CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Police arrested a Charleston man Wednesday night claiming he murdered the man for whom he performed lawn work.

Police charged Anthony Caldwell, 39, with last weekend’s death of 90-year-old George Molle, whose body was found in his Kanawha City home last Saturday.


Anthony Caldwell of Charleston was charged with the murder of 90-year-old George Molle.

Detectives said they were able to track down Caldwell from video surveillance at a bank near Molle’s home. They also saw Caldwell on other surveillance cameras in Kanawha City.

The criminal complaint filed against Caldwell said Molle had strangulation marks on his neck and puncture wounds on his head. There were also defensive wounds indicating Molle was fighting back. Police said they also found a bloody hammer.

Police have not released a motive, but reports indicate Caldwell confessed to the crime. He apologized to reporters on his way to magistrate court Wednesday night.

“I’m truly sorry for the lives I’ve touched. I’m sorry,” he said.

Caldwell was being held in the South Central Regional Jail without bail late Wednesday night.


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  • Anonymous

    I'm not saying what he did was right by all means but he may have a family also and imagine how they feel. Throwing dirt on his name doesn't make you more of a person either. God forgives no matter the cause and so should you all. Prayers to Both sides of each ones families and loved ones

  • Wixcheew

    Also the age of the trash was 39
    not 29 Please read the article !!

  • Wixcheew

    In prison put him in general population and publicize what he did The other cons do not like that kind of crime and will address him
    We native Americans give all
    elders due respect They are the
    source of our knowledge and our
    history We need to heed their advice and give them respect not
    kill them nor sweep them under a rug. People who abused or hurt
    elders or children were usually
    given a swift punishment. A lot
    of the abusers were not native!!!
    Instead they were visitors to our
    land but did not act that way.
    Always respect elders children and
    the women who will carry our future!!

  • Uncle SAM

    Isn't it ironic,, the Democrats will not put this 29 year old violent murderer to death but if his mother had of walked in off the street 30 years ago and said kill this boy inside me,, they would of been glad to...

    • griff

      hey dipstick, the death penalty was stopped several years ago because it "wasn't humane" so neither the democrats or the republicans can put him to death. BTW the article says 39 not 29.

  • Zack

    Wonder what that old guy did to set the dude off?

    • Dee

      Why would you assume that the old guy had to do anything? Obviously, this person is a sick individual - you'd have to be to kill someone with a hammer and strangle them.

  • Owen Boone

    Old people are often emotionally abusive. They are jealous of the young so they manipulate, abuse, extort, harass, etc. then cry "elder abuse" when someone fights back. I imagine this is a case where the old guy pushed the the younger guy over the edge.

    • Uncle SAM

      Of course you went to my Public Education System...

    • mauldawg

      You are a hopeless idiot.

    • Larry

      Owen, is this some sort of a sick, idiotic attempt at being "funny"?

      • Uncle SAM

        Owen also thinks if your infant is crying non-stop and you shake them to death, that too is justifiable

      • Owen Boone

        No, this is not an attempt to be funny. I personally know that the elderly can be manipulative and abusive. They do not live by the same rules as the rest of us. Let's be real with one another.

        • tina

          Just want to shed some light on tony and his lifestyle, I know him and his family. Every house on the street he lives on or lived on has been broken into. oh, except his house and one other! hmmmm....and they all reported the break ins and suggested tony was responsible but he never got caught. HE FINALLY GOT CAUGHT!!!!

        • Earl Ray

          Ok, if you're not trying to be funny, then you really must be an idiot.

          • Owen Boone

            No, your'e just in denial. You don't know the details of this case but you have automatically decided that because that the man was 90 that it is first degree murder.

        • Sarah

          Yes, sometimes old people sell their pills and get mixed up with the wrong people. You shouldn't blame them because they need money.

    • Steve

      Did you not read the articles? The guy broke in to his home and killed him for his money. It was a punk taking advantage of an elderly man. It was a cowardly act of opportunity.

      You are despicable.

      • Zack

        Don't you think they knew one another and had some kind of relationship?

        • Uncle SAM

          Yes Zack, I'm sure the 90 year old man had been forcibly raping the defenseless 29 year old man--- We should find an angle to blame not just old white men but also Big Pharma-- I guess the old guy had been taking Viagra an Ageless Male...

        • Steve

          I think they knew each other because this worthless pos did his lawn work. They found his business card in his house. He knew he was an old man who lived alone and was easy prey. This coward took full advantage of that opportunity.

          What difference does it make of the prior relationship? He bludgeoned to death a defenseless, 90 year old man with a hammer.

          • Zack

            The kind of relationship they had and what the old man may or may not have done to the dude may affect whether it is first, second degree, or third degree murder.

  • Jeff

    Oh, how nice of him to say, "I'm sorry". That will bring the man back to life. For guys like this, we need the death penalty. delays.......he's admitted to the crime so give him the juice.

    • Steve

      Jeff, whenever a criminal says, "I'm sorry", it means I'm sorry I got caught.

      Notice how these worthless pieces of dung are so sorry they never turn themselves in.

  • wvtd

    to bad he can not be hung if found guilty. we will have to pay for his room, board and health care for many years to come.

  • Dale

    Citizens need to demand the legislature pass a bill allowing an ammendment to WV's constitution providing the death penalty for certain offenses. Put it up for a vote. Let the majority decide. I think it would pass.

    • peg

      I so agree with you Dale. Something needs done to curtail crime & empty the jails. This guys doesn't deserve to live

    • Brad

      The Republicans, notably the late Sen. Bud Harman (R-Taylor Co.), put the death penalty bill up every year. And every year, the Democrat majority would not even allow it to come to the floor for a vote. If you want a death penalty, you'll have to vote out the Democrats, plain and simple.

      • Larry

        I agree, and the thing that has always perplexed me is California, probably the most liberal state in the country has the death penalty, and WV, one of the most conservative, does not.

    • Matt


  • Cheryl

    "I'm truly sorry for the lives I've touched." Not touched, for the lives he has destroyed! He should receive the death penalty for killing an innocent elderly man. I don't want him incarcerated for life, that would mean my tax dollars would take care of him. He would have more amenities and the working class.

  • Steve

    The Charleston Daily Mail has a longer article.

    This scum actually said, "it was an accident." It also said they found a bloody hammer and gloves in a dumpster near the house. Money was missing from the house.

    I accidentally hit you repeatedly in the head with a hammer and stole your cash.

    Enjoy Mt. Olive for the rest of your life. Too bad your mom didn't swallow the night you were conceived.

    • Larry

      I read that article too, unless they edited it after you read it, I don't see where he said "it was an accident".

      • Steve

        Larry, my apologies, it was in the Gazette and he said it was a "mistake."

        • Larry

          I think a good take away from this is, DO NOT USE NATURE BOYS LAWN SERVICE!

        • Larry

          Ok, no problem.

    • 2XLPatriot


  • Larry

    He looks like such a fine, honest, upstanding person, can't believe he would commit such a terrible act.

  • blugldmn

    It only costs .39 cents to deal with this situation ...

  • wvumounties8

    This dirtbag/thug needs to recv the death penalty (the prison justice kind).

  • ron "from morgantown"