CHARLESTON, W.Va. – Most kids won’t be standing out at the bus stop Tuesday morning. Each county school system makes the determination how much snow and how cold it can get before classes are delayed or canceled all together.

Forty-eight of the state’s 55 counties canceled class Monday due to snow and black ice. But on Tuesday morning, temperatures are predicted to be anywhere from zero in the lowlands to 21 below zero in the mountains.

Tucker County School Superintendent Ed Campbell said the school board has a policy when it comes to calling school due to cold weather.


Superintendents say student safety comes first when temperatures drop.

“If we hit that air temperature we’re not permitted to have school and that’s minus-10,” explained Campbell.

Tucker County could easily meet that mark Tuesday. According to the National Weather Service out of Charleston the temperature for early Tuesday morning is predicted to be 21 below zero in Davis. Campbell stressed it doesn’t even have to reach 10 below in order to cancel class. He said they take other factors into consideration.

“If the wind chill is well below minus 10, then we’re typically not going to have school,” according to Campbell.

In Fayette County where the overnight temperature is expected to drop to 8 below, Superintendent Keith Butcher said they made the call first thing Monday morning.

“Fayette County schools are canceled for Tuesday, January 7,” explained Butcher. “We’ve gone one step further. We’ve also called a two-hour delay for Wednesday, January 8 to give us time to make sure our equipment is not frozen and operating properly to get us back on the road.”

The superintendent said they just can’t have students waiting at the bus stop  in those types of temperatures if there’s even a chance a school bus might not make it.

Butcher said before they call it a day, for any reason, they carefully consider the conditions.

“It’s a combination of factors every time,” he said. “You’re considering how much ice or snowfall you’ve had, in combination with the temperature. It also makes a difference how low the temperatures are.”

The good news is by Wednesday temperatures are expected to climb to near freezing. And on Thursday morning the mercury should be in the upper teens to lower 20s. That’s not cold enough to cancel school in most counties.

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  • Bill Staples

    The foundation of education is attendance. Our students miss too many days without breaks for the weather. Minnesota called school off for the first time in 17 years. It snows a lot more in Minnesota yet they go to school. I would say their test scores are a lot better then ours

    • Chad

      I would say their test scores our a lot better then ours --- The correct sentence would be "I would say their test scores are a lot better than ours." ---- Obviously you are right! lol

  • Paula

    Code B today and yesterday in Kanawha County. Which means the custodians had to go to work.

    The teachers always cry about being underpaid. These people are the underpaid ones. Yet they are required to go to work like everyone else while the teachers sleep in then go to the mall in the afternoon.


    • WVTeacher

      Actually, when I went to school to check on things and do work, the janitors were sitting around doing nothing drinking coffee... so it's not that bad for them either... they also didn't pull a whole shift and got to leave as soon as they checked the building. We all work hard at what we do... some work harder than others, some would whine and complain no matter what...

      • kaylee

        Your school must have very different rules than most if all they had to do was check the building. When i worked as a custodian, our normal shift was 2:30-10:30pm (except for our supervisors), and when school was canceled we usually got very little notice to come in 6:30am-3pm (no paid lunch break on 1st shift). And since we normally spent every day cleaning up after the kids, scrubbing desks & toilets, disposing of massive amounts of trash, etc.. We used snow days to buff/wax floors, pressure wash bathrooms/showers, clean/restock storage closets, and do any other extra work that we didnt have time for on normal nights. We always had more work on snow days than we did on school days.. And yes, i did feel like i was somewhat underpaid.. But mostly underappreciated.

    • Potatochip

      You are so right, Paula.

  • A Different Joe

    A conversation 50 years from now, grandparents telling their kids how rough it was back when they were in school..."when I was your age, we had to go to school on cloudy days and some kids even had to pay for their lunch! It was tough!

  • Bill Hill

    You know, its funny, 50 years ago we went to school in weather like this. I walked to school as did many of my friends. School didn't get called over a couple of inches of snow either. Nothing I'm aware of has changed over the past 50 some years. Why does a couple of flakes of snow or cold weather now close schools? I seem to remember the politicians screaming and yelling about 180 days of instruction. We live in an area that has winter and is subject to adverse weather conditions. It seems to me counter productive to close school at the first flake of snow or low temperature.

    • Jonesy

      I also went to school in below zero weather and snow as a kid. But as of Wednesday morning our road is so icy you can't even safely walk across it, driving on it is another great adventure. Protection of life trumps education on any level.

    • King

      The deaths that are occuring from these harsh weather says otherwise. I don't care if it was from stone age periods, I myself would hate to catch Frostbites.

    • Bridge

      I would guess a big part is 50 years ago schools were all over the county. Most people only had to go 5 miles or so. You was able to walk like you stated so it was much safer. Now days other than in the cities schools are much farther apart. Some kids ride the bus an hour or more to get to school.

    • Go FSU

      Well Bill, the unions didn't control education like they do now.

      Funny how the union started taking over education in this state and suddenly the teachers get a day off every time a snowflake falls.

      Coincidence? Yeah, right.

    • zero tolerance

      Welcome to the era of litigation where folks are in search of their own version of the lottery.

      • Potatochip

        Well zero tolerance, I lived in the northern part of the country for quite a while where it snows all the time. They don't close schools for snow and cold. Guess they don't have laywers.

      • Paula

        Wrong. If that was the case, then schools would close when it rains. Just as many accidents happen when it rains as when it snows.

        Are you advocating the closing of schools when it rains?

  • Byron

    I know a lot of kids in our state have it rough and their best meal of the day is at school. But trust me the way they heat some of the school buildings most kids are going to be warmer at home. This is a fact, ask your teacher friends how many times they come home from work just so they can get warm again. Plus this happens in new buildings not just the old buildings. The air condition is either to low or they are saving fuel and keep the heat down.

  • Harpers Ferry

    So I ask her, "Do you love me?" And she says, "No, but that's a lovely ski mask you're wearing."

  • not too cold

    folks up in MN, ND, etc. regularly have these types of Winter conditions and they do NOT call off school; bunch of wimps down here in the South

  • richard

    kids at wal mart got there by car-------not a school bus. do you really want to take a chance of a busload of kids hitting black ice???.....just saying. you must not have children you would worry about.......once again-just saying.

  • just saying

    No school in this county today, but Walmart was sure crowded with school age kids at lunchtime...just saying...

  • wvrefugee

    When you see multiple school districts calling off school this early it is very reflective of the DOH and their lack of effort clearing the roadways!

    • Aaron

      Two things that do not do well when the temperature are diesel fuel which powers our buses and salt to melt snow and ice on the roadways.

      I don't think effort has anything to do with the situation as I'm sure the DOH employees are working as much overtime as they can but what's the point in throwing salt down on a road when it's ineffective?

      • wvrefugee

        I used to be the one that called off school....I know!

        • Aaron

          You know what, that ice doesn't work when temperatures are this cold.

          That has to be it because as much as I've championed privatizing DOH, when it comes to clearing roads, they do pretty darn good job so your comment about DOH employees and their lack of effort is inaccurate.

  • Millie Bailes

    I commend all counties that closed schools to protect our precious assest's our children

    • Paula

      Don't kid yourself. It's to give the teachers a day off.

      • Wendy

        Wow... really? Yep, that's why we don't want kids standing out waiting for a bus at 7am in a temps of -9 with wind chills of -20 so people can have a day off... I bet that's the reason the trash hasn't run this week and the local pizza joint is closed too... all so teachers can sleep in... Are you bitter that you had to go to work in the cold? YOU chose your profession, teacher's chose theirs... jealousy will get you nothing.

        • William

          We don't even need TEACHERS anymore!
          They can have the computer simulator teach our kids now and they would be taught the RIGHT WAY!
          Get rid of teachers now, you don't need them, then they could sleep in all the want to and we would save a bundle of money!

          • wvu09

            Wow really, just how out of touch are you. First of let me assure you that you have no clue what it is like to be a teacher. There are in reality very few bad and horrible teachers. The majority of us take great pride in our jobs and in educating students. Let me also clear up the common misconception that a "snow day" means teachers do not report to work. I work in a county that is closed today but I can assure you I have been in my classroom working on lessons all day long....get a clue

          • Brian

            Wow Willy -
            Brilliant point!
            I'm sure EVERY child in WV has high speed internet acces; a nice touch-screen computer, free access to printers and ink, never has an interruption of service and would sit "unattended" in front of a computer screen for hours every day working diligently on school lessons!
            And I'm sure those lessons, projects, and assignments would grade themselves.

            And getting rid of all pesky sports, clubs, bands, programs and extra-curricular activites that teachers do (many times as volunteers or with little pay) would save money as well.

            You are a true visionary Willy!

  • Mountain Man

    WVU99' you are probably correct. We need to get this state back on the economic track. So parents can work a job that pays better than minimum wage, don't pursue the disability check route that is way out of control in WV and depend on unemployment and welfare to support their family. We are in a state of crisis right now across this state. I'm waiting for our legislative and gubernatorial leadership to do something absolutely positive!!!

  • wvu999

    I understand calling off school when it gets this cold, but I dont think this helps all kids. The kids that the school is trying to protect because they dont have the right type of clothing for this weather will prob have it worse at home. At least at school they will get at least 2 hot meals and a warm building. Darned if you do darned if you dont.

    • Grant

      You are correct about some kids not having it better at home, but it is the right call to not have school. For those kids without a warm place, I pray their parents take advantage of the Salvation Army or the Latrobe Street Mission here in Parkersburg. They will have a warm place and got meal.