CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Seventy-five tractor trailers loaded with bottled water from FEMA are scheduled to arrive at the Air National Guard Armory in Charleston Friday afternoon for distribution to the areas impacted by Thursday’s chemical spill.

Guard spokesman Col. Mike Cadle said the water is traveling from a FEMA site in Maryland. He said a staging area was established at the Air Base Thursday night.

“We will receive that water from FEMA, off-load it into vehicles that will then take it out to distribution points in the affected counties and work with the local emergency services folks in those counties to distribute the water,” Cadle said.

The Guard operation will be much like it was during the Derecho and Sandy in 2012.

“We did this same thing,” Cadle said. “It’s something we’ve worked with FEMA well on for the past several years. We really know what we’re doing here and we’re hopeful when those trucks arrive we can push that water right away.”

The distribution sites will be established Friday morning.

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  • Elizabeth

    Where are the water distributions in Charleston?

  • Moving Forward

    When the class action lawsuit begins against Freedom and its parent companies how many of the "obama blamers" will jump into the bandwagon of $$$.

  • Montanus

    God bless West Virginians - the last Americans. The rest of you are angry because you live community-less, shriveled, meaningless lives in cream-colored houses in suburban hell-holes and your daughters drive into West-By-God to fellate the hillbillies every weekend. Hello, Maryland!

  • Heywood Jablowme

    I have no sympathy for the people of West Virginia. They all want smaller government, less regulation, etc. They were just fine with a company storing these types of chemicals next to a main source of water for the state, and now we're supposed to help them out because, surprise! in a state where regulations on industry are between slim and none, there was a chemical leak that poisoned the water. That's akin to an insurance company handing a guy a check to rebuild his ocean front house every time there is a storm and his house gets washed away. I'd give them nothing until they passed some laws and regulations that would make storing chemicals that close to the water supply illegal.

  • BigMo

    BigMo says whoa y'all ....April 1st in January. drinking stump water and signing out!

  • BigMo

    BigMo and his family prayed about this...we've gone to good whiskey and crafted beers. Praise The Lord and pass the Markers Mark. Hop I'll get with you on where to send the check ;)

  • Jethro Bumpkin

    Actually, this is all a nefarious plan by Obama to kill off West Virginia citizens.

    The plan is to try to raise the national IQ a few more points.

    BTW, "nefarious" means "evil".

  • carmen rose

    why dont you drink your piss like you redneck trash always do?

  • carmen rose

    Why dont all you redneck trash drink your piss like you always do

  • Jim Spliff

    This is exactly why these coalfield businesses need to regulated and inspected regularly. All of you happy conservatives should take note and when you whine about too much gubmint you need to remember who will be bringing you water and investigating and prosecuting and fining those responsible for this disaster.

  • SpankyTom

    A real man would provide for his family by making HIS OWN water using the two hands GOD gave him. Amen.

  • patrick henry

    I wonder how much we the taxpayers are paying for this water per bottle? Do you think it would have been more cost efficient to just let people buy it from the grocery stores by allowing all comers to have one case free simply by xeroxing their drivers license to be compared later for fraud and reimbursing the stores for each coupon?

  • Tea Party Jesus Lover

    I don need no dadgum gubbermint to tell me the wurter is safe fer drankin!!!

    If i likes the taste, I drink it!!! All these water 'safey' regulatuns ar soshulism. I hate commies!!

    The wurter is safe all y'all, don't listin to some dadburned guvermnent man to tell you when you can drink yer own darn water!!

    Obama hate us an ar freedums!!!!

  • Ape ala chia

    I will put my trust in Freedom Industries. They have helped so many of us to have high paying jobs and a safe environment that there is no way that they would allow chemicals to harm us. I would trust a job maker corporation to do what's best for the people before I would ever trust a Democrat president that isn't even honest enough to admit hi true religion. I'm taking a big swig of my water right now! Here's to our benefactor- Freedom Industries! I mean, just look at their name! That's all you need to know right there!

  • AiryAnne

    I know there are a lot of Libtard plants here trying to mock the Real Americans who have been savaged by this incident, but even through all there stupid sarcasm, they do make one good point - drinking this water is a huge mistake. In addition to the fact that it cost almost 93 dollars per quort thanks to goverment overspending, all it does is give more glory and credibility to the Muslim who calls himself Barry Soteoro

    You can easily survive for several days without problems by drinking your own pee.

    If it's good enough for Bear Grylls, it's good enough for me!

    • Jethro Bumpkin

      I'm going to go out on a beautiful limb of a patriotic tree and suggest that drinking your own pee IS actually too good for you.