MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — West Virginia added a 2015 commitment from three-star Miramar (Fla.) High receiver Kahlil Lewis on Wednesday. Lewis committed the same day his high school coach Damon Cogdell was hired to join WVU’s defensive coaching staff.

The Mountaineers hope the Miramar pipeline continues to pay off in coming days as two 2014 prosects—cornerback Tyrek Cole (No. 41 nationally) and safety Kendrell McFadden (No. 236)—are set to announce their decisions.

After making 20 catches for 372 yards and four touchdowns as a junior, Lewis chose West Virginia over Nebraska and Western Michigan. He was recruited by WVU running backs coach JaJuan Seider.

“He’s a nice combination of size and speed at 6-foot-1, 180 pounds,” said Keenan Cummings of the Rivals website “Lewis has the size to play outside and the physical build to go over the middle. A very physical wide receiver, Lewis takes pride in out-muscling cornerbacks and blocking down field.”

Lewis becomes the fourth junior to pledge to WVU’s 2015 class, joining receiver Jovon Durante (Miami), running back William Cameron (Durham, N.C.) and tight end Stone Wolfley (Morgantown).

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  • 76 Alumni! Michael Stephan III

    Good addition!

  • 76 Alumni!

    Great addition! Go Mountainers!

  • dadkann

    WVU continues its tradition of getting elated over 3 star recruits. If you are going to get on the top tier of college football, you must recruit 4 and 5 star players. I don't have the records to see the recruits that National Championship Teams sign but I would imagine it is on the 4 and 5 stars. Now that WVU is in the Big 12, they must sign top players or continue to be an also ran team.

    • unclec

      Stars beside his name is a suggestion, time will tell the story

  • Greg

    Ever see the movie Johnny Be Good? A University plans to hire a high school coach to get the star recruits and inevitably the NCAA finds numerous recruiting violations.

    • Mister Man

      A story about Coach Pru?

  • Tray

    He had 9 touchdowns for 467 and 37 catches

  • Sec 97

    Yes in did we need some WV favor in the mix if they up to the D1 ball but we need it. Welcome all the new player and coaches do us proud and we'll cheer you on

  • cutty77

    Every Year there about 2000 kids from Fla.that get signed in Football,not all can be 5 stars.

  • stevewvu

    what an awful remark

  • Matt

    I dont me, "20 catches for 372 yards and four touchdowns" isn't really that impressive to warrant a D1ticket.

  • WVcoal

    Obviously WVU needs all the help it can get -- welcome aboard Kahlil! Now go get some of your buddies to join you in Morgantown.

  • Jonathan

    I hate to be that guy, but if a recruit's other offers are from schools like Western Michigan and Nebraska...he probably isn't a top-tier guy like we need.

    • stevewvu

      yeah I hate when kids choose WVU over schools like Nebraska...Jonathan you need go back to reading about how great Marshall is since they won 20 games of which 2 were against teams with winning records.

      • don

        I'm a100 per cent mountaineer, but you guys need to give credit when it is earned. Marshall did a great job this year and have a good stable of players returning. A heck of a lot more than w e can say. Fortunately, we didn't have tp play them or that would have been another humiliating loss for wvu.

    • CPA

      Plus, he's a 2015 kid that will most likely receive more offers his senior year.

    • scott

      yeah really, Nebraska is a nobody

  • Martinsburg Resident

    Looks like WVU becoming Miramar's preferred University... we have a great history with athletes from this HS. Keep up this solid recruiting and all these naysayers will have to eat their words in a few years... Let's Go Mountaineers! Welcome to "Almost Heaven WV" recruits...

  • joe

    You are an ass.Wow it takes a criminal to know one. Unless you have a gift NOT

  • DWM

    You are an ass.

    • hailey

      Wow Dave I hope you feel better little man

  • Hillboy

    Dave, what other superpowers do you have besides being able to judge someone's moral character from a photo?

    • Dave

      Sorry...I meant that it should have been a better photo. I'm sure that there is a better photo of the young man in his uniform. No judgement cast...just stating that it was a bad one from a police report.

      • Mister Man

        Also known as a Marshall referral sheet.