WASHINGTON, D.C. — U.S. Senator Joe Manchin said Tuesday there must be a way to pay for the reinstatement of extended unemployment benefits.

Both Manchin and U.S. Senator Jay Rockefeller voted with the majority Tuesday to continue the discussions about reinstating the benefits that were cut-off for the longest unemployed Americans at the end of 2013. A final vote in the Senate could come in a few days.

Manchin told reporters during a conference call Tuesday afternoon that extending the benefits for three more months would cost $6.5 billion and a full-year extension would have a $26 billion price tag. He said that can’t go on without a way to finance it.

“You can’t continue to kick the can down the road. (Some say) ‘Don’t worry about paying for it,’ Well, I do worry about paying for it. Because I worry about my kids inheriting the debt that we’re all going to create for them,” Manchin said.

Approximately 7,000 state residents lost the benefits when Congress failed to renew last month.

Sen. Rockefeller said the benefits are a safety net for families and should be reinstated.

“While our economy continues to improve, it should be a top priority to put forward sensible policies that can both stimulate growth and provide critical support to people as they pursue job opportunities,” Rockefeller said in a prepared release. “Supporting West Virginians while they are actively looking for work is a moral obligation and Congress never should have let emergency unemployment insurance expire.”

Manchin said he continues to look for ways to pay for the extension including the possibility of eliminating the double payments some laid-off residents receive.

“It’s the dual eligibility,” Manchin said. “When you have a person that is hurt on the job and is receiving disability Social Security and also receiving unemployment benefits—if that were eliminated, that would be about a $5 billion savings,” Manchin said. “I believe most Americans would think that is reasonable.”

Manchin said he’s already told Democratic leaders that he in no way would support any future extensions if the economy is the same or better at the end of the next 90 days.

“I think that it’s time that we have to continue to get back to regular order,” Manchin said.


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  • Scott

    Enough is a Enough they are jobs out there,but they do not want them as long as they're a "FREE" check.Never will I vote for a Manchin biggest fence straddler of all time.His governorship biggest reason no jobs in WV.He straddled when the out of state enviros came to to town the same with EPA.Don't forget how they went with Obama when 80 percent of state went Hillary.

  • frank

    Extending unemployment another liberal way of buying votes.

    • Gen Kemp

      ^ This

  • fed up

    The best thing that you can give an unemployed person is a suitcase, not an extension. Where is the incentive to look for work if you know that you have a steady check every two weeks???

    • JJ

      I worked hard for It u ass, blood sweat and tears under a mountain ,I bet u work behind a desk

    • LYNN


  • Polly the Pundit

    Unemployment was never designed or intended to be a long-term program. The NY Times recently ran an article that stated, "...many who have been holding out for higher paying positions will be forced to accept jobs at much less that they were accustomed to making...". An ABC News story showed a Wall Street Broker who was associated with Bernie Madoff who was having problems with a finding work and maintaining his lifestyle in Manhattan. Really?-?-? News flash - when you lose you job, you have to adjust your life style - make sacrifices - be willing to start back at the bottom. No one said life is fair nor id they promise everyone a "rose garden". People may have to work two (2) or more jobs to make ends meet - they may have to downsize their living - they may have to sell or give up some of their possessions. They may have to make due with less.

    The Democrats don't want to cut off public assistance benefits to illegal immigrants but are willing to cut benefits to veterans - THIS IS WRONG!!! Why don't they cut off the benefits to those who are here illegally to fund those that have served our country and/or are here legally?

    We MUST get out of this entitlement mentality...

  • mark

    If anyone ever questions why we should continue to fund people who can't/don't/won't work, we are made to appear cold and callous by the Democrats and their media friends. I thought Clinton ended welfare as "we know it" , yet many are being paid not to work for a very long period of time. Someone is paying them, and it's NOT government, it's people who work!

  • PMQ

    BloJoe, I would not worry about.... "Because I worry about my kids inheriting the debt that we’re all going to create for them"...They seem to do fine with their MA degrees and such from WVU. They (your kids), like you, will be fine.

  • Bill

    In ninety days if Obama says we have to extend unemployment benefits, Manchin well find a reason to vote for you it. He does what he is told to do period!

  • Uncle SAM

    Listen up Creatures of my creation. I am here to make your miserable lives better.

    Have any of you considered just how pitiful your existence would be without me in your life to regulate and permit your existence?

    I must continue to pay appeasement to the creatures of my creations less they stop their beholding ways to me. Unemployment benefits will continued until the final death knell marks my demise.

    Now pray to me for forgiveness...

    • Joe

      Now Uncle Sam, have you and Grandpa Fred been dabbling in the cough syrup again?!

      • Uncle SAM

        Am Drunk on POWER, My creation.

  • BAC

    There are thousands of jobs out there--employers are begging for employees throughout W.Va. It's certainly not always the case, but quite commonly, people on unemployment checks don't really look for work until those checks run out. So when is it enough? Unfair to taxpayers to keep extending them and it's primarily politics that the Democrats are even pushing it. And certainly Jay knows about it--unemployment rose to 20% when he was governor and it took several years of surtax to get the UE fund back to solvency after he left office.

  • Aaron

    "Because I worry about my kids inheriting the debt that we’re all going to create for them,” Manchin said."

    When the bipartisan base committee wanted to move to the 130th to among other things, save money, if I recall correctly, then governor Manchin did everything he could to add to our national debt.

    • The bookman


      I chuckled out loud when I read that! My wife asked what I was reading that was sooo funny!

  • Independent View

    "“It’s the dual eligibility,” Manchin said. “When you have a person that is hurt on the job and is receiving disability Social Security and also receiving unemployment benefits—if that were eliminated, that would be about a $5 billion savings,” Manchin said." This is an excellent example of what this tin-horn politician does not know about the federal government that he is charged with overseeing. It is illegal to receive SS Disability and unemployement benefits at the same time. Joe Bob, if you are going to make this type of statement, the least you could do is know what you are talking about and get the facts before you get your mouth, with forked-tongue engaged!

  • wvguy

    Manchin said " I worry about my kids inheriting the debt that we’re all going to create for them,” It's to late to worry about that now. Our kids will already inherit the debt that has been created. It is now time to worry about our grand kids inheriting the debt that is still being created. If the economy was as good as they keep trying to tell us it is, then there would be no need to extend unemployment. I don't listen to politicians about how good things are, I listen to my wallet. Time to vote all incumbents out. I'm sick of Democrats and Republicans.

  • Steven

    The economy is in no way improving and jobs are still not out there. The scary thing of the fact is that they are claiming that there is only 7% people unemployed but the truth of the matter is that is the percentage of people still drawing unemployment and not the percentage of people who are unemployed. There are still people out there who are unemployed but did not qualify for unemployment benefits and are being hidden under the red tape that is not being counted in the 7%. I for one am one of the unemployed and have been looking for the past three years for steady work and not able to find it. I take every opportunity of a temporary job that I can and have my name in over 6 temporary agencies that I call into every week in hopes for work to no prevail. The main problem I personally have is that I received a felony four years ago (and before you start in on me I realize I messed up and have since changed my life for the better) and I have been told by McDonalds that they have no reason to hire a felon when they have a stack of applications of people without felonies to choose from. To me that is discrimination and I should not be looked down upon because of that. I am a good hard worker and even dominos pizza in my area wanted to hire me back but could not because their company policy won't let them hire a felon. If this is a problem other felons have most people resort back to what got them the felony to begin with and end up back in prison costing tax payers even more money to keep them locked up which in turn puts a bigger strain on economy. We need to pick and choose our battles people and quit being so discriminative on felons.


      You are being discriminated against

      check with ACJU

      • Polly the Pundit

        Being a convicted felon does not qualify as a "protected person" and/or meet a class that would qualify for discrimination. Steve, as you stated, "in my opinion..." you think it is discrimination - it isn't. I commend you for having made efforts to turn your life around but that doesn't mean that companies and/or employers have to accept you as an employee - especially in positions where there are safety, trust, and/or other bonding type issues. Many employers have policies that look at the time frame between conviction and/or completion of sentence and hire/employ date. Some want five years of crime free behavior, others want more. You should explore vocational rehab and utilize the Job Service to seek employment through one of the many programs set up to help people in your situation.

  • RogerD

    If the economy were continuing to improve the way Rockefeller and others say, we would not have a need for unemployment benefit extensions.

  • Matt

    We're all going to be "paying" for it alright.....