CLARKSBURG, W.Va. — A former vice president at Fairmont State University will be sentenced later this year for using a state-issued purchasing card to steal hundreds of thousands of dollars from Fairmont State for his personal use.

David Tamm, 45, of Parkersburg, plead guilty to embezzlement and filing a false tax return in Clarksburg Federal Court on Wednesday morning.

“It’s alleged that he purchased hundreds of computer switches with a state purchasing card and then sold them for cash,” said Bill Ihlenfeld, the U.S. Attorney for West Virginia’s Northern District.

Tamm, Fairmont State’s former chief information officer, admitted that, from Oct. 2007 until Jan. 2013, he stole money from Fairmont State and, in 2012, filed a false tax return by underreporting his salary.

“He used that money to buy a beautiful home in Bridgeport, to buy luxury automobiles and to buy expensive jewelry for his wife,” said Ihlenfeld.

“We also believe that he used the p-card to buy high end electronics for his personal use and to have projectors and screens and high end televisions installed in his home, all at taxpayers’ expense.”

In all, investigators claimed Tamm bought more than 300 computer switches from a Kentucky electronics company.  When the switches were sold, Ihlenfeld estimated Tamm made $650,000 from the scheme.

“We have someone who was a state agent who was abusing that position in order to live a lifestyle that otherwise was unobtainable on his salary,” said Ihlenfeld on Wednesday’s MetroNews “Talkline.”

A sentencing date for Tamm was not immediately available.  He was free Wednesday on bond pending sentencing.  Tamm faces up to ten years in prison on the embezzlement charge and a possible three years in prison on the tax charge.

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  • David Kennedy

    This guy must have been an out-of-stater with no known relatives living in West Virginia.

    At least he will be going to jail...and with good out in 2 years.
    I wonder if the $650,000 in stolen money is in the Cayman Islands?
    And He did it all on his own? Yeah !
    After prison he will automatically qualify for a SBA loan.
    West Virginia will be heavily into the legal pot growing business by then.
    Looks like a Win-Win situation to me.
    Part of the New America. Love it!

  • Independent View

    What is ironic about this whole scheme is that it took SIX YEARS to discover it!

  • Gilbert Gnarley

    An aspiring entrepreneurial academician? A true rarity, indeed.

  • Mountain Man

    All state purchasing should be stopped immediately and a no notice audit performed at all state funded entities. Unless it is associated with daily operations and maintenance, all purchasing should be stopped immediately!!! Those found guilty should be given the maximum sentence.

  • Mountain Man

    Another thief working for state government.

  • mntrbob

    Where were the controls, apparently nowhere.

  • Joe

    What a piece of crap.