CHARLESTON, W.Va. — A mild weekend in West Virginia will give way to what are expected to be some of the coldest nights the Mountain State has seen in some time, if ever.

Following a major drop in temperatures late Sunday, several inches of snow were expected on Sunday night into Monday morning in some areas.  Freezing rain was also a possibility, creating slick conditions for drivers.

Then, on Monday afternoon, Wind Chill Warnings from the National Weather Service were scheduled to take effect and continue into Tuesday for almost every West Virginia county.

“It’s going to approach some records (for low temperatures) and it’s going to be pretty uncomfortable,” said National Weather Service Meteorologist Joe Merchant of temperatures that he said would drop below zero, in places, but feel even colder because of winds.

Every part of West Virginia will be blasted by cold and Monday night, Merchant said, would be the coldest.

In Northern West Virginia and the Eastern Mountains, the forecast said temperatures could drop to ten to 15 degrees below zero on Monday night and wind chills had the potential to reach -25 to -35.  The forecast was calling for a zero degree night on Monday night in the Eastern Panhandle with wind chills down to -14.

Along the Ohio River, low temperatures Monday night were forecasted to fall to -6 with wind chill values as low as -15.  In southeastern West Virginia, several inches of snow were in the forecast for Monday with a low of -8 Monday night and wind chills as low as -28.

Merchant said the cold was coming from the North Pole via, what’s called, a polar vortex.

“It has just shifted farther south than it normally does.  It has moved down into southern Canada,” he explained.  “As that storm system moves off to the east, the winds out of the north wrap back around that low and bring that cold air down as far as West Virginia and even farther south.”

It’s a major change from a weekend that saw daytime highs above 50 degrees in some places.

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  • Hillbilly

    We need to send billions more dollars to other countries so they can fight the war on global warming since we caused it by driving our cars , so says al gore , dig deep folks.

  • mark

    My vote for the longest sustained frigid cold temp's is winter of 77/78. School was out for over 2 weeks as it did not get over 0 degrees.

  • Larry

    A simple google search lists a record low of -37 in Lewisburg in 1917.

    • Larry

      It was also considerably colder than what is being forecast during the cold spell in January 1994.

  • mineralwellsbob

    It's probably been colder in WV but that was during the ice age. If the Ohio freezes - then it will be cold.

    Schools up and down the Ohio are already closing or are closed for tomorrow.

    I just hope I can get to work safely.

    Stay warm, be safe.

  • Robin

    I believe it was the day after Christmas in 1984 we left for Florida and when we left it was -24, not wind chill but the actual temperature. We left in a CJ 7 soft top. Wanted to ride on Daytona beach. When we arrived there it was in in the 30's. Stunk.

  • ben

    Wonder if we will be under state of emergency

  • wvtd

    I was hoping global warming was real so I would have ocean front property in Pocahontas county. looks like I will have to drive 7 hours to the eastern shore of VA like I have been doing for the last 23 years. darn. stay warm and safe everyone and throw another log on the fire.

  • Indian Boy

    Really, taking a shot at the climate change folks. It is January 5th and we have had only a few days below freezing since Nov 1. This is WV, and it should be COLD but it rarely is anymore. Looks to me like the warming might already be here. I look forward to a few cold days before it is in the 40s again. Stop complaining.

    • Wowbagger

      I've been living in West Virginia for 63 years and there is no typical winter. Some are warm almost never dropping below freezing and some are bitter cold with temperatures below 20 for a month or more, some are snowy and some are not.

      Global average temperatures are more about solar cycles and polar movement than Anthropomorphic CO2. From the perspective of geologic time the current atmosphere is relatively low in CO2.

      • wvtd

        facts are not accepted by the global warming lemmings.

        • Wowbagger

          It's become a religion to them. The fools stuck in the Antarctic sea ice or possibly the government of New Zealand are considering planting trees to offset the CO2 generated by their ill fated pseudo-expedition and subsequent rescue, totally ignoring the fact that getting stuck in the Antarctic ice in the summer in an area they fully expected to be clear argues against the whole theory.

          • WV Redneck

            Seems to me it's been warming up for the last 50,000 years. Ever since the last ice age.

            Global Warming is the biggest money making scam in the history of the world.

  • Mountain Man

    School should be cancelled for Monday. It's a no brained. Should be issued by the Governor and not left to local BOE's.

    • Confused

      Why cancel school? Don't they all have heat? We have to go to work.

      • Jason412

        Do you stand at a bus stop to go to work?

        I've always heard that was more of the issue. And when I was a kid the bus was frequently late, so we would be standing out there for 30+ minutes after the bus should of arrived. Keep in mind, this is the days before parents chauffeured their kids to/from the bus stop so I don't know how it is now.

        • The bookman

          Mark has it correct's the offense mntnman!

      • mark

        We live in a litigious society. Local BOE's probably don't want to deal with a lawsuit stemming from a bus wreck or frostbite situation. I am an administrator and get to listen to lawsuit threats on a regular basis. It is ultimately safer and cheaper to err on the side of caution. (i.e. wimpiness)

    • Wowbagger

      In 1977 then Governor Jay Rockefeller pretty much shut West Virginia down for one of these and after it was all over looked like a fool, because although it was cold and windy it just wasn't that bad.

  • sam

    And close state offices...

    • Aaron

      But still pay the state employees, right?

      The last time I checked, there is not holiday for called in cold.

      • syd

        "The last time I checked, there is not holiday for called in cold."

        Wow. You should sue the public school system.

      • stophating

        On behalf of all of WV's public employees and teachers, I am hereby presenting you with the prestigious Richard Cranium award. Congrats, you've more than earned it.

    • Patchy

      Good long as they are closed in July and August also. Call it a red tape amnesty.

  • leroy j gibbs

    Ahh reminds me of high school days of the mid 70's highs of 0 lows of-15

    • wv_hick

      I remember going to school one particular winter morning during the 70's. My brother had checked the thermometer and reported to moy mom that it wasn't too bad - only 22 degrees. I doubled checked and it was 18 below zero. We still walked out and waited for the school bus. Luckily, our driveway was downhill both ways.

  • Dennis

    I wonder if Governor Tomblin will declare a state of emergency to minimize the number of children standing outside waiting on a school bus Tuesday morning?

  • Whatamoroon

    Brrrrrrr. I want my global warming I've been promised for 20 years. Government can't even deliver on that promise.

    • dolphin3111

      CO2=more food, CO2=life
      Warm=good, Cold=death

    • Go WVU

      Well said