CHARLESTON, W.Va. – The search continued Sunday for the person or people who killed an elderly Kanawha County man in his home.

Charleston Police found the body of George Molle, Jr., 90, of Charleston, at his house in the Kanawha City section of Charleston on Saturday after receiving a call from a concerned neighbor who had not seen Molle.

Lt. Steve Cooper, Charleston Police chief of detectives, said evidence at Molle’s home indicated he was murdered, possibly, on Friday.

As for what lead to his death, “I would call this, at this point, mysterious,” Cooper said on Saturday night.  He said Molle’s autopsy was expected to be completed by early in the week.

Molle’s home sits along busy MacCorkle Avenue where there is a lot of vehicle and foot traffic.

Betty Jarvis lives in the neighborhood.  “I walk these alleys all the time.  I walk to Foodland.  I walk to Drug Emporium.  I walk to the post office and feel perfectly safe,” she told WCHS-TV in Charleston.  “But not now.”

Charleston Police were asking anyone with information about the crime to call detectives at 304-348-6480.

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  • Uncle SAM

    BEHOLD the Creatures of my Creation..

  • DAVE

    Sounds similar to the recent Killing in Weston of an elderly man

  • crazy nate

    I have a 18 inch cap tree chipper, I could save the state huge $$$$ . This pillheaded criminal would cost less than thirty cents to dispose of.

    • Nc girl

      You must be the drug dealer considering there has been no mention of pills. Wow. Think before you write.

    • Chipperman

      You will want to leave the perp laying out for a few days before firing up your unit. Those damn things don't chip worth a damn till they're frozen. Perfect weather for a chippin!

  • Gary Karstens

    Nice society we are coming to....murdering 90-year old people. Let me guess, some pill popper comes out of the woodwork and needs a big-time fix. They figure a 90-year old has the meds they need. Pretty sad to say the least.