CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The state alcohol commissioner has extended the suspension of the private club license for a Cross Lanes club for 10 more days and has scheduled an administrative hearing.

The state Alcohol Beverage Control Agency continues to investigate what happened inside Shep’s Lounge on Christmas night. Sheriff’s deputies said a private party got out of hand and spilled into the parking lot where up to 30 shots were fired. One man was injured. The investigation continues and no arrests have been made.

The ABCA commissioner suspended the club’s license for 10 days shortly after the incident and extended that for another 10 days Friday. The suspension will end Jan. 15 unless something changes the status of the situation at a Jan. 14 ABCA administrative hearing.

Agency spokesman Gig Robinson said Monday the commissioner will consider the facts of the case at the hearing and decide what should be done with the license.

Shep’s Lounge owner Mike Shepherd, who also owns and operates the adjoining Appetizer’s Restaurant, suspended operations at the lounge shortly after the incident.

“We are saddened and alarmed by these intrusive and irresponsible actions as our neighbors surely are, and will work with law enforcement to make certain all parties are held accountable for their actions,” Shepherd said in a prepared statement.

Kanawha County Commission President Kent Carper has already called for the permanent removal of the private club license.

“There are private homes just feet away from this bar. It’s just a bad place,” Carper said a day after the shots were fired. “Frankly, they haven’t shown responsibility.



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  • MoMoney

    When you cater to a thug clientelle, you reap what you sow. Hire a couple of bouncers with metal detector wands. Keep the riff-raff out. These crackheads have ruined every bar in the Charleston area. Once a bar becomes popular, then the riff-raff start to populate it then it spirals down hill quickly.
    Where were the people from who were in attendance when the shooting started? Institute and West Dunbar. Crackhead Central.

  • Billybumper2

    I would just like to say that my wife & I go out to Appetizers & Sheps about once a month & we NEVER have had a problem & fill quite safe there !!!...we started going there when they first opened...MUCH nicer than the other hangouts in Cross Lanes & we fill safer there than any other bar in the area !!!
    We think Mike Shepherd is getting a RAW deal here & we will continue to support him & all the GREAT employee's that work for him !!!