can win any game but we are Mountaineers ... Let's Go and fight and win tonight!

  • clair thompson

    Great news, they want to play and will listen to coaching.

  • Dave

    Huggs, Thanks for fix'in things just like you said you would. We know we're not there yet but that was a huge win over TCU. Great coaching job too. It's good to know we have a go to guy like Wanny. He's a good one. Keep up the good work Mountaineers we're headed in the right direction. Mountaineer fans can see the improvement every game. Great win.


  • William101

    Excellent sound quality. Thank you.

  • In da stickes

    I'll take Huggs on my army anytime.

  • madhatter

    once again , huggins throws his players under the bus,, no wonder we don't recruit well
    does huggins ever do anything wrong, nd has he fallen down lately

    • Allen

      Once again madhater plays spin doctor.

    • Hesa Duffus

      Thanks madhatter, I mean Big Larry! I was wondering where he had gone to

  • Muddy Creek 7

    Juwan Staten is coming into his own, what performance yesterday!

    • Grant

      Would like to see him hit more of those FT's down the stretch, but I agree. He was able to ice the game for us.