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After battling the flu all week, Eron Harris didn’t start Saturday’s game at TCU, but he scored 22 points in a 74-69 win.


FORT WORTH, Texas — On the subject of regrettable shot selection, perhaps Eron Harris missed one he should have taken.

As in a flu shot.

West Virginia’s leading scorer spent the past week feeling so puny he said “I was about ready to die.” He was unable to complete a full practice and wasn’t sure about his playing status until he awoke Saturday feeling improved. After a 22-point outburst helped the Mountaineers to a 74-69 win at TCU, Harris was feeling even better.

Boxscore: West Virginia 74, TCU 69

“I was sick all week—sick out of my mind,” said Harris, who came off the bench for the first time this season and made 4-of-5 from 3-point range.

“It was the flu. I just couldn’t go (during the week of practices), but I felt better waking up today.”

Coach Bob Huggins suspected Harris would try to play and the guard’s teammates were convinced of it.

“We might have wondered how much he would be able to play and what he could contribute, but we all knew he was going to go out and play like the same Eron,” said point guard Juwan Staten.

“He felt good (Saturday) morning. His spirits were up and he looked like he was into it. He wasn’t really drowsy or tired or anything, so we were expecting a good game from him.”

Harris admitted after the game he hadn’t recently received a flu shot: “Is that something you’re supposed to get every year?”

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  • madhatter

    we won on the road in the big 12 though they are one of the worst teams in the conf. , but we won. and Eron did ok, and Henderson, grabbed 7 rebounds ,i think adrian did also,,, this is really good, we need that kind of help,,, now if they can keep it up, and God forbid, Staten stays healthy.
    who would have thought after last yr that staten would be this mature and consistant and productive... we certainly would be lost without him.

    • Question?

      Why would you want God to forbid Staten stays healthy?

    • Allen

      A win is a win. Especially on the road in the Big 12, I don't care who it's against it's an important victory and a big one.Wins on the road mean you have a shot at a sweep when you play a team at home.

      Need to get one at Tech next.

  • Shawn

    The flu that is going around right now is no joke. I have family members who were down for well over a week. It takes some gull to get out there and run up and down a basketball court after having the flu. Now I understand why he looked a little sluggish at times. The kid needs today to rest up a little for the T-Tech game.

  • WV Grad

    Good Man!