MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — New WVU President E. Gordon Gee took to social media Wednesday to welcome students, faculty and staff back to WVU to begin the spring semester.

Gee, who has said more than once that his strength and weakness can be his sense of humor, gave the top 10 reasons why he returned to Morgantown on YouTube.

Gee was president at WVU in the 1980s and agreed to return for next several months while a search takes place for the permanent replacement for former president Jim Clements, who is now at Clemson.


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  • Hop'sHip

    They must have had the political correctness police review his script before he read it. Golly Gee, he's been here over a week and hasn't officially offended anyone yet. We're blessed to have him and I think it's going to be fun.

  • David Kennedy

    I think Gordy Gee could put WVU on the 'Right Track...just extend the 'temporary position to 2 short years...
    Give him anything he wants....
    He could do it all in two short years!
    Horray for us to have him again...!!!!!!

  • wvu1983

    Hire Mr. Gee please. lets get this right WVU. this guy loves gold & blue.

  • richard

    Fantastic! I wish they would hire him for the permanent position.

  • zero tolerance

    A breath of fresh air!

  • Gilbert Gnarley


    A college president that is truly a human being, not some Ivory Tower hobbit.

    Congratulations, WVU. Though not an alumnus, all the best under Gee's leadership.

  • WV Grad

    We need to keep him!

  • ron "from morgantown"

    Gee selection was the right choice UNLIKE the choice to run our WV Foundation , a Pittsburgh born Pittsburgh raised , and a twice PITT grad ! WHAT a JOKE !

  • Alum

    That was great!

  • ron "from morgantown"

    Gee showed more charisma in 4 min than the previous Pres showed in 4 years . This was an excellent choice for the short term , and Gee will help find a competent replacement .

  • wvrefugee

    What a joke!

    • Alum

      ...that his grandchildren have yet to try pepperoni rolls. (FIFY refugee)

  • Bill

    What a "Great Mountaineer" I hope he is being considered for the job, as the President of WVU, not just the intern!

  • Lynn Caseman

    I bet he doesn't give Masters Degrees to political cronies.

  • shawn

    The dude is a genius. He's definitely a goofball but i'll take him over a lot of presidents out there. He'll do great things in the short time he is here.

  • CaptainQ

    Since when is Gordon Gee going 'David Letterman' on us with a Top 10 list?

    Maybe this old guy's more 'hip' and 'happening' than I thought he was!

    GO GORDEN! GO GORDEN! GO GORDEN! Tell'm like it is!

    • Bondo

      This guy is special.