CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Seventy-five tractor trailers loaded with bottled water from FEMA are scheduled to arrive at the Air National Guard Armory in Charleston Friday afternoon for distribution to the areas impacted by Thursday’s chemical spill.

Guard spokesman Col. Mike Cadle said the water is traveling from a FEMA site in Maryland. He said a staging area was established at the Air Base Thursday night.

“We will receive that water from FEMA, off-load it into vehicles that will then take it out to distribution points in the affected counties and work with the local emergency services folks in those counties to distribute the water,” Cadle said.

The Guard operation will be much like it was during the Derecho and Sandy in 2012.

“We did this same thing,” Cadle said. “It’s something we’ve worked with FEMA well on for the past several years. We really know what we’re doing here and we’re hopeful when those trucks arrive we can push that water right away.”

The distribution sites will be established Friday morning.

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  • Elizabeth

    Where are the water distributions in Charleston?

  • Ichthyic

    we'll notify the Darwin Awards committee of your choice in water consumables.

  • Ichthyic

    too late, we always were socialists.

    just ask Roy Zimmerman.

  • Ichthyic

    "without anyone being allowed to say anything."

    right, like you just said nothing.



  • Ichthyic

    parody will go unappreciated by the folks who think you are targeting them.

    those of us with brains, however, appreciate your wit.


  • Ichthyic

    Spook is right.

    you just proved it.

  • Ben Franklin

    That's the spirit! Let them eat snow!

  • Ben Franklin

    What was that, Patrick? Were you trying to get some sort of message across? The words go all blurry on the screen whenever I look at your post.

    It sure is a shame no one in this country is allowed to say anything against abortion, or the government.

  • Moving Forward

    When the class action lawsuit begins against Freedom and its parent companies how many of the "obama blamers" will jump into the bandwagon of $$$.

  • Ted

    and lump of cells is the phrase you are looking for?

  • Montanus

    God bless West Virginians - the last Americans. The rest of you are angry because you live community-less, shriveled, meaningless lives in cream-colored houses in suburban hell-holes and your daughters drive into West-By-God to fellate the hillbillies every weekend. Hello, Maryland!

  • Heywood Jablowme

    I have no sympathy for the people of West Virginia. They all want smaller government, less regulation, etc. They were just fine with a company storing these types of chemicals next to a main source of water for the state, and now we're supposed to help them out because, surprise! in a state where regulations on industry are between slim and none, there was a chemical leak that poisoned the water. That's akin to an insurance company handing a guy a check to rebuild his ocean front house every time there is a storm and his house gets washed away. I'd give them nothing until they passed some laws and regulations that would make storing chemicals that close to the water supply illegal.

  • BigMo

    BigMo says whoa y'all ....April 1st in January. drinking stump water and signing out!

  • Okie fella

    Good for you, Big Mo. Turn on your tap & drink up. Tastes like FREEDOM, doesn't it? Save that 'Obama water' for people with working brains.

  • Okie fella

    Music to my ears, Big Mo. Drink a lot of stump water. We'll save that 'Obama water' for people with more than 3 working brain cells.

  • BigMo

    BigMo and his family prayed about this...we've gone to good whiskey and crafted beers. Praise The Lord and pass the Markers Mark. Hop I'll get with you on where to send the check ;)

  • Brian

    You should be so lucky to have water provided if you were ever to have the problems these folks are having. Don't be a dumbass.

  • Brian

    You're an idiot.

  • Brian

    Your ig-nernce is unfathomable.

  • Jethro Bumpkin

    West Virginia is for lovers...of chemical filled water?

  • Jethro Bumpkin

    I'm going to go out on a beautiful limb of a patriotic tree and suggest that drinking your own pee IS actually too good for you.

  • Jethro Bumpkin

    Actually, this is all a nefarious plan by Obama to kill off West Virginia citizens.

    The plan is to try to raise the national IQ a few more points.

    BTW, "nefarious" means "evil".

  • carmen rose

    why dont you drink your piss like you redneck trash always do?

  • carmen rose

    Why dont all you redneck trash drink your piss like you always do

  • nellpost

    Get in your car and drive north some miles or so and BUY yourself some darned water!!!

  • nellpost

    Did you need bush?

  • nellpost

    Big Mo: IMO it sounds as if you've already drunk poisoned something. Hate does kill.

  • nellpost

    Or, jump in a car and drive north a few miles and buy some water from the walmart (many in WV, IMO) and don't bathe til Saturday night.

  • Fetus

    I drink it because its sterile, and I like the taste

  • Fetus

    Fetus. The word you are looking for is fetus.

  • Jim Spliff

    This is exactly why these coalfield businesses need to regulated and inspected regularly. All of you happy conservatives should take note and when you whine about too much gubmint you need to remember who will be bringing you water and investigating and prosecuting and fining those responsible for this disaster.

  • SpankyTom

    A real man would provide for his family by making HIS OWN water using the two hands GOD gave him. Amen.

  • Damion45

    grain alcohol and distilled water Jack.

  • WVgal

    Wow! Such hatred and vulgarity being spoken here against people who are suffering. Not only from not being able to use tap water at this time, but also because of all the physical symptoms they are having after being exposed to a nasty chemical. No West Virginian ever said some of the things towards people in other states when they had a disaster happen. Your statements speak volumes! You call us ignorant?! Look in the mirror and check yourself before you wreck yourself! God bless!!

  • WVgal

    Wow! Such hatred and vulgarity being spoken here against people who are suffering. Not only from not being able to use tap water at this time, but also because of all the physical symptoms they are having after being exposed to a nasty chemical. No WV person even said some of the things towards others on other states when they had a disaster happen. Your statements speak volumes! You call us ignorant?! Look in the mirror and check yourself before you wreck yourself! God bless!!

  • patrick henry

    I wonder how much we the taxpayers are paying for this water per bottle? Do you think it would have been more cost efficient to just let people buy it from the grocery stores by allowing all comers to have one case free simply by xeroxing their drivers license to be compared later for fraud and reimbursing the stores for each coupon?

  • Tea Party Jesus Lover

    I'm the gay bear and I have a boner?

  • patrick henry

    I am so glad to live in a country where women have the unconditional right to gut their vagina like a carp and dispose of an unborn child without anyone being allowed to say anything.

  • Eric Merrick

    And you're a bigot.

  • Tea Party Jesus Lover

    I'm a Libertarian and the market will save you!

  • patrick henry

    So you are saying that someone accepting drinking water in a REAL emergency is living off the government teat and hypocritical because the person drinking the water happens to think that letting 6 generations of families live in air conditioned apartments with free food utilities medical care and obamaphones in DC is wasteful?

    I can tell you this... if that truck didn't show up you wouldn't see some" Appilacian American" standing in his living room with 12 kids talking about how somebody owes him...

    They would be smart enough to get fresh water out of a well or upstream of the spill.

  • Tea Party Jesus Lover

    I don need no dadgum gubbermint to tell me the wurter is safe fer drankin!!!

    If i likes the taste, I drink it!!! All these water 'safey' regulatuns ar soshulism. I hate commies!!

    The wurter is safe all y'all, don't listin to some dadburned guvermnent man to tell you when you can drink yer own darn water!!

    Obama hate us an ar freedums!!!!

  • Bryan

    M-er F-er are you trolling us?! O_o

  • Fartbongo


  • Rex Craigo

    I love abortion. And christians are ignorant.

  • Ape ala chia

    I will put my trust in Freedom Industries. They have helped so many of us to have high paying jobs and a safe environment that there is no way that they would allow chemicals to harm us. I would trust a job maker corporation to do what's best for the people before I would ever trust a Democrat president that isn't even honest enough to admit hi true religion. I'm taking a big swig of my water right now! Here's to our benefactor- Freedom Industries! I mean, just look at their name! That's all you need to know right there!

  • AiryAnne

    I know there are a lot of Libtard plants here trying to mock the Real Americans who have been savaged by this incident, but even through all there stupid sarcasm, they do make one good point - drinking this water is a huge mistake. In addition to the fact that it cost almost 93 dollars per quort thanks to goverment overspending, all it does is give more glory and credibility to the Muslim who calls himself Barry Soteoro

    You can easily survive for several days without problems by drinking your own pee.

    If it's good enough for Bear Grylls, it's good enough for me!

  • Whirled Peas

    You guys are being trolled by the best -

    You should feel honored.

  • Ben Gazi

    Your all falling for the trap...First socialist water the FEMA camps.

  • aFungusAmongUs

    The line is that Obama is the same as W, not Dick Cheney. Try to keep your talking points straight. You'll need to keep all your ducks in a row if you want President Ted Cruz in 2016. *snerk*

  • aFungusAmongUs

    Ah, Jack. Supposing a bit of water has gone off, eh? And certainly one can never be too sure about these sorts of things. Would you look at me now? Do I look all rancid and clotted? You look at me, Jack, eh? Look, eh? And I drink a lot of water, you know. I’m what you might call a water man, Jack. That’s what I am. And I can swear to you, my boy, swear to you, that there’s nothing wrong with my bodily fluids. Not a thing, Jackie.

  • Samuel Beale's Ghost

    Because remember, without chemicals, life itself would be impossible

  • Samuel Beale's Ghost

    You are a true Patriot, my friend! (Go Pats, Beat the Colts!)

  • Samuel Beale's Ghost

    all you ignorant commies laffin' at Big Mo while he tries to warn you about Obama Water! Just wait, we will see who has the last laff!

  • Samuel Beale's Ghost

    MoeLarryAndJesus, go ahead and use those $2.50 words like "satirizing" while Barry Fartbongo and his thugs spreads his Sharia Law.

  • Don Danbury

    Be careful, if you drink his water you become a SOCIALIST!

  • Don Danbury

    Free market will find a solution.

    Say no to the SOCIALISM WATER!

  • Don Danbury

    I hope none of the bootstrappy citizens of West Virginia drink any of this SOCIALISM water.

  • Samuel Beale's Ghost

    "Sarah Palin has been elected President of United States" ?

  • Samuel Beale's Ghost

    Somalia is nice this time of year.

  • Samuel Beale's Ghost

    "A Government that sends aid..." Oh great, Fartbama is sending AIDS to WV. Truly history's GREATEST MONSTER!!

  • Reddit Rules

    Look, if you can't conduct your business without polluting, your business deserves to die anyway. But don't act like it's all an attack on your industry.

  • Minister Rutherford

    I have it on good authority that FARTBAMA HIMSELF personally LICKED the top of every one of those water bottles just to get back at the fine, educated folks who tried to save our country from socialism by voting for RMoney.

    Just LOOK what it got you! A Government that sends aid when you need it and a President who finally forced your state government to expand Medicaid to the poor.

    That Obama! What other evil will he do?

  • fart butts




  • Samuel Beale's Ghost

    Little known fact, FEMA has been collecting rainbows for 5 years. Study it out!!

  • james peikko

    you need water to make rainbows, the symbol of the homosexual revolution. Of course this is their doing.

  • Samuel Beale's Ghost

    If you drink this water, you will be forced to gay-marry! Thanks Barry O'Bummer!

  • james peikko

    This is going to be seen as 0bama's second Benghazi, how do we know the EPA didn't fake this to distract the media?

  • Phil B.

    Who needs government water when they can log in here and drink the sweet tears of impotentent Conservative rage.

  • Are you kidding

    What a bunch of idiots on here. This is a city of 85,000 people. Not NYC mind you but the expectation of water is there. So you idiots tlaking trash. Get a life. The entire city is shut down. Bottled water is gone and the stores can't keep up with demand. Thank you Fed and the government for helping...we are supposed to help our own. WV is part of the US. Thanks to the guy that has offered his well. Thanks everyone. You anti govenment idiots, why don't you move some where with your friends and live togethers

  • Snake Monroe

    It might be too late,,,the bottled water the Government iis handing out has RFID chips in them...Once you drink it, the chip attches itself on to you which allows Obama to completely track your movements...

  • T'omm J'Onzz

    i'm assuming it's satire, but with the state of today's right wing, there is no "top" to be over (or maybe that's bottom to reach).

  • T'omm J'Onzz

    don't drink the water, WV! remember the 9 most terrifying words in the English language!

  • james peikko

    of course he does, everyone knows that Al Gore makes billions of dollars a year on the usage of the stuff. Why do you think he wants to tax carbon dioxide which is one of the biggest competitors to "clean" air?

  • Babs' Bush

    FEMA water? No thank you. I'd wager that HUSSEIN OBAMA had that water tainted with Koran juice.

  • james peikko

    The problem is the MSM reporting on this, anything to score a few points for Al Gore. Soros is probably making lots of money off of all of this bottled water, but what can you expect with anti-business liberals in the government.
    This could have been cleared up with out incident in a few days but now investors will lose money and even more workers will be collect unemployment to pad the numbers of handouts they "need" to give.

  • Exboyracer

    This is the base that the right wing is sooo proud of - but wouldn't touch with a 10 foot pole.

  • Spook

    No, that would be against their religion. Christ preached that when people were in trouble after a disaster, to let them bootstrap their own way up or die.

    Do anything to enable these freeloaders and you go to HELL.

  • Exboyracer

    Sounds like you drink a lot of your own pi$$ just keep plucking that tea party chicken.

  • TruMerkin

    Shows what you know. I drank Prezikrunk Bangtits' commie water, and it turned me gay.

  • Spook

    In this thread:

    Ignorant, white trash rednecks complain about t3h gub'mint for sending out water as part of emergency services, then whine about people accepting it.

    You people are idiots.

  • Harold McGuiness

    These lazy, worthless Appalachians are leaning on Uncle Sugar's teat AGAIN. Why can't they take care of themselves? Why not, I don't know, be PREPARED for a loss of water? These idiots deserve every burnt throat they get. Let them go it alone.

    But NO. You hill folk have to rely on Big Momma Obama and his handouts. Way to go. Pray he doesn't poison you while you become completely dependent on him.

  • aFungusAmongUs

    So, in your head, when you imagine yourself ten or twenty years from now, with whatever disease you develop from drinking contaminated water - who do you think you'll sue? What lawyer do you think will take you? And what beach do you think you'll retire to with your millions that you got for refusing emergency supplies because socialism-teleprompter-don'ttreadonme?

    Wingnuts refusing timely aid is surely Obama's Katrina.


  • MoeLarryAndJesus

    Maybe you should stop pissing and moaning and do something to help.

  • MoeLarryAndJesus

    You must be satirizing RWNJs. No one could possibly be that stupid.

  • Clarence Beeks

    The White House has yet to release a timeline of B. Hussein FARTBONGO's whereabouts during the chemical release. Some say that it is quite possible that Barry himself caused the release to punish Real Americans for standing up against his Sharia thugs and Benghazifarts. Why won't Obama come clean with us? Just one more lie coming from the Hitler's protege.

  • Jacques Mahogoff

    Don't you mean a government that refuses to trample on the rights of women and refuses to treat Christians differently than other religious groups?

  • Some Farquer

    Go for it, rocket surgeon.

  • BigMo

    A government that refuses to protect unborn babies, tramples the rights of Christians. No thank you.

  • TwoWolves

    I heard Mr. Obama has come out in favor of breathing.

  • Obama

    You are a jerk in case you do not know. Enjoy your tea party ride to hell.

  • Deborah Alvarado

    from the Facebook page of the vineyard: "Important message to anyone effected by the chemical leak in the Charleston area, we have 2 pristine wells on our farm, including our new 100' solar powered well. Bring your containers to fill up for drinking, cooking and/or washing. Feel free to contact Bryan at 304-377-1404 or"

  • Deborah Alvarado This is the Facebook page for Vu-ja-de-Vineyards where well water is being offered for free to those affected by the water ban.

  • Deborah Alvarado Have you all heard about this guy offering his well water to those affected. Information is on the picture.

  • zork

    You're a genius. Enjoy your contaminated water. One less Tea Partier.

  • BigMo

    I'd rather drink stump water than Obama water.
    Tell the government to stay out!

  • Freedom

    The Governor made you go to work? You didn't have enough sense to get up and go to work on your own? Shouldn't we always keep some emergency bottled water in our homes? I would also hope that people are checking in on their elderly and housebound neighbors. We must return to some personal and community responsibility.

  • Barry Bledsoe

    Holy crap! You mean you had to actually go to work and earn your pay today? Just like everyone else in the impacted areas? How cruel! I bet those who have to work a REAL 8 hour day are crying really hard for you!

  • Barry Bledsoe

    Sure! Ask the same people who also don't have water in their homes, to leave their families, and maybe their jobs, to bring you water, for free! Why does everyone lean on the VOLUNTEER firefighters for everything that comes along? Firefighters are supposed to try to save your life and hopefully your property in case of a FIRE (get it? FIREfighter?), or accident. They aren't supposed to be called when your pipes are leaking, when there is a bird in your house, when your furnace goes out, or when you need water!

    Thankfully, many departments still do these kinds of things for their communities. However, the public needs to be aware that there are fewer and fewer volunteers all of the time. When you wear them out chasing your cats and dogs, don't be surprised when there is nobody to show up when your house is on fire!

  • Diana

    During the Derecho all the volunteer fire departments in our area delivered water to every home in our area. They were great, maybe the same should happen in the areas affected now.

  • Jason412

    I apologize I was assuming you were starting your shift at 9am. but at my job we certainly don't get a break from 9:50 to 11 and then another at 1.

    Sounds like working for the state aint that bad.

  • Mountain Man

    Negative one.

  • John Smith

    Absoulutely nothing robally

  • Jim

    Ever heard of breaks or Lunch. Probably not.

  • frankie

    Ole Jim is a real Gem.

  • jfk

    there is only ONE for charleston nice mayor jones!

  • Jason412

    Jim, I just asked this in the other article, but how do you have 2 hours to complain on Metronews during your shift? Looks like you really earned that $500 raise.

  • leroy jethro gibbs

    thank you mr obama , you are the greatest!

  • Jim

    I need Obama for nothing.

  • Dale

    Does anybody know if the WV Guard will be delivering water to homes in the areas affected by the do not use water order?

  • old ben

    Do you need Obuma to help you pee?

  • Jim

    Grow up child.

  • griff

    Apparently you aren't very busy at your job or you wouldn't be on this site crying

  • Jim

    I can't go and pick up any water becase Gov. Tomblin made us come into work today.


    I just heard on the radio about 8:15 am to go to this site and a list of water distribution sites would be shown here.
    So I did.
    No sites listed yet.
    What's up with that?

  • wil; gore

    I do not see a distribution center for the Charleston area, where will they be located.

  • Diane

    What is being implemented to get water to people that may not be able to get to a distribution center?