CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Seventy-five tractor trailers loaded with bottled water from FEMA are scheduled to arrive at the Air National Guard Armory in Charleston Friday afternoon for distribution to the areas impacted by Thursday’s chemical spill.

Guard spokesman Col. Mike Cadle said the water is traveling from a FEMA site in Maryland. He said a staging area was established at the Air Base Thursday night.

“We will receive that water from FEMA, off-load it into vehicles that will then take it out to distribution points in the affected counties and work with the local emergency services folks in those counties to distribute the water,” Cadle said.

The Guard operation will be much like it was during the Derecho and Sandy in 2012.

“We did this same thing,” Cadle said. “It’s something we’ve worked with FEMA well on for the past several years. We really know what we’re doing here and we’re hopeful when those trucks arrive we can push that water right away.”

The distribution sites will be established Friday morning.

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  • Whirled Peas

    You guys are being trolled by the best -

    You should feel honored.

  • Ben Gazi

    Your all falling for the trap...First socialist water the FEMA camps.

  • Don Danbury

    I hope none of the bootstrappy citizens of West Virginia drink any of this SOCIALISM water.

    • Samuel Beale's Ghost

      Because remember, without chemicals, life itself would be impossible

  • Reddit Rules

    Look, if you can't conduct your business without polluting, your business deserves to die anyway. But don't act like it's all an attack on your industry.

  • Minister Rutherford

    I have it on good authority that FARTBAMA HIMSELF personally LICKED the top of every one of those water bottles just to get back at the fine, educated folks who tried to save our country from socialism by voting for RMoney.

    Just LOOK what it got you! A Government that sends aid when you need it and a President who finally forced your state government to expand Medicaid to the poor.

    That Obama! What other evil will he do?

    • Samuel Beale's Ghost

      "A Government that sends aid..." Oh great, Fartbama is sending AIDS to WV. Truly history's GREATEST MONSTER!!

  • fart butts




  • Samuel Beale's Ghost

    If you drink this water, you will be forced to gay-marry! Thanks Barry O'Bummer!

    • james peikko

      you need water to make rainbows, the symbol of the homosexual revolution. Of course this is their doing.

      • Samuel Beale's Ghost

        Little known fact, FEMA has been collecting rainbows for 5 years. Study it out!!

  • james peikko

    This is going to be seen as 0bama's second Benghazi, how do we know the EPA didn't fake this to distract the media?

  • Phil B.

    Who needs government water when they can log in here and drink the sweet tears of impotentent Conservative rage.

  • Are you kidding

    What a bunch of idiots on here. This is a city of 85,000 people. Not NYC mind you but the expectation of water is there. So you idiots tlaking trash. Get a life. The entire city is shut down. Bottled water is gone and the stores can't keep up with demand. Thank you Fed and the government for helping...we are supposed to help our own. WV is part of the US. Thanks to the guy that has offered his well. Thanks everyone. You anti govenment idiots, why don't you move some where with your friends and live togethers

    • Don Danbury

      Free market will find a solution.

      Say no to the SOCIALISM WATER!

      • Samuel Beale's Ghost

        You are a true Patriot, my friend! (Go Pats, Beat the Colts!)

    • Samuel Beale's Ghost

      Somalia is nice this time of year.

  • Snake Monroe

    It might be too late,,,the bottled water the Government iis handing out has RFID chips in them...Once you drink it, the chip attches itself on to you which allows Obama to completely track your movements...

  • T'omm J'Onzz

    don't drink the water, WV! remember the 9 most terrifying words in the English language!

    • Jethro Bumpkin

      West Virginia is for lovers...of chemical filled water?

    • Tea Party Jesus Lover

      I'm the gay bear and I have a boner?

    • Tea Party Jesus Lover

      I'm a Libertarian and the market will save you!

    • Samuel Beale's Ghost

      "Sarah Palin has been elected President of United States" ?

  • Babs' Bush

    FEMA water? No thank you. I'd wager that HUSSEIN OBAMA had that water tainted with Koran juice.

  • james peikko

    The problem is the MSM reporting on this, anything to score a few points for Al Gore. Soros is probably making lots of money off of all of this bottled water, but what can you expect with anti-business liberals in the government.
    This could have been cleared up with out incident in a few days but now investors will lose money and even more workers will be collect unemployment to pad the numbers of handouts they "need" to give.

  • Exboyracer

    Sounds like you drink a lot of your own pi$$ just keep plucking that tea party chicken.

    • Fetus

      I drink it because its sterile, and I like the taste

    • T'omm J'Onzz

      i'm assuming it's satire, but with the state of today's right wing, there is no "top" to be over (or maybe that's bottom to reach).