HUNTINGTON, W.Va.—With success comes new opportunities.  That’s just how the world of college football works.  When Marshall’s offense exploded during the 2012 season, Tony Petersen was plucked away by Louisiana Tech to hopefully bring the same offensive success to Ruston.

Current offensive coordinator Bill Legg is candidate for the head coach position at Eastern Illinois, no doubt thanks to The Herd’s 42 points per game and offensive prowess the last two seasons.

Could the man who leads the entire program now be a target for a new gig?  Doc Holliday’s name been tossed out there by some as a possible successor to Charlie Strong who has moved to head up the University of Texas.  Why wouldn’t he be at least be considered as Louisville Athletics Director Tom Jurich compiles his list of potential candidates?

Holliday is 27-24 in four seasons, with a Conference USA Championship appearance and two bowl wins to his credit.  In the last two seasons, Marshall has averaged 41.6 points per game, the highest over any two-year span in school history.  It has averaged 516 yards of total offense per game.  It’s the most prolific two-year stretch on offense ever in both yardage and points for The Herd.   Marshall has gone from barely competing in C-USA to playing for the league title, due to the players and coaches that Holliday has brought in.

Holliday is a proven recruiter, with a strong pipeline in the state of Florida, and has been able to draw high level talent to Marshall (Rakeem Cato, Tommy Shuler and others), who have been key reasons why Marshall’s program is on the upswing.  He is also a great evaluator when it comes to coaches.  Holliday hired seven new assistants coming into the 2013 seasons, none more important than defensive coordinator Chuck Heater, who led the defense’s turnaround.

When he was hired, Holliday had been a career assistant and there was a stigma that there must be a reason he’d never been given the chance to be a head coach.  The results over the last four years should shed that stigma.

Louisville is a very attractive job for any coach.  It’s moving into the ACC, it has beautiful facilities and nearly unlimited pockets with big time donors such as John Schantter (Papa John’s) ready to write checks win necessary. Not to mention, Charlie Strong’s base salary was $3.7 million at Louisville.  Holliday’s base salary at Marshall is $600,000.

Director of Athletics at Louisville Tom Jurich probably already has his short list of candidates prepared and is putting out feelers to gage their interest.  If Louisville does reach out to Holliday, no one would blame him if he talks with Louisville.  Holliday’s buyout is only $1.8 million with his contract running through the 2016 season.  Whether or not he is offered the job is a totally different story.

If Marshall continues to its success next season interests from bigger schools with deeper pockets will eventually start to roll in for Holliday.

Marshall Athletics Director Mike Hamrick has said he wants to rework Holliday’s contract and increase his salary.  Those negotiations may take on more urgency if Holliday’s name comes up for the Cardinals’ job.

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  • Bondo

    This entire article is a joke. . . no possible way... none.

    • Dub V Fan

      True. If asked, Jurich probably said "Doc who?"

  • JustaFan

    This story is real funny. Louisville had Petrino before this article was even written.

  • justme

    Just in the past 8 years WVU has won the Sugar Bowl ,Fiesta Bowl and the Orange Bowl MU will never even play in one of these bowls. Now I'm sure someone will try to figure out a way to make this sound insignificant, but the fact is it happened and it was earned.

  • Troll

    Marshall Thundering Herd fan analogy:

    WVU beat Oklahoma State
    Oklahoma State beat Baylor
    Baylor beat Oklahoma
    Oklahoma beat Alabama

    Conclusion: WVU would have beat Alabama this year if they would have played.

    Guess you Herd fans think this is stupid right? We'll listen to yourself about your Maryland analogy!

  • Ed

    WVU Fans still talking smack about a coach that, at one time, you loved!! He had a great season, they beat a team, in a bowl game, that beat West Virginia, 34-0, and you are still sayng he is coaching high school ball?!! I used to think OSU Fans were the worst I've seen, but WVU fans are Terrible!! You think you are on top of the college football mountain looking down. 4-8 no matter what conference you are in Sucks!! Holgerson is here until another team comes calling. Doc Holiday would be here for ever, and he would win!! I will never ever again support WVU football, not due to the team, or the current coach, because of the FANS!! Worst fans in College Football. Move over Ohio State!

  • Troll

    Guess the answer is no.

  • GregG

    These Marshall fans never cease to amaze me. Do you really think that Louisville is interested in a 27-24 coach from C-USA? Hell, next you'll be saying Texas wanted him but didn't have enough money to get him. I have heard that Louisville had 4-5 names on their list. Petrino and Narduzzi seem to be getting the most buzz.

  • Troll

    Just an example of how the Herd fans try and be relevant. Whole story fabricated about coach being on Louisville list when school never once came close to mentioning him. Then people post about Herd could have beat WVU because they beat Maryland and Maryland beat WVU. Well the facts are this, Louisville not interested in your coach, and we will never know if you could have beat WVU because there was no game, using your own rational I would have to say no you couldn't have beat WVU this year and back that up by simply stating the only fact that matters , on the field ( not fabricated in your mind) WVU leads series with Herd 12-0!

    • GregG

      Fist bump Troll. Right on.

  • WVcoal

    Apparently not, they've made an offer to Petrino.

  • Philwilmoth

    Wow look at all the wvu fans on here leaving negative comments about Marshall and calling it a high school. Didn't Maryland beat wvu by over 30 PTA this year, and Marshall beat Maryland by 11 in military bowl. Does that make wvu a middle school then since they couldn't even compete against Maryland. Maybe u haters out there need to step outside ur little box and think about what ur saying before u say it. It's funny to me wvu seems to only play marshall when we r on rebuilding years for the exception of penning tons soft more year

  • GoHerd

    Hey WVU scum. Its nice to know you guys still wake up in morning. I mean with such a storied program as yours I'm shocked that I didn't hear much about you all this season. Should have known I could find some here since Marshall is involved. How is that Big 12 working out for you guys? Not so well is it. I really hate to hear that for you guys. I mean being the only school in the conference so far away I was sure that would work well. Road games should really be in your favorite since everyone of them is half way across the country. Well maybe next year will be better for you guys.

  • The Sarge

    Bring Doc back to Morgantown!!!!!

  • Uncle SAM

    Geesh!! leave "little Detroit" for the next best thing to the real Detroit!! Why?

  • Charles

    I don't think 27-24 will get Doc any consideration from Louisville. I'm sure they have their sights set quite a bit higher than that. Moving into the ACC will mean they will want a higher caliber coach than Doc. Doc did have a clause in his contract that said he couldn't leave for WVU. Of course, that would have to mean WVU would want him.

  • justme

    The ACC does not allow non qualifiers (V.Curry McManus and many others) so Im not sure Doc. could get the recruits he would need at Lville.

    • Aaron

      He's also responsible for recruiting Tebow to Florida. You can say what you want about Doc but to imply he can't recruit reflects more on the person making the comment than anything else.

    • Greg

      The ACC does allow non qualifiers just like the rest. They don't even have to attend class at UNC as we all well know. They get paid quite well by the boosters at Miami too. :-)

    • cutty77

      You do remember Doc Coached at NC State. He is The One that signed Phillip Rivers,ever heard of him.